Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1882 page 26
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Gazetteer of the State of Maine With Numerous Illustrations, by Geo. J. Varney

BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY B. B. RUSSELL, 57 CORNHILL. 1882. Public domain image from


Leeds and Farmington Railroad from Leeds Junction to Farmington.
The leased roads are the Belfast and Moosehead Lake, from Belfast to
Burnham, and the Dexter and Newport Railroad from Dexter to New-
port ; making in all 355 miles of railroad under one management, or
307^- miles of consolidated and 47£ miles of leased roads. Some part
of the road was opened as early as 1848, and the whole in 1870. Its
capital stock is $3,620,100.00.

The Androscoggin Railroad, consolidated with the Maine Central,
extending from Brunswick to Farmington, and having a branch from
Crowley’s Junction to Lewiston, has in all 70|-miles of road. This
railroad was opened in 1861, and consolidated with the Maine Central
in 1871. The Bath Branch Railroad, connecting Bath with the Maine
Central at Brunswick, is 9 miles in length.

The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad extends from Belfast to
Burnham, 33|- miles, and is leased and operated by the Maine Central
Railroad. The Dexter and Newport Railroad, 14 miles long, is leased
by the Maine Central Railroad.

The Norway Branch Railroad, miles long, connects Norway
with the Grand Trunk Railway at South Paris. It was built in 1879.

The Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad extends from Portland to
Lunensburg, Vermont; 51 miles of its length being in this State. It
was chartered in 1870, and the road completed in 1875. Its capital
is $1,052,185.55.

The Portland and Rochester Railroad is 52 miles in length, 49^-
, miles being in Maine. It was commenced in 1853 and completed in
1871. Its capital stock is $636,011.86.

The Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad, connecting the
places forming its name, is 52 miles long, and of these 51 are in Maine.
It was built in 1842. Its capital stock is $1,500,000. The road is
leased and ojaerated by the Eastern Railroad Company.

The Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Branch Railroad extends
from Breck’s Crossing in South Berwick, Maine, to Conway, New
Hampshire,—72 miles, of which 4| miles are in Maine. The"road is
controlled and operated by the Eastern Railroad Company.

The Rumford Falls and Buckfield Railroad extends from Canton
to Mechanic Falls, where it connects with the Grand Trunk. Its
length is 27£ miles. It was rebuilt in 1878.

The Somerset Railroad connects North Anson village with the
Maine Central Railroad at West Waterville. Its length is 25 miles,
and its capital stock, $377,573.61. It was built in 1874-5.

The St. Croix and Penobscot Railroad extends from Calais to
Princeton, a distance of 22 miles. It was commenced in 1852 and
completed in 1856. Its Capital stock is $100,000.00.

The Sandy River Railroad is 18 miles in length, extending from
Farmington to Phillips, 18 miles. Its guage is 2 feet. The last re-
port of the railroad commissioners gives the expense of constructing the
road at $100,000.00, but does not state whether this includes buildings
and rolling-stock, nor give amount of capital stock. The road was
built in 1879.

The Whitneyville and Machiasport Railroad, connects the mills in
tbe first named town with a shipping point on tide water of Machias-
port. Its length is 7£ miles. It is used for the transportation of
freight alone.


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