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burg to Johnstown, unites the eastern division
of the Pennsylvania Canal to the
Western Division,
which extends along the banks of the Kiskimin-
itas and the Alleghany, 104 miles, to Pittsburg.
Beaver and Erie Canal extends 136 miles,
from the Ohio at Beaver, to Erie on Lake Erie,
with two branches — the
French Creek Feeder, 27
miles long, and the
Franklin Canal, 22 miles long.
The whole length of canals in Pennsylvania is
1280 miles, 848 of which are owned by the state,
and 432 by companies.


The Ohio Canal extends 307 miles from the
Ohio, at Portsmouth, to Lake Erie, at Cleveland,
with branches to Columbus, 10 miles; to Lancas-
ter, and thence down the valley of the Hocking
to Athens, 65 miles; to Zanesville, 14 miles; and
thence by the improved navigation of the Mus-
kingum, to the Ohio River, 81 miles; up the
Walhonding, 25 miles. It is also connected
with the Ohio River by the
Sandy and Little
Beaver Canal,
76 miles, having a branch of
10 miles to Canton. It is connected with the
canal system of Western Pennsylvania by the
Pennsylvania and Ohio, or Mahoning Canal, 75
miles in length. The
Miami Canal, and its ex-
tension in the western part of the state, is 181
miles in length from Cincinnati to Defiance on
the Maumee, down which river the
Wabash and
Erie Canal
extends 76 miles farther, to Lake Erie.
Warren County Canal, 19 miles long, the
Sidney Feeder, 13 miles long, and the St. Mary's
, 11 miles long, are branches of the Miami
Canal. The Ohio canals are mostly state works.


The Wabash and Erie Canal, 458 miles long, ex-
tends from Toledo, in Ohio, at the entrance of the
Maumee into Lake Erie, to Evansville, on the
Ohio, following the course of the Maumee as far
as Terre Haute, and thence by thd White
River valley. The portion in Indiana is 376
miles long. The
White Water Canal extends
from Lawrenceburg, on the Ohio, a short distance
below Cincinnati, up the White Water River, to
Cambridge, 76 miles. These were originally
state works, but have been transferred to private


The Illinois and Michigan Canal is 113 miles
long, from Chicago to La Salle, at the head of
steamboat navigation on the Illinois. Originally
a state work, it is now in the hands of a


The Louisville and Portland Canal, round the
falls of the Ohio, is
2£ miles in length. The Lick-
ing, Kentucky, Green, and Barren Rivers have
been improved by dams and locks, and made
navigable for a total distance of 484 miles.


The Chesapeake and Delaware Sloop Canal,
connecting Delaware and Chesapeake Bays, is
14 miles long.


The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is 184 miles
long, from Cumberland to Georgetown, with a
branch of 7 miles to Alexandria.


• The James River and Kenhawa Canal extends
up the James River from Richmond, 197 miles,
to Buchanan. The
Dismal Swamp Canal and
branches, from Albemarle Sound to Norfolk, is
34 miles long.


There are a number of short canals in these
states, but none of much importance.


Calais and Baring, 6 miles.

Franklin. Machiasport to Whitneyville, 9

Bangor and Piscataquis. Bangor to Oldtown,
12 miles.

Kennebec and Portland. Augusta to Portland,
60 miles.

Branch. Brunswick to Bath, 9 miles.

York and Cumberland. Gorham to Portland,
10 miles.

* Atlantic and St. Lawrence. Portland, via Dan-
ville and Mechanics Falls, to the Canada line,
at Island Pond, 150 miles.

Androscoggin and Kennebec. Danville, via Leeds,
to Waterviile, 55 miles.

Androscoggin. Leeds to Livermore Falls, 20

Buckjield Branch. Mechanics Falls to Buck-
field, 13 miles.

Eastern. Portland, via South Berwick, Do-
ver, Newburyport, and Salem, to Boston, 105

Branches. Salisbury, 4 miles, Beverly to
Gloucester, 14, Salem to Marblehead, 4.

Boston and Maine. South Berwick, via Brad-
ford and Lawrence, to Boston, 74 miles.

Branch. Rollinsford to Great Falls, 3 miles.

t Great Falls and Conway. Great Falls to
Milton, 13 miles.

Cocheco. Dover to Alton Bay, 28 miles.

Newburyport. Newburyport to Bradford, 18 m.

South Reading Branch. South Reading to Sa-
lem, 9 miles.

Essex. Lawrence to Salem, 21 miles.

Manchester and Lawrence, 26 miles.

New Hampshire Central. Manchester to Hen-
niker, 26 miles.

Boston and Lowell, 26 miles.

Lowell, Nashua, and Wilton, 30 miles.

Concord. Nashua, via Manchester, to Concord,
35 miles.

Portsmouth and Concord, 47 miles.

Concord and Claremont. Concord, via Contoo
cookville, to Bradford, 25 miles.

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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