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in a chain of lakes, flows N.E., and empties into
Lewis Fork of Columbia Eiver, nearly opposite
Payette Eiver.

MamaronecJc Creek, N. Y., rises in the town of
White Plains, Westchester co., flows S., and en-
ters Long Island Sound at Mamaroneclc village.

Manataquot River, Ms., rises in Eandolph, and
after meandering through this town and receiving
the waters of Great and Little Ponds, meets the
tide waters of Boston harbor at Braintree Land-
ing, on Weymouth Fore Eiver, 10 miles from

Manotoulin Islands. A chain of islands lying
in Lake Huron. They extend about 90 miles in
length and 6 in breadth.

Mandowish Lakes, Portage co., Wn. A chain
of small lakes situated in the N. part of the
county, at the head of Chippewa Eiver.

Manhattan Island. See New York City.

Manhegin Island, Me., lies off Muscongus Bay,
Lincoln co., about
12 miles S. from the mouth
St. George's Eiver. There is a light-house on
the island, the tower of which is 30 feet high.

Manistee River, Mn. This is a large river,
rising in Antim and Otsego counties. It flows S.
through a part of Crawford, then S. W. through
Kalcasca, Wexford, and Manistee counties, into
Lake Michigan.

Maniteau Creek, Mo. A small stream rising in
the S. part of Cooper co., and flowing E. into the
Missouri Eiver.

Manitosawin Lake, La Pointe co., Wn. Situ-
ated at the head of one of the W. branches of
Chippewa Eiver.

Manitou Island, Houghton co., Mn. Situated
in Lake Superior, off the extremity of Keewai-
wona Point.

Manitowoc River, Wn. This river drains Cal-
umet and Manitowoc counties, and empties into
Lake Michigan at the town of Manitowoc.

Mankato River, Iowa and Ma. It rises in many
branches in the N. part of Iowa, flows N., and
falls into the Minesota or St. Francis Eiver at
the great bend opposite Marrah Tankah Lake.

Manomet Hill, Plymouth, Ms. Height 394 ft.

Manomin Lake, Ma., lies at the head of Mano-
min Eiver.

Manomin River, Ma. It rises in Manomin Lake,
flows W., and empties into the Mississippi a little
above Muddy Eiver.

Manomin or Wild Rice River, Ma. It rises in
the N. part of the territory, flows in a westerly
direction, and falls into North Eed Eiver.

Manominikan Lake, Chippewa co., Wn. A
small sheet of water through which Eed Eiver

Mansfield Mountains, Vt., extend through the
town of Mansfield, from N. to S. They belong to
the Green Mountain range, and the Nose and
Chin, so called from their resemblance to the
face of a man lying on his back, exhibit some of
the loftiest summits in the state.

Manya Wakan River, Ma. It rises near the
head of Long Prairie Eiver, flows S., and empties
into the Minesota or St. Peter's Eiver a little be-
low Iyedan or Qui Parle Lake.

Maple River, Mn It rises in the interior of
Shiawassee co., flows in a winding W. course, and
empties into Grand Eiver in Ionia co.

Maple River, Ma. It flows E., and empties into
the Shuyenn Oju Eiver.

Maramec River, Mo., rises in Ci'awford and
Washington counties, unites with the Bon Homme
in Franklin co., and enters the Mississippi 20
miles below St. Louis. Length 200 miles.

Margallaway River, Me. and N. H., has its
source among the highlands which separate
from Canada, in the N. E. extremity of N. H.,
about 30 miles N. from Erroll. After a southerly
course of nearly 20 miles on the W. border of
Me., it enters N. H., where it forms a junction
with the united streams of Dead and Diamond
Eivers. Thence, after a S. course of about 6
miles to Erroll, it receives the waters of Umba-
gog Lake, and forms the Androscoggin Eiver.

Maria Lake, N. Y. This small body of water
lies in the town of Duanesburg, Schenectady co.

Marqueite Bay, Mn. A curvature in Lake
Michigan extending between Little and Great
Au Sable Points.

Marrah Tankah Lake, Ma. A large sheet of
water lying at the bend of the Minnesota or St.
Peter's Eiver, S. E. from Minnesota Lake.

Mars Hill, Aroostook co., Me., is situated about
1 mile W. of the Canada line, 200 miles N. N.
E. ■
from Augusta, and 80 miles N. W. from Frederick-
ton, New Brunswick. The sides of this mountain
are rugged, and the approach to it difficult. It has
two spurs, one of which is elevated 1506 feet and
the other 1363 feet above the waters of the Goose-
quill Eiver.

Marsh Creek. A small stream rising in the N.
part of Campbell co., Te.. and flowing N. through
a part of Whittey co., Kv., into the Cumberland

Marsh Island, Terre Bonne parish, La., lies in
the Gulf of Mexico, S. from Atchafalaya and
Four League Bays. On its N. W. extremity is
Point Au Fer.

Marsh River, Waldo co., Me., rises in the N.
part of the county, flows E., and enters the Pe-
nobscot above Orphan Island.

Martha's Vineyard, Ms. See Dukes Co.

Martin's Creek, Harlan co., Ky. A small stream
rising among the Cumberland Mts., and emptying
into Cumberland Eiver at the town of Mount

Martin Creek. Brown co., Wn. A head branch
of East Twin River.

Maryland Point, Md. A projection formed by
a bend of the Potomac, 12 miles S. W. from
Port Tobacco.

Mary's Lake, N. Y., is a small body of water
situated in the town of Parish, Oswego co.

Mary River, Ca. It flows S. W., and empties
into Green River above Vermilion Creek.

Marrowbone Creek, Henry co., Va. A small W.
branch of Smith's River.

Mascomy Pond, N. II. A brief description of
this lovely sheet of water is given under

Mascomy River, N. H., has its source S. of
Smart's Mt., which lies in the towns of Lyme
and Dorchester, and, running through Canaan,
falls into Mascomy Pond, in the town of Enfield.

Maskegon River, Mn. This river has its source
in several small lakes in Mikenauk co., and en-
ters Lake Michigan 14 miles N. of Grand River.
Length 175 miles.

Masonboro' Inlet, N. C. A passage among the
islands on the S. E. coast of New Hanover co.

Mason's Islands, Ct. A group of small islands
lying at the mouth of Mystic River.

Massabesick Pond, N. H. See Chester.

Massachusetts Bay, Ms. The whole of this bay*

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