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with a good supply of water. The land is level,
fertile, and well adapted to grazing. The county
was organized in 1820, and settled in 1799, by
George Reed, Samuel Mitchell, and several others,
all natives of Pennsylvania.

Union County, Pa., c. h. at New Berlin.
This county is bounded by Lycoming co. N.,
Centre W., Mifflin S. and S. W., and Susquehan-
na River E. It is mountainous and much broken,
but the river and creek lands are highly produc-
tive. Susquehanna River washes the greatest
length of this county, and it is drained by White
Deer, Buffalo, Penn's, and-Mahoning Creeks.

Union, Pa., Berks co. Bounded N. by the Schuyl-
kill River, and drained by Mill, French, and Six-
pence Creeks. Surface very hilly; soil gravelly
and sterile.

Union, Pa., Luzerne co. A township extend-
ing from the Susquehanna River to the E. limit
of Lycoming co. 13 miles below Wilkes barre.

Union, Pa., Union co. Watered by the Sus-
quehanna River and its W. branch. Surface
mountainous; soil calcareous loam.

Union, Pa., c. h. Fayette co. On both sides
of Redstone Creek. About 4 miles from the
western foot of Laurel Hill, 186 a little S. of
W. from Harrisburg, and 276 W. from Phil-

Union, Pa., Fayette co. A township around
the borough of the same name. On both sides
of Redstone Creek. 12 miles S. E.from Browns-

Union, Pa., Huntingdon co. A township in
Trough Creek valley. 15 miles nearly S. from

Union District, S. C., c. h. at Union. This dis-
trict is bounded by Broad River, or York, Ches-
ter, and Fairfield districts E., Ennoree River, or
Newberry, and Laurens districts S. W., and Spar-
tanburg YV. and N. W. Besides the two rivers,
which form part of its boundary, it is drained by
Pacolet and Tyger Rivers.

Union, Va., c. h. Monroe co. 229 miles W.
from Richmond.

Unionville, S. C., c. h. Union District. On a
small branch of Tyger River. 70 miles N.
from Columbia.

Unity, N. H., Sullivan co. Little Sugar River
has its source in Whortleberry Pond and Beaver
Meadow, in the N. part of the town, passes
through its centre, and empties into the Connec-
ticut at Charlestown. Cold Pond is partly in
this town. From Gilman's Pond, in the E. part,
proceeds a branch of Sugar River, flowing through
Newport. Perry's Mountain is in the S. W. part,
and partly in Charlestown. Unity is an uneven
township, but the soil is favorable for grazing. It
is excellent for flax. This town was called Unity
from the happy termination of a dispute which
had long subsisted between certain of the inhabit-
ants of Kingston and Hampstead, claiming the
same tracts of land, under two different grants.
First settlers, John Ladd and Moses Thurston,
in 1769. 50 miles W. by N. from Concord, and
9 S. from Newport.

Upper Alloway's Creek, N. J., Salem co. Drained
by Alloway's and Stow Creeks. The surface is
undulating ; the soil clay and loam in the N. E.,
and sandy, gravelly loam in the S. W. portions.
7 miles S. E. from Salem.

Upper Alton, Is., Madison co. Adjoining the
town of Alton, on elevated ground, about 2£
miles back from the Mississippi.

Upper Bern, Pa., Berks co. Drained by a
^tream flowing into the Schuylkill River, which
bounds it on the E. Blue Mountain lies on its
N. border.

Upper, N. J., Cape May co. This town is
bounded S. E. by the Atlantic Ocean, and drained
by Tuckahoe and Cedar Swamp Creeks. Surface
level; soil sand and clay. It lies 13 miles N. E.
from Cape May Court House.

Upper Chichester, Pa., Delaware co. Drained
by Hook and Naaman's Creeks. Surface level;
soil loamy.

Upper Darby, Pa., Delaware co. Drained by
Darby and Cobb's Creeks, which afford hydraulic
power. Surface hilly ; soil loamy.

Upper Freehold, N.J., Monmouth co. A town-
ship on the S. side of the River Shrewsbury. 12
miles S. from Amboy.

Upper Hanover, Pa., Montgomery co. Watered
by Perkiomen Creek and branches. Surface
hilly; soil red shale. 82 miles E. from Harris-

Upper Mahantango, Pa., Schuylkill co. Drained
by two branches of Mahantango Creek. Surface
hilly; soil sterile, consisting of red shale and

Upper Makefield, Pa., Bucks co. Bounded N.
by Pidcock's Creek. Surface undulating; soil
clay and sandy loam.

tipper Marlboro', Md., Prince George's co. A
little W. from Patuxent River, and 23 miles S.
W. from Annapolis.

> Upper Merion, Pa., Montgomery co. Drained
by Valley and Gulf Creeks, which afford hydrau-
lic power. Surface undulating; soil calcareous

Upper Milford, Pa., Lehigh co. Drained by
the N. branch of Perkiomen Creek and the head
streams of Upper Saucon Creek. Surface most-
ly hilly; soil gravel and red shale of medium

Upper Nazareth, Pa., Northampton co. Drained
by two branches of Manoosky Creek. Surface
undulating; soil productive gravel and slate.

Upper Paxton, Pa., Dauphin co. Bounded
W. by the Susquehanna River, and drained by
Mahantango, and Great and Little Wiconisco
Creeks. Surface partly mountainous ; soil red
shale. 22 miles N. from Harrisburg.

Upper Penn's Neck, N. J., Salem co. Located
on the E. bank of the Delaware River. Surface
level; soil light sandy loam.

Upper Providence, Pa., Montgomery co. Bound-
ed S. W. by the Schuylkill River, and drained
by Perkiomen and Mingo Creeks. Surface hilly;
soil gravelly loam and red shale.

Upper St. Clair, Pa., Alleghany co. Drained
by Chartier's Creek. Surface hilly; soil loam.

Upper Salford, Pa., Montgomery co. Perkio-
men and Rich Valley Creeks drain this town,
the surface of which is level, and the soil red
shale and loam. 10 miles N. N. W. from Nor-

Upper Sandusky. 0., c. h. Wyandot co. 64
miles N. from Columbus. It was laid out in

1843. The neighboring district was occupied
till recently by the Wyandots.

Upper Saucon, Pa., Lehigh co. Drained by
Saucon Creek. Surface diversified; soil calcare-
ous loam in the valleys. South Mountain, in
which iron ore is found, lies in the N. part of thi*
town. 6 miles N. E. from Northampton.

Upper Swatara, Pa., Dauphin co. Drained by

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