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and falls into the Missouri on the boundary be-
tween Des Moines and Lee counties.

Chickahominy River, Va. This river rises
about 25 miles N. W. of Richmond, and after a
course of 60 miles, forming the boundary between
several counties, falls into James River, 37 miles
above Point Comfort.

Chickamanga River rises in the N. W. part of
Ga., and enters the Tennessee, in the state of Te.,
a few miles above Lookout Mt.

Chickasawha River, Mi. See Pascagoula.

Chickeeles Point, On., encloses Gray's Harbor
on the S.

Chickeeles River, On. It rises S. from Puget
Sound, and flowing N. of W. empties into Gray's

Chickopee River, Ms. This river has its
sources in Spencer, Leicester, and Paxton, and
receives the waters of Quaboag Pond, in Brook-
field. It crosses Warren. At Palmer it receives
Ware and Swift Rivers, and falls into the Con-
necticut in the N. part of Springfield.

Chico Creep Ca., rises among the Sierra Ne-
vada, and flows S. W. into the Sacramento River.

Chimney Point, Addison co:, Vt., lies in the
town of Addison, opposite Crown Point, and is
the most western land in Vt. It was upon this
point that the first settlement was made by the
French in 1731, and here they erected a stone
windmill, which was garrisoned during the colo-
nial wars, and hence it has sometimes been called
Windmill Point.

Chingoleagul Island, Va. A small island lying
in the Atlantic, in Ion. 75° 26' E. and lat.
37° 56' N.

Chingoteaque Island, Va. A small island lying
in the Atlantic.

Chipola River. This river rises in the S. E.
part of Aa., takes a southerly course through
Jackson and Calhoun counties, Fa., and empties
into the Appalaehicola River.

Chipook Creek, Va. A tributary of James River.

Chippewa Bay, N. Y., in which are situated a
portion of the “ Thousand Islands," is on the E.
side of St. Lawrence River, opposite the town of
Hammond, St. Lawrence co.

Chippewa River, Wn., rises on the boundary
line between Mn. and Wn., and pursuing a S.
course receives several streams, outlets of lakes,
and Red Cedar River, when, after a course of 150
miles, it falls into the Mississippi immediately
below Lake Pepin.

Chippewayan Mountains, or Rocky Mountains.
The great spine of North America, extending
from the Isthmus of Darien to the Arctic Ocean.
That portion which lies within the U. S. is gen-
erally called the Rocky Mountains. The great
western tributaries of the Mississippi flow from
these mountains.

Chittenango Creek, N. Y., has its source in the
town of Nelson, Madison co., and flows N. into
Oneida Lake.

Chockoloche Creek, Aa. A branch of the Coosa
River, which it enters in Talladega co.

Chocolate Creek, Ts. A small stream emptying
into the Gulf of Mexico opposite Galveston I.

Choctawatchee River rises in Aa., and falls into
a bay of the sanie name in Fa., after a course of
130 miles.

Choptank River, Md., E. shore, empties into a
large estuary in Chesapeake Bay. It is navigable
for sloops 40 miles from its mouth.

Chowan River, N. C. This river is formed by
the Nottawav, Meherrin, and Blackwater Rivers,
which rise in Va. It flows into Albemarle Sound,
a little N. of the Roanoke. It is navigable, on
the Meherrin Branch, for large vessels to
freesboro', near the line of Va.

Chrysopylce, or Golden Gate, Ca. A narrow strait
connecting San Francisco Bay with the ocean.

Christiana River, or Creek, De., has its head
branches in Pa. and Md., and flows into the
Brandywine at Wilmington. It is navigable for
vessels drawing 9 feet of water 'to Newport, and
those requiring 6 to Christiana bridge, 9 miles
above Wilmington.

Chi-ystler's Island, St. Lawrence co., N. Y., lies
in the St. Lawrence River, and is attached to the
town of Louisville.

Chunctanunda Creek rises in Fulton and Sara-
toga counties, N.
Y., flows S., and enters Mo-
hawk River at the village of Amsterdam, Mont-
gomery co.

Church Island, N. C., lies in Currituck Sound.

City Island, N. Y., lies in East River, and is
attached to the town of Pelham, Westchester co.
It is 2 miles long, and 1 mile wide.

Clam River, Wn., drains the N. part of St.
Croix co., flowing W. into St. Croix River.

Clarion River, or Great Toby's Creek, Pa., rises
in McKean co., and after a S. W. course of 70
miles, falls into Alleghany River. It is navigable
55 miles for boats, and for canoes 10 miles
farther. Vast quantities of lumber are sent down
this river to Pittsburg, and towns on the Ohio.

Clark's River, Ky., rises on the N. border of Te.,
flows N. N. W., and empties into the Ohio at its
junction with the Tennessee.

Clarke, or Flathead River, On. Ter., a tributary
of the Columbia, rises in the Rocky Mountains.

Clarksburg Mountain, Clarksburg, Ms. Height
2272 feet.

Claverack Creek, Columbia eo., N. Y., flows
into Kinderhook Creek. Several factories and
mills are located on this stream and its tributaries.

Clay Lick Creek, Crittenden co., Ky., a small
branch of the Cumberland River.

Clear Creek rises in Chatauque co., N. Y., and
flows into Conewango Creek, in Cattaraugus co.

Clear Lake, N. Y., is one of a small cluster,
situated in the town of Alexandria, Jefferson co.

Clear Lake, Barry co., Mn. A small body of
water lying in the S. interior of the county.

Clearfield Creek, Pa., a large branch of the W.
fork of the Susquehanna, rises in Cambria co.

Clear Stream River, N. H., rises in the moun-
tains in the town of Dixville, and passes through
the centre of Erroll into the Androscoggin, about
3 miles W. from Umbagog Lake.

Cliffy River, Va., falls into Kanawha in Ion.
81° 8' W. and lat. 37° 52' N.

Clifton Springs, Manchester, Ontario co., N. Y.
These sulphur springs are situated on the line of
the Auburn and Rochester Railroad, and are
considerably , resorted to for medicinal purposes.

Clifty Creek, White co., Te. A small tributary
of the Caney Fork of Cumberland River.

Clinch River, Va. and Te., rises in Va., and,
after a course of 200 miles, unites with Holston
River at Kingston, and forms the Tennessee. It
is boatable through most of its course.

Clinton, Fort, N. Y. See Montgomery, Fort.

Clinton Mountains, N. Y. The N. range of
mountains in this state is sometimes so called
Adirondack Mountains.

Clinton River, Mn. This stream drains Oak

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