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on the W. side of Hudson River, 90 miles N. of
the city of New York.

Kinniconinck Creek, Lewis co., Ky. A branch
of the Ohio River.

Kino Lake, Chippewa co., Wn. Situated in the
N. W. part of the county, S. E. from Makwa
Lake, with which it is connected by an outlet.

Kip's Bay, N. Y., lies in East River, on the E.
side of the Island of N. Y., and opposite the
mouth of Newtown Creek.

Kishkaupa River, Wn. This stream drains the
S. W. part of Sheboygan co., and falls into Mil-
waukee River in Washington co.

Kissimee River, St. Lucie co., Fa., rises in a lake
of the same name, flows in a S. S. E. direction,
and falls into Lake Macaco.

Kittatinny Mountains, or Blue Ridge. These
mountains extend through the N. part of N. J.,
cross the Delaware River at the Water Gap, pass
through the S. E. part of Pa., and the W. part of
Md., through Va., the Carolinas, into Ga.

Kittoctan Creek, Loudon co., Va., rises in the
Blue Ridge of mountains, and flows N. E. into
the Potomac River.

Klip's Hill, N. Y., is a branch of the Mayfield
Mountains. It is sometimes called Anthony's
Nose, in Montgomery co., where it crosses the
Mohawk Valley. In it there is a remarkable
cavern, called Mitchell's Cave, the walls of which
are ornamented with incrustations and stalac-

Knapp's Creek, Wn., drains the W. part of
Richland co., and falls into Wisconsin River.

Knife River, Ma. It flows in a winding, S.
direction, and empties into the W. part of
Lake Superior.

Knox Creek, Tazewell co., Va. A small trib-
utary of the Tug Fork of Sandy River.

Kooskoosky River, On. This large river rises
among the mountains in the E. interior of the
co., flows W., and empties into Lewis Fork of
Columbia River.

Koweba Lake, Brown co., Wn. Situated in the
N. E. part of the' state, near the Menomonee

Kushkuning River, Wn. It rises in the N. E. in-
terior of Dane co., flows S. S. E., and empties into
Long Lake, in the S. W. corner of Jefferson co.

La Bacca Bay, Ts. Situated W. from Mata-
gorda Bay, at the mouth of La Bacca River.

La Bacca River, Ts. A small river flowing
S. E. into La Bacca Bay.

Lac Court Oreilles, Chippewa co., Wn. This
lake is situated in the N. part of the county, and
is the source of one of the head branches of
Chippewa River.

Lac Vieux Desert. This lake lies partly in Mn.,
and partly in Brown and Portage counties, Wn.,
.and is the head source of Wisconsin River.

Lackawanna River, Pa. This fine mill stream
rises in Wayne and Susquehanna counties, and
pursuing a S. and S. W. course 30 miles, enters
the Susquehanna at Pittston.

LacJcawannock Mountains, Luzerne and Wayne
counties, Pa., extend between the sources of the
Lackawaxen and Lackawannock Rivers. One of
the N. peaks is called Moosuck Mountain.

Lackawaxen River, Pa. This river rises mostly
in Wayne CO., and flowing through a deep valley,
enters the Delaware in Pike co. Its principal
tributaries are the Dvberry, Middle, and Waullen-
paupack Creeks. The Delaware and Hudson

Canals follow the Lackawaxen 25 miles to Dy-
berry Creek.

La Crosse River, Crawford co., Wn. It flows
S. W., and empties into the Mississippi below
Black River.

Ladies' Island, Beaufort district, S. C. This
island lies between Coosaw River on the N., St.
Helena and other islands on the E., and Port
Royal Island on the W.

La Fave River, As. A large stream rising
among the Washita Hills, Scott co., flowing E.
through Yell and Perry counties, and emptying
into the Arkansas River.

Lafayette, Fort, N. Y. See Fort Hamilton.

Lafourche River, La. This outlet of the Mis-
sissippi leaves the river on the S. side, above
Donaldsville, and flows in a S. E. course into the
Gulf of Mexico. Its length is 90 miles.

La Mine, River, Mo., has its source in Lafay-
ette and Johnson counties, and flowing E. enters
the Missouri in Cooper co., 5 or 6 miles above
Booneville. It is navigable for a considerable
distance for keel boats.

Lamoille River, Vt. This river is formed in
Greensborough. Its general course is N. W. It
passes through several towns, and falls into Lake
Champlain at Milton, 12 miles N. from Burling-
ton. This river has numerous tributaries: it has
several falls, which produce a valuable water
power. Its hanks in many parts are very fertile.
It was discovered by Champlain in 1609.

Lamprey River, N. H., rises in the town of
North wood, on the W. of Saddleback Mountain.
It receives the waters of Jones's Pond, Pautuck-
awray, North, Little, and Piseassiek Rivers, and
meets the tide two miles above the Great Bay.

Laplot River, Vt. This stream rises in the
S. E. part of Hinesburg, and running in a N. W.
direction through a corner of Charlotte, and
through Shelburne, falls into the head of Shel-
burne Bay. It is about 15 miles in length, and
affords several mill sites.

Larguille River, As., has its source in the N.
interior of Poinsett co., flows S. S. E., and enters
the St. Francis on the boundary between St.
Francis and Phillips counties.

Laugherys Creek, la. This stream rises in two
forks in Franklin and Decatur counties, flows
S. S. E. across Ripley into Dearborn co., where
it turns to the N. E., and falls into the Ohio River.

Laurel Mountains. These mountains, which
are a W. branch of the Alleghanies, extend
through Pa. and Va. to Ky., and then, taking
the name of Cumberland Mts., divide Va. and
Ky., cross Te., and terminate in Aa.

Laurence Hill, Pa. This mountain lies be-
tween the Alleghany and Chestnut ridges, and
separates Somerset and Fayette counties.

L'Eau Claire River,' Chippewa co., Wn. This
river, with its numerous branches, drains the
S. E. part of the county, and flows in a W. di-
rection into the Chippewa River.

Leech Lake, Ma. This large, irregularly shaped
body of water lies S. from Cass Lake, and is
connected on the E. with the Mississippi River,
by Leech Lake River. It receives the waters of
small lakes and rivers on every side.

Leech's Stream, Vt., proceeds from a small pond
in the N. part of Averill, and runs N. E. across
the W. part of Canaan, and passes into Leech's
Pond, which is about two miles wide and three
long, and lies partly in Canada and partly in Vt.
From this pond the stream runs nearly E. about

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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