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Spesulia Island, Harford co., Md., lies in Chesa-
peake Bay, just below Turkey Point.

Spiggot River, N. H. and Ms., rises in Hemp-
stead, and passes through Salem, and into the
Merrimack, between Methuen and Dracut, Ms.,
nearly opposite Shawsheen River, which comes
from the S. through Andover.

Spipen River, On. A head branch of Yakima

Spirit Lake, Io. Situated in the west of the
state at the head of Inyan Yankey or Little Sioux

Split Cape, Me. See Addison.

Spoon River, Is., is formed in Coffee co., by the
union of several forks, and pursues a S. course
until it enters the W. side of the Illinois. It af-
fords good water power.

Sprague's Hill, Bridgewater, Ms.

Spring Creek, Ga., rises in the N. part of Early
co., flows S., and falls into Flint River near its
junction with the Chattahoochee.

Spring River, Mo. and Wes. Ter. The head
branches of this stream drain Lawrence co.; it
then flows in a circuitous S. W. course into the
Western Territory, where it enters Neosho River.

Spring Garden Lake, Grange co., Fa., lies S. E.
from Lake George, and empties into St. John's

Spruce Hill, Bridgewater, Ms. Height 2588

Spuyten Duyvel Creek, N. Y. See Harlem River.

Sqalluck River, Me., rises in the N. part of the
state, near the Canada line, and flows W. into the

Squam Lake, N. H. This beautiful sheet of
water lies on the borders of Holderness, Sand-
wich, Moultonboro', and Centre Harbor. It is
about 6 miles long, and in its widest part 3 miles
in width. It covers a surface of between 6000 and
7000 acres, contains numerous islands, and is well
stored with fish. This fine lake is but a short
distance from the celebrated 11 Senter House," at
Centre Harbor.

Squam River, N. II. See Holderness.

Squamscot or Swamscot River, N. H., called also
Great or Exeter River. See Exeter.

Squaw Island, Erie co., N. Y., lies in the Niagara
Eiver, and is attached to the town of Black Rock.
It contains about 130 acres of land.

Squirrel River, Portage co., Wn. A small W.
branch of the Little Wisconsin River.

Stanislaus River, Ca. It rises among the Sierra
Nevada, and flows S. W. into the Rio San Joa-

Stanwix, Fort, N. Y. See Rome.

Staten Island, N. Y., lies in the Bay of New
York, about six miles S. of the city, and consti-
tutes the county of Richmond, with four towns.
It has Newark Bay, and the channel called the
“ Kills," on the N.; New York harbor and the
Narrows, between the outer and inner bays of
New York, on the E. ; Raritan Bay S.; and
Staten Island Sound W. The centre of the
island is about 11 miles S. W. from the city. It
is 14 miles in length N. E. and S. W. and 8
miles wide in its broadest part. Its surface is
agreeably diversified, with some good soil for
cultivation, and the advantage of nearness to
the market for the disposal of every kind of prod-
uct. The highest elevation is that of Richmond
Hill, from the summit of which, 307 feet above
the level of the ocean, the prospect, which may
be enjoyed with little effort to obtain it, embra-
cing the city and the harbor of New York, with its
shipping, its fortifications, and its islands, Brook-
lyn, and the surrounding country on Long Island,
Hoboken, and the adjacent portions of New Jer-
sey, is extremely rich and beautiful. On a hill
near the Narrows a telegraphic signal is erected,
communicating with the Marine Telegraph on
the Merchants' Exchange in Wall Street. The
New York quarantine ground is on the N. shore
of this island, opposite to the villages of Tomp-
kinsville and Stapleton, to both of which places
steamboats run several times a day, from the
foot of Whitehall Street. New Brighton is a
pleasant village on the margin of the island, a
little further W., where are many elegant resi-
dences, occupied by families from the city. The
Sailor's Snug Harbor, a large and imposing edi-
fice, is an asylum for superannuated seamen, sit-
uated a short distance from New Brighton. The
seat of justice for the county, embracing Staten
Isjand, is at Richmond.

Steer Creek, Gilmer co., Va. A S. branch of
the Little Kanawha River.

Sterling Peak, Vt. See Sterling.

Stevens's Branch, Vt. See Barre.

Stevens Creek, S. C. This stream, rises in Ab-
beville and Edgefield districts, receives many
large branches, and empties into the Savannah in
Edgefield district.

Stevens's River, Vt. This fine mill stream
rises in Peacham and Ryegate. It received its
name in compliment to Captain Phineas Stevens,
the brave defender of Charlestown, N. II. The
waters of this river are remarkably clear, and its
banks luxuriant and romantic. It meanders
about 15 miles, and in its course through Barnet
receives Harvey's Lake, a pellucid sheet of water,
covering an area of 300 acres. This beautiful
river mingles with the Connecticut at Barnet,
where it makes a descent of 100 feet in the dis-
tance of 10 rods.

Sting Bay Point, Va. The S. E. extremity of
Middlesex co., at the mouth of the Rappahan-
nock River.

Stocton's Island, La Pointe co., Wn. Situat-
ed in the W. part of Lake Superior, S. from
Bartlett's Island.

Stone Coal Creek, Lewis co.,Va., flows N.W., and
enters the W.fork of the Monongahela at Weston.

Stone's River, Te. An important stream rising
in the E. part of Cannon co., and flowing N. W.
into the Cumberland River, which it enters N.
E. from Nashville.

Stone Inlet, Colleton district, S. C. The pas-
sage between Riawaw and Folly Islands.

Stony Island, Jefferson co., N. Y. This island
lies in the E. part of Lake Ontario, and belongs
«to the town of Henderson. It is about 3 miles
long and 1 wide.

Stony Point, Monroe co., Mn., extends into
Lake Erie, E. from Plaisancc Bay.

Strawberry Island, N. Y., lies in Niagara River,
about 1 mile below Black Rock, and is a great
resort of sportsmen, as it abounds in wild ducks,
and affords fine fishing grounds. If contains 100
acres of low ground, mostly covered with coarse

Strawberry River, As. This river rises in the
interior of Fulton co., flows S. E. through Law-
rence co., and falls into Big Black River in the
N. E. corner of Independence co.

Strong River, Mi., rises in Scott co., flows S. W,
and empties into Pearl River.

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