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Smithville, N. C., Brunswick co. A village on
the right bank of Cape Fear River, near the
mouth, and opposite Smith's Island. It has a
good harbor, and is the seat of an academy.

Smithville, N. C., c. h. Brunswick co. On the
W. bank of Cape Fear River, 2 miles from its
mouth, and 173 from Raleigh. It has a good

Smithville, Te., c. h. De Kalb co. Near the
Caney Fork of Cumberland River, and 61 miles
E. from Nashville.

Smyrna, De., Kent co., was formerly the
Duck Creek, Cross Roads village. The inhab-
itants carry on a considerable trade in grain. It
is on Duck Creek. 12 miles a little E. of S. from
Dover, and 35 S. from Wilmington.

Smyrna, N. Y., Chenango co. Watered by
several branches of Chenango River. Surface
hilly: soil mostly good, and rich in the valleys.
12 miles N. from Norwich, and 96 W. from

Smyrna, 0., Freeport township, Harrison co.
A town 16 miles S. W. from Cadiz, and 100 E.
from Columbus.

Smythe County, Ya., c. h. Marion. Bounded
N. E. by Wythe co., S. E. by Grayson, S. W. by
Washington, and N. W. by Tazewell co. Wa-
tered by the head branches of Holston and New
Rivers. Surface uneven; soil fertile on the

Smythjield, Pa., Somerset co., is a pleasant vil-
lage, located on the right bank of Youghiogany
River, and on the United States road, almost ex-
actly midway between Brownsville, on Mononga-
hela, and Cumberland, on Potomac. According
to Shriver's map, Smythfield is 1405 feet above
the Atlantic tides.

Snowhitt, Md., c. h. Worcester co. On the S.
E. side of Pocomoke River. A port of entry, and
a place of considerable commerce. 60 miles S.
E. from Easton, and 20 miles a little S. of E.
from Princess Ann.

Snow Hill, Md., c. h. Worcester co. A port of
entry, on Pocomoke River. 115 miles S. E. from

Snow Hill, N. C-, c. h. Green co. By post road
96 miles S. E. from Raleigh.

Sodus, N. Y., Wayne co. Watered by Salmon
Creek and several small streams flowing into
Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario, which bound it on
the N. Surface chiefly level; soil well suited to
grass and grain. 12 miles N. from Lyons, and
176 N. of W. from Albany.

Solano County, Ca., c. h. at Benecia. North of the
lower course of the Sacramento, and between that
river and the Nappa. ,

Solesbury, Pa., Bucks co. A township between
Upper Ma'kefield and Plumstead, on the S. W. side
of the River Delaware. This township contains
New' Hope.

Solon, Me., Somerset co. A good farming
town, on the E. side of the Kennebec. 44 miles
N. by W. from Augusta.

Solon, N. Y., Cortland co. Watered by Ostelic
River and some of its branches. Surface undu-
lating; soil fertile, and well adapted for grazing.
12 miles E. from Cortland, and 140 W. from

Solon, O., Cuyahoga co. Two streams unite
in this township and form the Chagrin River.
40 rods below this junction commences a fall,
which descends 20 feet in 80 rods, affording a
valuable water power. l£ miles from this place,
up the Worster Branch, is another fall of 100
feet in a mile. On the Aurora Branch, half a
mile above the forks, is another fall of 70 feet in
80 rods. 150 miles N. N. E. from Columbus.

Somers, Ct., Tolland co. First settled 1713.
It was incorporated by Massachusetts in 1734, and
named in honor of Lord Somers, at the request
of Governor Belcher. Part of the town is level
and productive of grass and grain, and part is
quite elevated, producing good pasturage for
sheep, and presenting delightful views of the
valley of Connecticut River. It is watered
by Scantic River. Somers has a very neat vil-
lage. 22 miles N. E. from Hartford.

Somers, N. Y., Westchester co. The Croton
River and some of its tributaries water this town,
which contains some extensive plains and some
uneven surface. Soil diversified, but generally
adapted to grass or grain. 20 miles N. from
White Plains, and 120 S. from Albany.

Somerset, Ky., c. h. Pulaski co. 5 miles N. from
Cumberland River, and 84 S. S. E. from Frank-

Somerset County, Me., c. h. at Norridgewock.
Extending from near the centre to the N. W.
boundary of the state. The Kennebec flows
through the southern and settled part. Much
the larger portion is still unsettled. Surface
varied with occasional mountains; soil good.
The Portland and Montreal Railroad passes
through it.

Somerset County, Md., c. h. at Princess Ann.
This county is bounded by Worcester co., in Md.,
E., Dorchester co. N. W., Sussex co., in De., N.
E., Pocomoke Bay S., and Chesapeake Bay S.
W. The surface, though sandy, is generally
level, and the soil very good. Nanticoke River
is on the N. W. of this county, and Pocomoke S.
E., and it is drained by Manokin and Wicomico

Somerset, Ms., Bristol co. This was formerly
the Indian
Shewamet, and called the Shewamet
Purchase, a part of Swansey, at its incorporation
as a town in 1790. This town enjoys almost
unlimited navigable facilities. It extends its
whole length and breadth on the deep navigable
waters of Taunton River and Mount Hope Bay;
besides, a part of its western boundary is Lee's
River, jutting up from Mount Hope Bay to Swan-
sey village. This town comprises Long Point
and Shawmut Neck, at the mouth of Taunton
River. From Slade's Ferry, across Taunton
River, to Fall River village, is about l£ miles
S. For distances, see
Fall River.

Somerset County, N. J., c. h. at Somersville.
This county has Morris on the N., Hunterdon
S. W. and W., Middlesex S. E., and Essex E.
The different branches of Raritan River drain
the entire county. The soil is productive in grain,
pasturage, and fruit; the surface pleasantly diver-
sified by hill and dale.

Somerset, N. Y., Niagara co. Drained by some ■
small streams flowing into Lake Ontario, which
bounds it on the N. Surface level; soil sandy
and clay loam. 14 miles N. E. from Lockport,
and 280 N. of W. from Albany.

Somerset, 0., c. h. Perry co. 47 miles E. S. E.
from Columbus.

Somerset County, Pa., c. h. at Somerset. Cam-
bria is on the N., Bedford E., Westmoreland
N. W., Fayette co. W., and Alleghany co., Md.,
S. This county is not very hilly, though en-
closed on two sides by mountains. The
soil is

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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