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Thomas's Point. On Thomas's Point, S. of
entrance to Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay. Lat.
38° 54 25". Lon. 76° 27' 34". Fixed.

Pool's Island. On Pool's Island, in Chesapeake
Bay, Harford co., N. E. of North Point lights.
Lat. 39° 17' 22". Lon. 76° 16' 21". Fixed.

Smith's Island. On Smith's Island, in Chesa-
peake Bay, off Somerset co., and opposite en-
trance to the Potomac. Lat. 37° 53' 13". Lon.
76° 14' 39". Fixed.

Concord Point, (Havre de Grace.) On Point
Concord, at entrance of Susquehanna River,
Chesapeake Bay. Lat. 39° 32' 30". Lon. 76° 5'
42". Fixed.

Cove Point. On Cove Point, N. of entrance to
Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay. Lat. 38° 23'
6". Lon. 76° 23' 17". Fixed. Height of lan-
tern above the sea, 50 feet.

Point Lookout. On Point Lookout, N. side of
entrance to Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay.
Lat. 38° 2' 14". Lon. 76° 19' 43". Fixed.

Lazaretto Point. Near Baltimore, on Patapsco
River, N. side of entrance to Baltimore harbor.
Lat. 39° 15' 39". Lon. 76° 34' 38". Fixed.

Clay Island. Mouth of Nanticoke River, N.
extremity of Tangier Sound, Dorchester co.,
Chesapeake Bay. Lat. 38° 13' 52". Lon. 75°
58' 50". Fixed. Height of lantern above the
sea, 36 feet.

Turkey Point. On said point, at the entrance
of Elk River, W. side, N. part of Chesapeake
Bay. Lat. 39° 26'55". Lon. 76° 00'54". Fixed.

Piney Point On the Potomac River, E. side,
about 14 miles N. W. from its mouth.. .. Fixed.
River light.

Sharp's Island. On said island, Chesapeake
Bay, off the entrance to Choptank River. Lat.
38° 37' 42". Lon. 76° 22' 36". Fixed.

Greenbury Point. On said point, N. side of en-
trance to Annapolis harbor. . . . Fixed. Height
of lantern above the sea, 31 feet.

Floating Light. Hooper's Straits. Tonnage
72^. In Chesapeake Bay, E. side, and S. of
Hooper's Island. One lamp, 11 cylindrical wicks.


Cape Henry. On said cape, S. side of entrance
to Chesapeake Bay. Lat. 36° 56'. Lon. 76° 4'.
Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea, 120 feet.

Old Point Comfort. On said point, mouth of
James River, and N. side of entrance to Hamp-
ton Roads, Chesapeake Bay. Lat. 37°. Lon.
76° 22' 12". Fixed.

Smith's Point. On Smith's Point, near the
mouth of the Potomac River, S. side. Lat. 37°
51'. Lon. 76° 22'. Fixed. Height of lantern
above the sea, 85 feet.

New Point Comfort. About 18 miles N. of Old
Point Comfort, Chesapeake Bay, W. side. Lat.
37° 18'. Lon. 76° 21'. Fixed.

Smith's Island. N. end of Smith's Island, N. E.
of Cape Charles, and of N. entrance to the Chesa-
peake. Lat.
37° 13'. Lon. 75° 52'. Revolv-

Back River Point. About 5 miles N. E. of Old
Point Comfort, and S. side of entrance to Back
River. Lat. 37° 5'. Lon. 76° 21'. Revolving.
Height of lantern above the sea, 40 feet.

Assateague Island. On said island, between
Cape Henlopen and Cape Charles, on the ocean.
Lat. 37° 54' 36". Lon. 75° 21' 45". Fixed.

Little Watt's Island. On said island, E. side
of Chesapeake Bay, Accomac co., and N. E. of
southern entrance to Tangier Sound. Lat.
Lon. 76° 4'. Fixed.

Floating Lights. Virginia, (Dist.) Smith's
Tonnage 120. S. E. of said point, in
Chesapeake Bay, and S. E. of mouth of Potomac
River. Two lamps, 11 cylindrical wicks each, 1
on foremast,
34£ feet, the other on mainmast, 39
feet elevation.

Craney Island. Tonnage 70. Near said island.
W. side of entrance to Elizabeth River, and to
Norfolk, &c. One lamp at mast head,
33 feet

Willoughby's Spit. Tonnage 400. S. side of
entrance to Hampton Roads, S. part of Chesa-
peake Bay. Two lamps,
3 cylindrical wicks each,
forward one
41 feet, after one 32 feet elevation.

Wolftrap Shoals. Tonnage 180. Between the
mouths of York and Rappahannock Rivers. Two
12 cylindrical wicks each, forward one 30,
after one 38 feet elevation.

Windmill Point. Tonnage 125. Off Windmill
Point, N. side of entrance to the Rappahannock.
One lamp with
5 cylindrical wicks in use, 40f feet

Bowler's Rock. Tonnage 54. In the Rappa-
hannock River, near said rock. One lamp.

Upper Cedar Point. Tonnage 72. Off said
point, below the Narrows, and about
44 miles
below Mount Vernon. One lamp with 6 cylin-
drical wicks,
34 feet elevation from deck.

Lower Cedar Point. Tonnage 72. In the Po-
tomac River, between said point and Yates's
Point, above Kettle Bottom. One lamp with 12
cylindrical wicks,
33 feet elevation from deck.


Bald Head. Near mouth of Cape Fear River
E. side. Lat.
33° 51' 30". Lon. 77° 59' 30'
Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea, 110 feet

Federal Point. On Federal Point, N. side of
inlet to Cape Fear River. Lat.
33° 56' 30". Lon
77° 55'. Fixed. Height of lantern above the sea,
50 feet.

Cape Hatteras. On Cape Hatteras, about 1
mile N. of high water mark. Lat. 35° 15'. Lon-
750 30'. Fixed. Height of lantern above the
95 feet.

Pamptico Point. On said point, S. side of en-
trance to Pamptico River. ... Fixed. Height of
lantern above the sea,
30 feet.

Body's Island. On said island, 1J miles S. of
a new inlet made in 1847. Lat. 35° 47'21". Lon.
75° 31'39". Revolving. Height of lantern above
the sea, 56 feet 6 inches.

Ocracoke. On W. end of Ocracoke Island, S.
W. of Cape Hatteras, E. side of Ocracoke Inlet.
35° 6' 30". Lon. 75° 58'. Revolving. Height
of lantern above the sea,
75 feet.

Cape Lookout. On Cape Lookout, near the end
of the cape. Lat.
34° 37'. Lon. 76° 33'. Fixed.
Height of lantern above the sea,
95 feet.

Oak Island, (2 beacon lights.) Two lights on
said island to range with the channel on entering
Cape Fear River.. . . Fixed.

Orton's Point. On W. bank of Cape Fear River,
known as Orton's Point, Brunswick co.. .. Fixed.

Price's Creek, (2 beacons.) On W. bank of
Cape Fear River, mouth of Price's Creek. .. .

Campbell's Island. On Campbell's Island, in
Cape Fear River, S. W. corner of lower end of

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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