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Cumberland Valley. Harrisburg to Chambers-
burg, 56 miles.

Franklin. Chambersburg to Hagerstown, 22

York and Cumberland. Harrisburg to York, 25

Pennsylvania, Eastern Division. Harrisburg to
Hollidaysburg, 135 miles.

Portage, 32 miles.

Pennsylvania, Western Division. Connemaugh
to Pittsburg, 87 miles.

Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore, 98
* miles.

Newcastle and Frenchtown, 16 miles.

Baltimore and Susquehanna. Baltimore, via Re-
lay House, to York, 57 miles.

Westminster Branch, Relay House to Owen's
Mills, 9 miles.

Baltimore and Ohio. Baltimore, via Monaca-
sy, Harper's Eerry, and Cumberland, to Wheel-
ing, 375 miles.

Branch. Monacasy to Frederick, 3 miles.

Winchester and Potomac. Harper's Ferry to
Winchester, 32 miles.

Washington Branch. Baltimore, via Elk Ridge,
to Washington, 40 miles.

Annapolis and Elk Ridge, 21 miles.

t Orange and Alexandria. Alexandria to Gaines-
boro', 45 miles.

Richmond, Frederick, and Potomac. Acqua
Creek, via Chesterfield, to Richmond, 75 miles.

Branch, (Virginia Central.) Chesterfield to
Charlottesville and Woodville, 77 miles.

t Richmond and DanviUe. Richmond to Me-
herin, 65 miles.

Richmond and Petersburg, 22 miles.

Appomattox. Petersburg to City Point, 10

Petersburg. Petersburg, via Hicksford, to Wel-
don, 64 miles.

Seaboard and Roanoke. Portsmouth to Weldon,
80 miles.

Granville and Roanoke. Hicksford to Gaston,
21 miles.

Gaston and Raleigh, 87 miles.

* Wilmington and Weldon, 162 miles.

Wilmington and Manchester, 162 miles.

South Carolina. Charleston, via Branchville,
to Augusta, 137 miles.

Branches. Branchville to Columbia, 67 miles ;
to Camden, via Manchester, 37 miles.

t Charlotte and South Carolina. Columbia to
Ebenezer, 78 miles.

King's Mountain. Chesterville to Yorkville, 32

* Granville and Columbia, with branches to An-
derson and Abbeyille, 164 miles.

Georgia Central. Savannah, via Gordon, to
Macon, 191 miles.

Milledgeville and Gordon, 17 miles.

Macon and Western. Macon to Atlanta, 101
miles. -

Augusta and Waynesboro', 21 miles.

Georgia. Augusta to Atlanta, 171 miles.

Branches. Camah to Warrenton, 4 miles ; Un-
ion Point to Athens, 40 miles.

South-western. Macon, via Fort Valley, to
Oglethorpe, 50 miles.

Muscogee. Fort Valley to Columbus, 70 miles.

Lagrange. Atlanta to West Point, 87 miles.

Western and Atlantic. Atlanta, via Kingston,
to Chattanooga, 140 miles.


Rome. Kingston to Rome, 20 miles.

* Nashville and Chattanooga, 151 miles.

t East Tennessee and Georgia. Dalton to Lon
82 miles.

West Point and Montgomery, 88 miles.

t Mobile and Ohio. Mobile to Citronelle, 33

Vicksburg, Jackson, and Brandon, 60 miles.

Clinton and Port Hudson, 24 miles.

West Feliciana. Woodville to Bayou Sara, 26

Mexican Gulf. New Orleans to Proctorsville,
27 miles.

New Orleans and Carrollton, 6 miles.

New Orleans, Milnesbury, and Lake Pontchartrain,
6 miles.

Alton and Sangamon. Alton to Sjjringfield, 70

Sangamon and Morgan. Springfield to Naples,
54 miles.

t Milwaukie and Mississippi. Milwaukie to
Palmyra, 43 miles.

Galena and Chicago. Chicago to Rockford, 92

Branches. To Aurora, 13 miles; to Fort St.
Charles, 7 miles.

t Chicago and Rock River. Chicago to Ottawa,
84 miles.

Michigan Central. Chicago to Detroit, 278

Michigan Southern. Chicago, via Adrian, to
Monroe, 247 miles.

Erie and Kalamazoo. Adrian to Toledo, 33

Detroit and Pontiac, 25 miles.

t Evansville tind Rlinois. Evansville to Prince-
ton, 27 miles.

Louisville and Frankfort, 65 miles.

Frankfort and Lexington, 29 miles.

t New Albany and Salem. New Albany to Ju-
65 miles.

t Jeffersonville. Jeffersonville to Rockford, 51

Madison and Indianapolis, via Edinburg, 36

Shelbyville Branch. Edinburg to Shelbyville,
16 miles.

Shelbyville and Knightstown, 27 miles.

Shelbyville and Rushville, 20 miles.

Lafayette and Indianapolis, 62 miles.

Peru and Indianapolis, 72 miles..

Terre Haute and Richmond. Indianapolis to
Terre Haute, 73 miles.

Indianapolis and Bellefontaine. Indianapolis to
east line of the state, at Union, 83 miles.

* Indiana Central. Indianapolis to east line of
the state, near Richmond, 73 miles.

Dayton and Western. From the terminus of
the preceding to Dayton, 36 miles.

Dayton and Greenville, 35 miles.

Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton, 60 miles.

Mad River and Lake Erie. Dayton, via
Springfield, to Sandusky, 150 miles.

Branch. Carey to Findlay, 16 miles.

Sandusky Mansfield and Newark, 117 miles.

* Central Ohio. Dayton to Wheeling, via Co-
lumbus, Newark, and Zanesville.

Little Miami. Cincinnati, via Lovelands, to
Xenia, 65 miles.

Cincinnati and Hillsboro'. Lovelands to Hills-
boro', 37 miles.

Columbus and Xenia, 55 miles.

Xenia and Springfield, 17 miles.


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