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one—the centre arch— of 70 feet span. Few [
spots can offer more to excite admiration, in
romantic features and stupendous achievements, !
both of nature and of art. See

Little Genesee Creek, N. Y., rises in Alleghany
co., flows S. W., and enters Alleghany River in
Cattaraugus co.    1

Little Hoosick Creek, N. Y., rises in Berlin,
Rensselaer co., and flows N. into Hoosick River, j

Little Kentucky River, Ky. It, rises in the N.
part of Shelly co., flows in a northerly direction,
and empties into the Ohio near the mouth of the
Kentucky River.

Little Machias and Little Rivers. See Cutler, Me.

Little Maquetats Creek, Dubuque co., Io.

Little. Missouri River, As. A small stream
flowing- E. by S., and emptying into the Wachita

Little Neck lies in Huntington, Suffolk co.,N. Y.,
between Great and Little Cow Harbors.

Little Neck Bay, N. Y., lies mostly in the town
of Flushing, Queen's co., on the N. side of Long
Island. It is 3 miles long, 1 mile wide, and partly
surrounded by fine country residences and farms.

Little Ossipee River, Me., has its source in a
pond in the W. part of Fork co., flows N. E., and
enters the Saco in the town of Limiugton.

Little Otter Creek, Vt., rises in Monkton and
New Haven, and falls into Lake Champlain in
Ferrisburg, 3 miles N. from the mouth of Otter
Creek. This stream, towards its mouth, is wide
and sluggish, and runs through a tract of low,
marshy ground.

Little Pigeon Creek, la., flows S. W., separating
Spencer and Warwick counties, and falls into the

Little Prairie River, Ma. It rises in a small
lake, and flows in a W. direction into West Sa-
vannah River.

Little Rock River, Ma. A small stream falling
into the Minesota or St. Peter's River, near the
outlet of Minesota Lake.

Little Rock River, Ma. A small stream flowing
S. E. into the St. Croix River.

Little Saline, Mo. A branch of the Missouri
River, which it enters in the N. part of Moni-
teau co.

Little Saluda River, Edgefield district, S. C.
This stream receives numerous branches, flows in
an E. direction, and falls into the Saluda.

Little Snake Lake, On. A small sheet of water
on the S. border of the territory, and connecting
by an outlet with Bear River.

Little Sequatchy Creek, Marion co., Te. A
branch of Sequatchy River, which it enters
near Jasper.

Little Sodus Bay, N. Y., is a deep body of water
lying in the town of Sterling, Cayuga co., and
connected on the N. with Lake Ontario. Sodus
Creek flows into it from the S. E. It is 2 miles
long, 1 mile wide, and has a bar at the mouth.

Little Sugar Creek, Wn., rises in the S. W. part
of Dade co., and flows S. E. across Green co.,
into Sugar Creek.

Little Thibeau River, Benton co., Mo. A trib-
utary of Osage River, which it enters at Warsaw.

Little Tlamath Lake, On. Situated among the
Cascade Mts., N. E. from Tlamath Lake.

Little Waraju River, Ma. It flows N. E., and
empties into the Minesota, or St. Francis River,
a little below the Waraju.

Little Wachita River, Ts. A small W. tribu-
tary of Red River.

Little Wisconsin River, Portage co., Wn. This
river has its sources in several chains of small
lakes, flows S. S. E., and falls into the Wisconsin

Little Yadkin River. See Yadkin River.

Livingston Creek, Ky. A small stream, forming
part of the boundary between Caldwell and Crit-
tenden counties, and emptying into the Cumber-
land River.

Lizard River, Io. This river rises in the N. part
of the state, flows S. E., and empties into the
Des Moines, a' little above Boone River.

Lloyd's Neck, N. Y., lies in the town of Oyster
Bay, Queen's co., on the N. side of Long Island.
It lias Long Island Sound on the N., Huntington
Bay on the E., Oyster Bay on the W., and a deep
inlet, called Lloyd's Harbor, on the S.

Lochahatchee River, St. Lucie co., Fa. This
small stream flows in an E. direction, and reaches
the ocean through Juniper Inlet. At its mouth
is Fort Juniper.

Lockwood's Folly, River, and Inlet, Brunswick
co., N. C. This is a small stream rising near the
centre of the county, and passing through the
inlet into the ocean.

Locust Creek, Vt., rises in Barnard, and falls
into White River, at Bethel. It is mostly a rapid
little stream, and affords several good mill sites.

Locust Creek, Mo. A stream rising in the N.
part of Putnam co., and flowing S. into Chariton
co., where it enters Grand River.

Long Bay, N. H., at the head of Winnipisiogee
River, lies between Guilford and Meredith. The
waters of the Lake Winnipisiogee pass through
this bay into the river of that name.

Long Creek, As., takes its rise in the N. part of
Newton co., flows N. E., and enters White River
on the S. border of Taney co., Mo.

Long Cane Creek, Troup co., Ga., pursues a S.
W. course, and falls into the Chattahoochee.

Long Falls, Black River, N. Y. The first fall
is at the village of Carthage, Jefferson co., where
there is a descent of 60 feet in half a mile, below
which the river is navigable 4 miles; it then
descends about 100 feet in 2 miles, thence is
navigable to the Great Bend, between Champion
and Le Ray, a distance of 4 miles; then flows in
a succession of rapids to the villages of Water-
town and Brownville, from whence the rapids
are made navigable, by locks and dams, to Black
River Bay. which connects with Lake Ontario.
High Falls.

Long Island, Me., lies in Blue Hill Bay, oppo-
site Seaville.

Long Island, Va. A small island, lying at the
mouth of York River.

Long Island, N. Y., is the largest of the islands
on the coast of the Atlantic belonging to the U.
S. From Fort Hamilton, at the W. end, to Mon-
tauk Point, at the E. extremity, the length is
about 140 miles. The average width is only 10
miles; although the most important portion of
the island lying W. of Peconic Bay is from 12
to 20 miles wide. It contains about 1500 square
miles. It is separated from the continent, on the
N., by Long Island Sound, lying between the
island, through its whole length, and the coast of
Connecticut, and varying from 2 to 20 miles in
width. It is bounded on the E. and S. by the
Atlantic, and on the W. by the Narrows and har-
bor of New York, and by the strait whicn con-
nects the harbor with the Sound, called East
River, from half a mile to 2 miles wide. The

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