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Prospect Hill, Rowley, Ms. Height 264 feet.

Prout's Island. Northampton co., Va. A pretty
large island lying off the Atlantic coast.

Proven's Mountain, West Springfield, Ms.
Height 665 feet.

Providence Lake, Carroll parish, La. A small
sheet of water connecting by outlets with the
Mississippi River and Swan Lake.

Providence River, R. I. This river, or the head'
waters of Narraganset, extends below the city
of Providence to Field's Point, about 3 miles, or
to Bullock's Point, 5 miles. On the N., just
below Providence, it receives the Seekonk or
Pawtucket, and another stream or expanse of
water, into which the two small rivers, the Wan-
asquiatucket and Moshasick, flow, just above the

Provost Creek, N. Y. This stream rises in
Albany co., flows S., and enters Catskill Creek
in Greene co.

Prudence Island, R. I., is situated in Narragan-
set Bay, and belongs to Newport co.

Psihu or Wild Rice River, Ma. This large
river rises in several lakes, and flows N. E. into
the North Red River.

Ptan Ska Lake, Io. A small body of water
lying W. from Spirit Lake.

Puckaway Lake, Marquette co., Wn. Situated
in the S. part of the county, at the head of Nee-
nah or Fox River.

Puerco River, New Mexico. This river rises
among the mountains in the N. W. part of the
state, flows S. S. E. nearly parallel with the Rio
Grande, which it enters at a great bend which
occurs above the Presidio de Rio Grande.

Puget Sound, On., is situated at the S. part of
Admiralty Inlet, receives the waters of several
rivers, and contains many islands.

Pumgockamock Lake, Piscataquis co., Me., lies
S. E. of Bamonenungemook Lake, with which it
is connected by an outlet.

Pumpkin Vine Creek, Ga. A tributary of the
Etowah, which it enters in Cass co.

Punepun Lake, Mn. Situated in the S. part
of Charlevoix co.

Pungo River, N. C., separates Hyde and Beau-
fort counties, and empties into Pamlico Sound.

Pushaw Lake, Penobscot co., Me., lies W. of
Oldtown Island, and is connected on the N. with
Dead Stream. It is about 8 miles long and 1

Putnam Fort, N. Y. See West Point.

Pyramid Lake, Ca., Uh. A large body of water
lying E. from the Sierra Nevada Mts. It re-
ceives the waters of the Mud Lakes on the N.,
and of Salmon Trout River on the S. E.

Pyramid Point, Mn. The N. W. extremity of
Leelanau co. projecting into Lake Michigan.

Quantuck Bay lies in the town of Southamp-
ton, Suffolk co., N. Y., at the E. extremity of the
Great South Bay. Quogue Neck separates it on
the E. from Shinnecock Bay.

Quechee River, Vt. * See Otta Quechee.

Quinebaug River, Ct. and Ms. This beautiful
mill stream rises in Mashapaug Pond, Union,
Ct., flows N. to Brimfield, Ms., then S. E. to
Thompson, Ct., where it receives French River;
thence it flows about 30 miles in a S. direction
through a very fertile country, joins the Shc-
tucket near the city of Norwich, and takes the
name of that river to the Yantic. These three
streams unite to form the Thames.

Quinepaick River, Ct. This stream rises in
Bristol and Farmington, flows 30 miles in a S.
direction, and enters Long Island Sound at New

Quissibis River, Me., rises in the N. E. part of
the state, flows S., and enters the St. John's Riv-
er E. of Green River.

Quoddy Head, or West Quoddy Head, Me., is
the W. entrance into Passamaquoddy Bay. It is
in N. lat. 44°
55', W. Ion. 66° 497, and has a light-
house 45 feet high. See
Lubec and Eastport.

Rabbit Creek, Ma., empties into the Mississippi
between Nokay and Muddy Rivers.

Rabbit River, Allegan co., Mn., flows in a W.
direction, and falls into the Kalamazoo.

Raccoon Creek, Crawford co., Wn., falls into the
Mississippi a little above Bad Axe River.

Raccoon River, Io. This long river rises in the
N. W. interior of the state, one of its head branch-
es communicating through a lake with Boyer's
River, a branch of the Missouri. It flows in a
S. E. direction, crossing Dallas co., and falling
into the Desmoines in Polk co.

Racket Lake is situated on the table land of
Northern N. Y., in Hamilton co., and is elevated
1731 feet above the level of the ocean. It is 14
miles long, from 2 to 5 wide, of an irregular
shape, and abounding with fish of uncommon
size. It is surrounded by an uncultivated but
interesting region, interspersed with numerous
small lakes, the sources of rivers which flow in
every direction.

Racket River, N. Y., rises in a number of lakes
in Hamilton eo., flows in a N. direction through
St. Lawrence co., and enters the St. Lawrence
River opposite the Island of Cornwall, in Canada.
Two other important rivers enter the St. Law-
rence, one on each side of this stream, within the
distance of 6 miles. The length of the Racket is
145 miles.

Raft River, On., flows N. and empties into
Lewis Fork of Columbia River, between Fall and
Swamp Creeks.

Ragged Mountains, N. H., so called from their
rough appearance, lie between Andover and Hill,
extending in a chain about 10 miles from the
Pemigewasset to the vicinity of Kearsarge. It is
a bleak and precipitous range, and is nearly 2000
feet high in its N. points.

Railcut Hill, Gloucester, Ms. Height 205 feet.

Rainy River, Is., rises near the W. border of la.,
flows W. N. W, and joins the Illinois River in
Ion. 88°
5' W., and lat. 41° 20' N.

Raisin River, Mn., derives its name from the
numerous grape vines which formerly covered its
banks. It rises in the town of Wheatland, Hills-
dale co., and after a circuitous course of 130 miles,
it enters Lake Erie, 2j miles below Monroe. Its
entire length in a direct line is about 60 miles.
Its current is rapid, and it is enclosed by high
and beautiful banks.

Ramapo River, N. Y. The head branches of
this stream rise in Orange co.; thence it flows in
a S. direction through a part of Rockland co.,
and falls into the Passaic River, in N. J. It
abounds in fish, and affords many excellent mill

Rancocus Creek, N. J., rises in Monmouth co.,
and flows N. W. into the Delaware River.

Rainer Mount, On. A high peak of the Cas
cade Mountains, situated N.
E. from Mount St


A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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