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Erie on the S., and the Niagara Eiver, which
separates it from Canada, on the W. It is also
watered by Tonawanda Creek, which separates
it from Erie co., on the S. The surface gradual-
ly descends from the Mountain Eidge to the
lake, and between the two extends the Alluvial
Way, or Eidge Eoad, which is elevated 130 feet
above the waters of the lake. The soil is mostly
good, being well adapted to the growth of grass
and grain. This county contains several impor-
tant mineral and gas springs. It is crossed by
the Erie Canal, which unites with the Tonawan-
da Creek at Pendleton village, and by the Lock-
port and Niagara Ealls,and Buffalo and Niagara
Ealls Eailroads, which unite at Niagara Falls

Niagara, N. Y., Niagara co., is separated from
Canada by the Niagara Eiver, which bounds it
on the W., and is drained by a few small streams.
Goat and some smaller islands belong to this
town, which also embraces a part of Niagara
Falls. It is situated on the Mountain Eidge,
and slopes towards the S. The soil is calcareous
sandy loam, upon a foundation of gypsum and
lime. 16 miles W. from Lockport, and 298 from

Niagara Falls, N. Y., Niagara co. On the E.
side of Niagara Eiver, at the falls, and 297 miles
W. by N. from Albany. See
Fashionable Resorts.

Nicholas County, Ky., c. h. at Carlisle. Bound-
ed N. by Harrison and Mason, E. by Fleming
and Bath, and S. and W. by Bourbon and Harri-
son counties. Drained by Licking Eiver and

Nicholas County, Va., c. h. at Nicholas. It is
bounded N. by Kanawha and Braxton counties,
E. by Randolph and Pocahontas, S. by Green-
brier and Fayette, and W. by Kanawha co. Wa-
tered by Great Kanawha, Gauley, and Elk Riv-
ers, and branches.

Nicholas, Va., c. h. Nicholas co. 310 miles W.
by N. from Richmond.

Nicholasville, Ky., c. h. Jessamine co. On a
small branch of Kentucky River. 36 miles S. E.
from Frankfort.

Nichols, N. Y., Tioga co. Bounded on the N.
by the Susquehanna River. The surface is hilly,
except on the river border, where are broad and
fertile flats. 8 miles S. W. from Owego, and 175
W. by S. from Albany.

Nicholson, Pa., Lucerne co. Tunkhannock
Mountain crosses the N. part of this town. 161
miles N. E. from Harrisburg.

Niles, Mn., Berrien co. On the E. side of the
St. Joseph's, on the Michigan Central Railroad.
191 miles W. from Detroit.

Niles, N. Y., Cayuga co. Bounded on the E.
by Skaneateles, and W. by Owasco Lake, and
watered by some small streams. Surface rolling;
soil clay and sandy loam, underlaid by lime and
slate. 10 miles S. E. from Auburn, and 160 W.
from Albany.

Nine Eagles, Io., c. h. Decatur co.

Nippenose, Pa., Lycoming co. Bounded W. by
Nippenose Creek, and N. by the N. branch of the
Susquehanna River. Surface hilly; soil cal-
careous loam. 96 miles N. from Harrisburg.

Niskayuna, N. Y., Schenectady co. This town
lies on the S. side of the Mohawk. The surface
is somewhat hilly near the river, but more level
and sandy on the S. 4 miles E. from Schenec-
tady, and 12 N. W. from Albany.

j&oble County, la., c. h. at Augusta. Bounded

N. by La Grange, E. by De Kalb, S. by Allen
and Whitley, and W. by Kosciusko and Elkhart
counties. Watered by Elkhart and Tippecanoe
Rivers, and numerous small lakes.

Noble, la., c. h. Noble co. A little N. E. from
Elkhart River, and 159 miles N. N. E. from

Nobleboro', Me., Lincoln co. On the upper
waters of Damariscotta River, E. side. 38 miles
S. E. from Augusta. A ship-owning and ship-
building place.

Nockamixon, Pa., Bucks co. Bounded E. by
Delaware River, and N. by its tributary, Gallows
Run. The Delaware flows between high per-
pendicular banks, composed of red sandstone.
Surface hilly; soil gravelly, and in parts swampy.
14 miles N. from Doylestown.

Nottaway County, Mo. In the N. W. angle,
bordering on Iowa. The head streams of the
Platte run S. through it, and the Nottaway above
its western border.

Norfolk, Ct., Litchfield co. The settlement
of Norfolk began in 1744. This town is ele-
vated and mountainous. The soil is a primitive
gravelly loam, generally cold and stony, but has
considerable depth, and affords good grazing.
stream, called Blackberry River, runs near the
centre of the place, and a little westward of the
Congregational Church falls over a ledge of
rocks 30 feet in height. There is a handsome
village, with an open square or green in front of
the church, which is uncommonly neat and beau-
tiful in its appearance. About half a mile N. is
another village. 25 miles W. N.W. from Hartford.

Norfolk County, Ms., c. h. at Dedham. This
county is bounded N. E. by Boston Harbor, N.
by Suffolk co., W. by the S. E. corner of Worces-
ter co., S. by the N. E. comer of the state of
Rhode Island, and S. S. E. and E. by the coun-
ties of Bristol and Plymouth. This county has
a maritime coast on Boston Harbor of about 12
miles, which is indented with many small bays
and navigable rivers. Its surface is uneven, and
in some parts hilly; its soil strong and rocky.
Great quantities of the dark-colored granite are
found here. A large part of Norfolk co., par-
ticularly those towns near Boston, is under a
high state of cultivation, and affords fruits and
vegetables in great abundance. The proximity
of this county to the capital gives it many facili-
ties, and the towns in this and in the county of
Middlesex, that border on Boston Harbor, may
be called the gardens of Boston. The Charles,
Neponset, and Manatiquot are its chief rivers.

Norfolk, N. Y., St. Lawrence co. Racket River
and some of its branches water this town. Sur-
face undulating; soil fertile loam. 18 miles N.
from Canton, and 224 N. W. from Albany.

Norfolk County, Va., c. h. at Norfolk. Bounded
N. by Chesapeake Bay, E. by Princess Anne co.,
S. by North Carolina, and W. by Nansemond
co. Hampton Roads lie on the N. border of this
county, which also contains the greater part of
Dismal Swamp. It is drained by Elizabeth and
Pasquotank Rivers.

Norfolk, Va. Port of entry and shire town of
Norfolk county. This place is situated on the
N. E. bank of Elizabeth River, just below the
confluence of the two branches of which that
river is formed, and 8 miles above its entrance
into Hampton Roads. It is 32 miles from the
ocean, 106 miles E. S. E. from Richmond, 110
miles, by water, below City Point, at the junction

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domair

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