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Woonsocket Falls, It. I. See SmithfieJd.

Worton Point, Kent co., Md., projects into
Chesapeake Bay.

Wyakoming River and Lake, La Pointe co.. Wn.
The river has its source in the lake, and flows W.
into St. Croix River, of which it is a head branch.

Wy mint's Kill, Rensselaer co., N. Y. This
stream, on which are situated many extensive
manufacturing establishments, rises in the town
of Sand Lake, and is the outlet to a number of
small lakes.

Wye River, Md., forms the boundary between
Talbot and Queen Anne counties, and falls into
E. side of Chesapeake Bay.

Yadkin River, N. C., rises in the E. side of the
Blue Ridge, flows E. and S. E. into Montgomery
co., where it passes through the Narrows, being
contracted by mountains on each side, from 200
yards' width to about 30. It then flows into
C., and in its lower part takes the name of
Great Pedee, until it enters Winyaw Bay.

Yakima River, On. It rises among the Cas-
cade Mts., flows S. E., and empties into Clarke
Fork near its junction with Lewis Fork of the
Columbia River.

Yampah or Bear River, Ca. It rises on the
border of Na., flows W., and empties into Green

Yantir. River, New London co., Ct. This river
rises in the N. W. part of the county, and, flow-
ing S. E., meets Quinebaug and Shetucket Riv-
ers at Norwich, where the three rivers fall with
great rapidity into the Thames, producing valu-
able water power. See

Yazoo River, Mi., is formed in Carroll co., by
the junction of the Tallahatchee and Yalabusha
Rivers, and, flowing S. S. W., enters the Missis-
sippi 12 miles above the Walnut Hills. Sun
Flower River, a considerable branch, flows into
it from the N.
It is 200 yards wide at the mouth,
and large boats ascend 50 miles at high water.

Yellow Lake, St. Lawrence co., N. Y., lie's
mostly in the town of Rossie, is 4 miles long, and
half a mile wide.

Yellow River, la. It rises in the N. W. part
of Kosciusko co., and flows S. W. into English

Yellow River, Io., drains Winneshiek and Alla-
makee counties, and falls into the Mississippi

Yellow River, Wn. This large river rises in a
lake in the N. interior of Portage co., flows
S. W., and falls into the Chippewa just above
Chippewa Falls.

Yellow Dog River, Houghton co., Mn., flows
N. E. into Lake Superior.

Yellow Water River, Aa. and Fa., rises in Cov-
ington co., Aa., flows
S. W. through the W. part
of Fa., and enters a branch of Pensacola Bay.

Yocomico River, Ya. A branch of the Potomac,
separating Northumberland and Westmoreland

Yocum Creek, Harlan co., Ky. This stream
rises among the Cumberland Mts., and flows N.
W. into the Clover Fork of Cumberland River.

Yocanoocany Creek, Mi. This stream rises in
Choctaw co., flows S. W., and enters Pearl River
in Lake co.

York River, Ya., is formed at the S. E. extrem-
ity of King William co., by the junction of Pa-
munkey and Mattapony Rivers. Its lower part
forms a bay, generally 2 or 3 miles wide, through
which it enters Chesapeake Bay between York
and Gloucester counties. It forms the best
harbor in Va., at Yorktown, where it is con-
tracted to a mile in width, and large vessels as-
cend 20 miles above. Its entire length is about
120 miles.

Youghiogeny River, Va., Md., and Pa., rises
in Alleghany co., Md., enters Pa., and pro-
ceeding in a N. N. W. direction, crosses the
Laurel Hills and Chestnut Ridge, and falls into
the Monongahela, 18 miles S. E. of Pittsburg.
At the Ohiopyle Falls, 30 miles from its mouth,
it has a perpendicular descent of 20 feet, present-
ing a beautiful and grand appearance. It is nav-
igable to the falls.

Yslas de Santa Barbara. Two small islands,
situated in the . Pacific Ocean, W. from the Ysla
de Santa Catalina.

Ysla de Santa Catalina. Situated in the Pa-
cific Ocean, N. from the Ysla de San Clemente.

Ysla de Santa Rosa. Situated in the Pacific,
off the coast of California, and S. W. from the
Ysla de Santa Cruz.

Ysla de Santa Cruz. Situated in the Pacific
Ocean, off the S. W. coast of California, and S.
from the town of Santa Barbara.

Ysla de San Clemente. This island is situated
in the Pacific Ocean, off the S. W. coast of Upper

Ysla de San Miguel. A small island lying in
the Pacific, W. from Ysla de Santa Rosa.

Ysla de San Nicolas. Situated in the Pacific
Ocean, off the S. W. coast of California, and S.
from the Ysla de Santa Cruz.

Ysla del Padre, Ts. This is a long, narrow
island, lying in the Gulf of Mexico, and separated
from the main land by the Laguna de Santander.

Zappapoic River, Huron co., Mn., flows in a
circuitous, E. course, into Lake Huron.

ZimmermarHs Creek, N. Y., rises in the town of
Stratford, Fulton co., flows S., and enters Mo-
hawk River in Montgomery co.

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