Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1882 page 29
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Gazetteer of the State of Maine With Numerous Illustrations, by Geo. J. Varney

BOSTON. PUBLISHED BY B. B. RUSSELL, 57 CORNHILL. 1882. Public domain image from


ton, Camden, Hope, Appleton, Vinalhaven and North Haven, in Knox

Maine has seven votes in the electoral college for the choice of
President of the United States. The Legislature of the State first met
in the court-house in Portland, May 21,1820, and its sessions continued
to be held there until 1832. The act fixing the permanent seat of
government at Augusta was passed February 24, 1827. The present
Capitol was first occupied by the Legislature on January 4,1832. The
building and furniture cost a little over $125,000, ahout one-half of
this being paid from the proceeds of the sale of ten townships of land.
The architect was Charles Bulfinch of Boston. The material is the
excellent white granite for which the vicinity is noted.

The total valuation of the State in 1880 was: real estate, $165,908,-
182; personal, $62,122,474; total estates, $228,030,656. The number
of polls was 160,569. The amount of shipping owned in the State as
shown in the valuation of 1880 was, in tonnage, 471,068, having a
value of $8,678,093. Of cotton mills, the number of spindles was
641,102, and the value $9,261,245. The number of oxen owned in the
State was 34,847, valued at $1,420,464; of cows, 141,006, valued at
$2,953,644; of young cattle, 147,716, valued at $1,799,902; horses,
87,345, valued at $5,037,398; colts, 16,654, valued at $559,758; sheep,
466,626, valued at $1,316,052; swine, 44,927, valued at $249,935.

The number of savings banks on November 3, 1879, was 56, and
their deposits amounted to $23,052,663. In 1880 there was a net in-
crease of $1,968,183. The number of national banks at the beginning
of 1880 was 69, and their capital stock amounted to $10,388,000.

The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has recently prepared a
table showing the amount of collection of internal revenue returned
from the several States for a number of years. The returns from
Maine were $75,531 for 1879, against $76,767 for 1880. The number
of depositors in savings banks in    Maine is    75,543    with    $20,9/8,140

deposited, or $278 to a depositor.    The    value    of    imports    at Portland,

for 1880, was $1,391,086, and exports $3,569,351.

The bonded debt of the State on January 1, 1880, was $5,849,900.
The total of liabilities over resources at the same date was $6,335,-
980.80. The total receipts of the Treasury in 1879 were $1,228,160.94.
The expenditures for tbe same time were $1,316,003;67.

The' volunteer militia consists of a regiment of infantry, five unat-
tached companies of infantry, and one company of light artillery.
There is also one company of high school cadets, of Bath.


1820 William King, Bath (resigned). 1841 John Fairfield, Saco (elected sena-

1821 William D. Williamson, Bangor    tor).

(acting).    1843 Edward Kavanagh, Newcastle (act-

1822 Albion K. Parris, Paris.    ing).

1827 Enoch Lincoln, Portland (died). 1844 Hugh J. Anderson, Belfast.

1829 3 mos., Nathan Cutler, Farmington 1847 John W.Dana, Fryeburg.

(acting).    T 1 TT--11 J TT~n

1850 jonn nuuuaru, nauuwcii.

1853 W. G. Crosby, Belfast.

1855 Anson P. Morrill, Readfield.

1856 Samuel Wells, Portland.

1857 Hannibal Hamlin, Hampden (re


1830 Jona D. Hunton, Readfield.

1831 Samuel E. Smith, Wiscasset.

1834 Robert P. Dunlap, Brunswick.

1838 Edward Kent, Bangor.

1839 John Fairfield, Saco.

1840 Edward Kent, Bangor.


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