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Whetstone or Olentangy River, 0., rises in Rich-,
land co., and empties into the Sciota, just above

Whiskey Island, Mn., lies in the N. part of
Lake Michigan, N. W.from Great Beaver Island.

White Cap Mountain, Me. See Andover.

White Creek, Vt. and N. Y., originates in Ru-
pert, Vt., and taking a S. W. course, unites with
the Battenkill, in Washington co., N. Y.

Whiteface Mountain lies in the N. W. part of
Essex co., N. Y. It is surrounded by picturesque
scenery, Placid Lake and several other small
sheets of water lying at its base on the
W. It is
elevated 4855 feet above the Atlantic.

William Henry, Fort. See Caldwell.

White Fish Point, Chippewa co., Mn., separates
Tahquamenaw Bay from Lake Superior, and re-
ceives the waters of several rivers.

Whitehead, Lincoln co., Me. A small island,
off the town of St. George, containing a light and
tower 30 feet high. The light bears 9 miles S.
W. from Owl's Head.

White Mountains, N. H. See Fashionable Re-
sorts. Spe.

White River, Vt. This river rises in Granville,
and taking a S. E. course through corners of
Hancock, Rochester, and Pittsfield, enters Stock-
bridge. It then turns to the N: E., and, after
running through the S. E. corner of Bethel, into
Royalton, bears to the S. E., through Sharon and
Hartford, and falls into the Connecticut about 5
miles above the mouth of Otta Quechee River.
On account of its proximity to the Otta Quechee,
White River receives no large tributaries from
the S. Broad Brook and Locust Creek are the
most important. From the N. it receives three
large branches, called the First, the Second, and
the Third Branch. The
First Branch rises in
Washington, and running through Chelsea and
Tunbridge, unites with White River in the E.
part of Royalton. The
Second Branch rises in
Williamstown, and running southerly through
Brookfield and Randolph, enters White River, a
little W. of the centre of Royalton. The
originates in Roxbury, runs through the
corner of Granville, through Braintree and the
corner of Randolph, and joins White River at
Bethel village. Each of these streams is about
20 miles in length, and on each are several good
mill sites, particularly on the last-mentioned
one, at Bethel village. White River is the largest
stream in Vt. on the E. side of the mountains.
Its length is about 55 miles, and it waters about
680 square miles.

White River, la., is formed between Daviess
and Knox counties by the junction of the E. and
W. forks. The E. rises in Johnson co., receives
many branches, and is navigable
150 miles. The
W. fork rises in Randolph co., is increased by
many tributaries, and is navigable in high water
to Indianapolis for steamboats, and for flat boats
much further. The lower part of the river is 200
yards wide, and its length to its entrance into the
Wabash is
30 miles.

White River. A large stream of Arkansas and
Missouri, which rises in the N. E. section of the
former ststfe, in the ridge called the Black Moun-
tains. which divides its sources from those of the
Arkansas. Its course is N. E. at first, about 60
miles, crossing into the
S. E. corner of Missouri,
after which it bends to the S. E., and descends
again into Arkansas, pursuing this general, di-
rection through a comparative distance of 120
miles, to its junction with the Big Black River
in Independence co. Below this point its general
course is nearly S., being a very little E., to its
junction with the Mississippi. Big Black River,
which is the principal tributary of the White
River, rises in Reynolds co., in the S. E. part of
Missouri, and flows nearly S., through Wayne
co., to the boundary of Arkansas, after crossing
which it bends towards the S. W. to the point
of its confluence with White River. After Big
Black River, two or three lesser tributaries enter
the White River in Arkansas. Near its mouth
the river divides into two parts, the smaller of
which diverges, and forms a connection with the
Arkansas, while the other pursues a course to the
Mississippi. The entire comparative course of
White River is about
350 miles, measured through
the centre of the valley which it drains. The
form of this fine valley is triangular, having an
area of about
30,000 square miles; and the river
is navigable by both its great branches far above
their junction.

White River, Mn., rises in the E. part of Nee-
waygo co., flows S. W. across Oceana co., and
empties into Lake Michigan.

White River. Ca. It rises in the Wahsatch
Mts., and flows S. W. into Green River.

White Oak Creek, Te. A small stream which
enters the Tennessee River on the S. border of
Stewart co.

White Oak Creek, Mi. and Te. A small branch
of the Tennessee River.

White Oak River, Te. A small tributary of
the Tennessee River. Its principal branches are
Hurricane and Mud Creeks.

Whitestone Point, Mn. Situated in the N. E.
part of Arenac co., extending into Saginaw Bay.

White Water River, Mo. and As. The head
branches of this large stream drain Cape Gi-
rardeau co.; it then flows S. S. W., and enters the
St. Francis River in Mississippi co., As.

Wichaniwa or St. Francis River, Ma. A large
stream flowing S. W. into the Kabitawi River.

Wild Branch, Yt. This stream rises in Eden,
runs through the western part of Craftsbury, and
unites with the River Lamoille in Wolcott.

Wild Cat Creek, la. A branch of the Wabash
River, which it enters at the town of Lafayette in
Tippecanoe co.

Willamette River, On. This river rises among
the Cascade Mts., flows in a winding N. direction
through a fertile valley, and empties into the
Columbia River nearly opposite Fort Vancouver.
It affords good water power.

Williams Fork, Ca. A N. branch of the Rio Gila.

Williams River, Vt., is formed in Chester by
the union of three branches, which originate in
the towns of Ludlow, Andover, Windham, and
Grafton. These branches unite about a mile and
a half below the two villages in Chester, and their
united waters, after running
15 miles in a S. E.
direction, fall into Connecticut River in Rocking-
3 miles above Bellows Falls. Along this
river is.some fine interval, and it affords several
good mill privileges.

Willimantic Rivet', Ct. See Windham.

Willoughby Ijike, Vt. See Westmore.

Willoughby River, Vt., issues from Willoughby
Lake, in Westmore, runs through the S. part of
Brownington, and unites with Barton River in
the N. part of Barton.

Willow River, Huron co., Mn. A small stream
flowing N. into Lake Huron.

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