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Onondaga; it is 4 miles long and half a mile in

Crotcked Lake, N. Y., lying between Eacket
and Long Lakes, in the
N. part of Hamilton co.,
is an irregular body of water, as the name im-
plies. Pahmechinbaguck — water right across
us — is said to be the Indian name.

Croton River, N. Y., rises in several beautiful
lakes in Dutchess and Putnam counties, flows in
a S. W. direction, and enters the Hudson in
Westchester co., about two miles above the vil-
lage of Sing Sing. This river is the source of
the Croton Aqueduct.

Crow Creek, Is., rises in the W. part of Liv-
ingston co., and flows W. into the Illinois River.

Crow Islands, N. Y. This cluster of small
islands is situated in Huntington Bay.

Crow's Nest, N. Y., a high peak of the “ High-
lands," is situated in the town of Cornwall,
Orange co., on the W. side of the Hudson.

Crow River, Ma. This river rises in two large
forks, flows in an easterly direction, and empties
into the Mississippi N. W. from Rum River.

Crow Wing River, Ma. This river rises among
the labyrinth of lakes in the N. part of the terri-
tory, flows S. E., and empties into the Mississippi
just below Gayashlc Lake.

Crum or Crom Elbow, N. Y., 4 miles above
Poughkeepsie, is formed by a sudden turn of Hud-
son River.

Crum Elbow Creek, Dutchess co., N. Y., rises in
the towns of Clinton and Rhinebeck, and flows
S. W. through Hydepark into the Hudson. It is
a pretty good mill stream.

Crumhorn Mountain, N. Y., situated in the town
of Maryland, Otsego co., is a wild and barren

Cryder's Creek, N. Y., rises in the town of Inde-
pendence, Alleghany co., and flowing S. W. enters
Genesee River in the state of Pa.

Crystal Lake, N. Y., is one of a small cluster
lying in the town of Alexandria, Jefferson co.

Cub Creek, Te., rises in the N. part of Hender-
son co., flows
S. E., and falls into the Tennessee

Cubb Creek, Ya., rises in the S. part of Appo-
mattox co., and flows S. into the Roanoke River.

Cumberland Bay, N. Y., situated in Lake Cham-
plain, opposite the village of Plattsburg, is en-
closed by Cumberland Head, a point of land on
the W. shore, stretching 4 miles into the lake.
Macdonough gained his famous naval victory
over the British, under Com. Downie, in this bay,
on the 11th September, 1814.

Cumberland Head, N. Y., projects into Lake
Champlain, N. from Plattsburg, and opposite
South Hero.

Cumberland Island, Camden co., Ga. This is
quite a large island, lying between St. Andrew's
Sound on the N. and St. Mary's Sound on the S.
The N. part is cut off by a small river, and called
Little Cumberland Island. On the S. part is the
Dungeness light-house.

Cumberland Mountains, Te. This range com-
mences in the S. W. part of Pa., takes the name
of Laurel Mts. in Ya., passes through the S. E.
part of Ky. and Te., and terminates in the N.
part of Aa.

Cumberland River, a large river of Ky. and Te.,
rises in Ky., on the W. slope of the Cumberland
Mts., near the boundary of Va., and pursues a
very circuitous course to the Ohio, which it enters
about 12 miles above the entrance of the Ten-
nessee. The elevation of its sources above its
mouth is supposed to exceed 1000 feet. Its course
is first W. and S. W. until it enters Te., and,
bearing still S., passes round with an extensive
sweep to Nashville. Its course is then north-
westerly until it reenters Ky., and flows in this
direction about 50 miles across the state to its
junction with the Ohio. Its comparative length
is about 450 miles; although from the great tortu-
ousness of its channel, its entire length, following
the course of the stream, cannot be less than 600
miles. Without reference to the inflections of
the river itself, the valley which it drains is 350
miles long, with an average breadth of 50 miles,
comprehending an area of 17,500 square miles,
which, in superficies, is the third in rank of those
of the tributaries of the Ohio. The greatest part
of this valley lies between lat. 36° and 37°, and
Ion. 6° and 12° W. from Washington. In an or-
dinary stage of water, the river is navigable for
vessels and large steamboats to Nashville, 200
miles, and for boats of 15 tons 300 miles farther.
For half its length it is navigable for small craft
at all seasons. The Cumberland is the second
river in size that enters the Ohio, being inferior
only to the Tennessee.

Cunningham's Island, O. Situated in Lake
Erie, N. from the mouth of Sandusky Bay.

Current River, Mo. and As., rises in the Ozark
Ridge, Mo., and, taking a course of about 150
miles, falls into Black River.

Currituck Island, Sound, and Inlet, Currituck co.,
N. C. The island which encloses the sound is 30
miles long and 2 broad. The sound is 50 miles
long, from 1 to 10 broad, and rather shallow. The
inlet is a narrow entrance into the sound between
two islands.

Cutfoot Creek, N. C. A small branch of Neuse

Cuyahoga River, O. This river rises in Geauga
co., runs southerly through Portage co., then pro-
ceeds in a N. N. W. direction through Summit
and Cuyahoga counties to its entrance into Lake
Erie, at Cleveland. It is one of the most impor-
tant rivers in Northern O., its length being over 60
miles. Its falls, which are numerous, afford fine
mill seats, and it is but little affected by drought.

Cypress Creek, As. It rises in the E. part of
Yan Buren co., flows S. W., and empties into the
Arkansas at Cadron.

Cypress Creek, La. A head branch of the Mid-
dle Fork of Bayou d'Arbone.

Dacheet River, rises in As., and flowing S. into
La., falls into Lake Bistineau.

Daddy's Creek, Te., rises in Bledsoe co., flows N.
E., and unites with Obed's River near its en-
trance into Emery's River.

Damariscotta River, Lincoln co., Me. This
broad arm of the sea has its source in several
ponds in Jefferson and Nobleborough. It flows
in a southerly direction, between Newcastle,
Edgecomb, and Boothbay on the W., and Bristol
on the E. It is navigable for vessels of any bur-
den to the bridge, which crosses it between New-
castle and Nobleborough, a distance of 16 miles.
Large quantities of lumber descend this stream,
and many merchant ships are built on its borders.

Damiscove Island, Me., lies off the town of
Boothbay, Lincoln co.

Dan River, N. C. and Ya., unites with Stanton
River in Ya., and forms the Roanoke. It has
falls of 23 feet at Danville, but by a canal con-

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