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so man)r varieties in situ. Near the centre of the
township, on an elevated plain, is situated the
centre village. Craftsbury Academy is located
here. The first settlement was commenced in
the summer of 1788, by Colonel Ebenezer Crafts.
12 miles S. from Irasburg, and 31 N. E. from

Cranberry, Pa., Butler co. Glade Run, and
Breakneck, and Brush Creeks water this town.
Surface undulating; soil clay and loam.

Cranberry, Pa., Venango co. Bounded on the
N. and W. by the Alleghany River. 207 miles
W. N. W. from Harrisburg.

Cranston, R. I., Providence co. The soil of
this town is more favorable for the production of
fruits and vegetables than for grain. Some parts
of the town are very fertile, but considerable of
the land is rough and uneven. Providence mar-
ket is supplied with a considerable amount of the
products of the town. The water power of the
Pawtuxet and Powchasset is constant and
abundant. Cranston is a very pleasant town,
and its proximity to Providence (only 5 miles S.
W.) gives it peculiar privileges.

Craven County, N. C., c. h. at New Berne. E.
middle. On Pamlico Sound. Neuse River trav-
erses this county, the surface of which is level
and in parts marshy, and the soil mostly fertile.

Crawford, Aa., c. h. Russell co.

Crawford County, As-., c. h. at Van Buren. On
the W. border. On both sides of the Arkansas.
Surface diversified.

Crawford County, Ga., c. h. at Knoxville. W.
central. Flint River and a branch of the Ock-
mulgee water this county. Soil sandy and rather

Crawford County, Is., c. h. at Palestine. On
the E. border, on the Wabash River. Watered
by the Wabash and Embarrass Rivers and their
branches. The surface consists partly of rich

Crawford County, la., c. h. at Fredonia. S.
part. Touches the Ohio River. Watered on the
S. E. by Blue River. Surface rough and hilly.

Crawford, Me., Washington co. Incorporated
1828. This is a good township of land, and was
formerly called Adams. A large pond in Craw-
ford and a part of another are the sources of a
branch of East Machias River. 30 miles N.
from Machias, and 140 E. N. E. from Augusta.

Crawford County, Mo., c. h. at Steelville. S.
E. central. The head branches of Maramec
River water this county. Surface diversified and
abounding with iron ore ; soil various. A spring,
discharging 30,000 cubic feet of water per minute,
propels the Maramec iron works.

Crawford, N. Y., Orange co. Watered by
Shawangunk River. The surface is hilly; soil
clay and sandy loam. 18 miles W. from New-
burg, and 94
S. S. W. from Albany.

Crawford County, 0., c. h. at Bucyrus. N.
central. Watered by Sandusky River, Broken
Sword and Tymochtee Creeks.

Crawford County, Pa., c. h. at Meadville. In
the N. W. corner, bordering on Ohio. Watered
by Shenango and French Creeks and their
branches. Iron ore is found in this county, and
a creek affording bituminous oil.

Crawford County, Wn., c. h. at Prairie du Chien.
In the N. angle between the Wisconsin and the
Mississippi. The rivers afford excellent water
power. Surface hilly; soil fertile along the bor-
iers of the streams.

Crawfordsville, Ga., c. h. Talliaferro co., lies
between Ogeechee and Little Rivers. 62 miles
N. by E. from Milledgeville.

Crawfordsville. Ia., c. h. Montgomery co. On the
S. side of Sugar Creek, and is the seat of Wabash
College. (See
Colleges.) 45 miles N. W. by W.
from Indianapolis.

Creek, Pa. A township of Washington co.

Crittenden County, As., c. h. at Marion. On
the E. border, between the Mississippi and the
St. Francis. Surface level, and in parts liable to
inuudation. Soil very fertile in the more elevat-
ed portions.

Crittenden County, Ky., c. h. at Salem, W. part.
On the Ohio River. The Cumberland River
forms its S. W. boundary. Surface level; soil

Croghan, N. Y., Lewis co. Surface hilly and
mountainous; soil fertile in the valleys.' 141
miles N. W. from Albany.

Cromwell, Pa. A township of Huntington co.

Cromwell, Ct., Middlesex co. On the W. side
of Connecticut River, 13 miles S. from Hartford.
A new town, which embraces that part of
Middletown formerly known as Upper Middle-
town. It contains a handsome village, lying on
an elevated site from which there is a lovely
view of the river and the surrounding fertile

Crown Point, la., c. h. Lake co. On Robinson's
Prairie, 15 miles
S. from Lake Michigan, and 158
miles N. N. W. from Indianapolis.

Crown Point, N. Y., Essex co. On the W.
border of Lake Champlain. Watered by Put-
nam's Creek, and some other small streams.
The surface is level on the E., and mountainous
on the W. This town was the scene of impor-
tant events during the French and revolutionary
wars. On a neck of land, in the N. E. part of
the town, are situated the ruins of the fort of
Crown Point. 105 miles N. N. E. from Al-

Croydon, N. II., Sullivan co. The N. branch
of Sugar River waters this town. The soil is
moist and rocky, and produces valuable crops.
Croydon Mountain is of considerable elevation,
on which are two small ponds. First settlers,
Samuel Chase and others, in 1763.    44 miles

N. N. W. from Concord, and 8 N. from New-

Cuba, N. Y., Alleghany co. Watered by Oil
Creek, and contains a small lake. Near the W.
boundary is located the Oil Spring Reservation.
Surface high and undulating on the E.; soil
mostly productive. The Genesee Valley Canal
and New York and Erie Railroad cross this town.
12 miles S. W. from Angelica, and 274 from Al-

Culloma, Ca., c. h. El Dorado co. On the S. fork
of the American River, 45 miles from Sacramento
city, in the immediate vicinity of the spot where
gold was first discovered.

Culpepper County, Va., c. h. at Fairfax. N. part.
On the upper waters of the Rappahannock. Sur-
face agreeably diversified, and soil rich.

Culpepper, Va., c. h. Culpepper co. 9S miles
N. N. W. from Richmond.

Cumberland County, Is., c.h. at Greenup. Eastern
part. Watered by the branches of the Embarrass,
a tributary of the Wabash.

Cumberland Co., Ky., c. h. at Burkesville. On
the southern border. On both sides of Cumber-
land River. Surface uneven; soil fertile.

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