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Bounded N. by St. Louis co., E. by the Missis-
sippi River, S. by St. Genevieve and Francois,
and W. by Washington and Franklin counties.
Drained by Big River' and Joachim Creek. Sur-
face rough and hilly; soil diversified. Minerals of
different kinds and mineral springs are abundant.

Jefferson Barracks, Mo., St. Louis co. This
U. S. military station lies 142 miles E. from
Jefferson City.

Jefferson, N. C., c. h. Ashe co. On the W. side
of New River. 202 miles W. N. W. from Raleigh.

Jefferson, N. H., Coos co. Pondicherry Pond,
in this town, is about 200 rods in diameter. Pon-
dicherry Bay is about 200 rods wide and 100
long. Around the base of Mount Pliny is excel-
lent grazing and tillage land, and on its S. W.
side are several fine farms, which command a
delightful view of the White Mountains. Israel's
River passes through Jefferson, and here receives
a considerable branch. First settlers, Colonel
Joseph Whipple, Samuel Hart, and others, in
1773. 98 miles N. from Concord, and 10 S. E.
from Lancaster.

Jefferson, N. J., Morris co. This town is drained
by Rockaway River, a good mill stream, and
contains Hurd's Pond, which is li miles long
and 1 mile wide, and enters Hopatcong Lake,
which is from 3 to 4 miles long and 1 mile wide,
covering about 3000 acres. This lake is a feeder to
the Morris Canal. Iron ore abounds in the moun-
tains. 15 miles N. W. from Morristown.

Jefferson County, N. Y., c. h. at Watertown.
Incorporated in 1805. Bounded on the N. by St.
Lawrence, E. by Lewis, S. by Oswego co., and W.
by Lake Ontario and the St.'Lawrence River, and
is watered by Black, Chaumont, and Perch Riv-
ers, and Sandy and Stony Creeks, besides several
small lakes. The surface is generally level, or
slightly uneven, and the soil mostly a rich sandy
loam. This county is one of the richest in the
state in mineral productions, containing immense
quantities of iron ore, besides several localities of
lead and copper.

Jefferson, N. Y., Schoharie co. Drained by
the branches of Schoharie Creek, and some of
the head branches of the Delaware River. Sur-
face hilly and mountainous; soil sandy loam of
indifferent quality, except in the valleys. 20 miles
S. W. from Schoharie village, and 57 from Albany.

Jefferson County, O., c. h. at Steubenville, is
bounded N. by Carroll and Columbiana counties,
E. by the Ohio River, S. by Belmont, and W. by
Harrison and Carroll counties. It has a fertile
soil, which produces fine crops of wheat, and is
watered by Yellow, Cross, and Short Creeks.

Jefferson, O., Scioto co., borders on the Scioto
River, and is a township well adapted to raising
grain and timber. In the early settling of the
country, a sycamore tree, on the farm of Abra-
ham Miller, admitted at one time within the hol-
low of the trunk 14 homes, all mounted.

Jefferson, O., c. h. Ashtabula co. 10 miles from
Lake Erie, and 204 N. E. from Columbus.

Jefferson County, Pa., c. h. at Brookville. It is
bounded N. and N. E. by Warren and Elk coun-
ties, E. by Clearfield, S. by Indiana, and W. by
Armstrong and Clarion counties. Watered by
Toby's and Clarion Rivers, Manoning and Big
and Little Sandy Creeks. Surface hilly, abound-
ing with iron and coal; soil mostly fertile in the

Jefferson, Pa., Greene co. On the W. side of
the Monongahela River, and watered by Ten

Mile Creek. Surface undulating; soil loam.
204 miles W. by S. from Harrisburg.

Jefferson County, Te., c. h. at Dandridge.
Bounded N. by Hawkins co., E. by Greene and
Union, S. by Sevier co., and W. by Holston River,
separating it from Grainger co. The French
Broad River runs on its S. W. border. Surface
rough and uneven; soil rich in some portions.

Jefferson County, Ts., c. h. at Beaumont. In
the S. E. corner.

Jefferson County, Ya., c. h. at Charleston.
Bounded N. E. by the Potomac River, separating
it from Maryland, S. E. by Shenandoah River,
separating it from Loudon co., S. W. by Clarke,
and N. W. by Berkely co. Watered on the W.
boundary by Opequan Creek. Surface rough and
hilly; soil various.

Jefferson County, Wn., c. h. at Jefferson.
Bounded N. by Dodge, E. by Waukesha, S. by
Walworth and Rock, and W. by Dane co.
Drained by Rock River. Surface marshy in
some portions.

Jeffersonton, Ga., c. h. Camden co. On the S.
bank of St. Ilia River, at the head of naviga-
tion. 270 miles S. S. E. from Milledgeville.

Jeffersonton, Ya., Culpepper co. On the W.
side, of Rappahannock River. 112 miles N. N.
W. from Richmond. Lee's Sulphur Springs are
near this place.

Jeffersonville, la., Clark co. On the N. bank of
Ohio River, just above the rapids, and opposite
Louisville, Ky. S. by E. from Indianapolis 117
miles, with which it is connected by railroad.

Jenner, Pa., Somerset co. Surface xindulating,
and drained by Beaver Dam Run, on the borders
of which coal is found; soil clay. 12 miles N.
W. from Somerset.

Jennings County, la., c. h. at Yernon. Incorpo-
rated in 1816, and bounded N. by Bartholomew
and Decatur, E. by Ripley, S. by Jefferson and
Scott, and W. by Jackson co. Watered by Gra-
ham's and the N. fork of Muscatauck River and
Sand Creek, which afford valuable hydraulic
power. Surface hilly; soil calcareous loam.
The Madison and Indianapolis Railroad passes
through this co.

Jericho, Vt., Chittenden co. Jericho is watered
with springs and brooks. Winooski River washes
the S. W. boundary, and Brown's River, Little
River, and Mill Brook are within its limits. The
soil and timber are various in different parts. It
is a good farming town, and well adapted to rais-
ing most kinds of grain and grass. There is a
village at the centre of the town, and another at
the corner, in the W. part of the town. The set-
tlement of Jericho was commenced in 1774, by
Messrs. Messenger, Rood, and Brown, with their
families, from the western part of Massachusetts.
25 miles N. W. from Montpelier, and 12 E. from

Jersey County, Is., c. h. at Jerseyville. Bounded
N. by Greene and E. by Macoupin co., S. by
Madison co. and the Mississippi River, separating
it from Missouri, and W. by the Illinois River,
separating it from Calhoun co. Watered on the
N. by a branch of the Illinois River.

Jersey City, N. J. City and seat of justice for
Hudson co., situated on the W. bank of Hudson
River, opposite the city of New York. The
ground on which it is built projects into the river,
having a bay both N. and S. of it. This penin-
sula, or point of land, was called by the Indians
Arese-heek, by the Dutch, sometimes, Areseck-

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain image

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