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plfin brick building, contains the usual rooms and offices and the jail. The co. clerk’s office is a
small building situated on Main Street. The co. poorhouse is situated on a farm of 112 acres 1}
mi. n. w. of Ballston Spa. The average number of inmates is about 100; and the institution yields
an annual revenue of $900.x

The Champlain Canal extends along the 'Hudson from Waterford to the s. border of North¬
umberland, at which point it crosses the river into Washington co.2 The Saratoga & Schenec¬
tady R. R. extends from Saratoga Springs through Milton, Ballston, and Clifton Park to Schenec¬
tady.3 The Saratoga & Whitehall R. R. extends from Saratoga Springs n. through Wilton and
Northumberland to Moreau, where it crosses the Hudson to Fort Edward. The Rensselaer &
Saratoga R. R. crosses the Mohawk at Waterford, and passes ‘through that town, Half Moon,
Clifton Park, Malta, and Ballston to Ballston Spa. The Albany, Vermont & Canada R. R., cross¬
ing the Mohawk at Cohoes, intersects the R. & S. R. R. at Saratoga Junction, and crosses the Hudson
at Deepikill into Rensselaer co. The Lake Ontario & Hudson River R. R.4 has been laid out and
partly worked from Saratoga Springs through Greenfield, Corinth, and Hadley.

Eight weekly and 4 daily papers are published in the co.6

The greater part of this co. is embraced within the “Half Moon,” “-Clifton Park” or “Shan-
nondhoi,” “Saratoga,” “Appel,” and “Kayaderosseras” or “Queensborough” Patents.6 The last

named patent includes the greater part of the co.
Mohawks, July 26, 1683, The bounds were so

buildings. By an act passed March 14,1817, Jas. Merrill, Elisha
Powell, Isaac Gere, John Gibson, and Gilbert Warring were ap¬
pointed commissioners to superintend the erection of new build¬
ings in the place of the old ones, which had been burned.

"1 The house is reported as old, ill constructed, and badly out
of repair, but generally well kept.—
Report of Senate Com., 1857.

2 The towing path of the canal is constructed across the river
on the Fort Miller Bridge.

8 This was the second r. r. built in, the IJ. S. It is leased and
used by the Rensselaer
& Saratoga R. R.

4 Formerly the Saratoga & Sackets Harbor R. R.

6 The Waterford Gazette, the first paper published in the co.,
was established at Waterford about 1801, by Horace L.
r Wadsworth, and was continued until .after 1816.

The Waterford Reporter was published in 1822 by Wm. L. Fisk.
The Anti Masonic Recorder was published at Waterford in 1830
by J. C. Johnson.

The Waterford Atlas was started Dec. 1,1832, by Wm. Holland
& Co. In 1834 it was changed to
The Waterford Atlas and Manufacturers, Mechanics, and Far¬
mers’ Journal
. It was soon after discontinued.

The Democratic Champion was published at Waterford in 1840
by II. Wilber.

Tlie Waterford Sentinel was started by Andrew

Hoffman, and is now published by J. H. Masten.

The Saratoga Advertiser was established at Ballston in 1804 by
Samuel B. Brown. It was changed soon after to
The Aurcn-a Borealis and Saratoga Advertiser, and published by
Brown & Miller. About 1810 it again passed into the
hands of Mr. Brown, and was changed to
The Advertiser, and continued some years.

The Independent American was started Sept. 27, 1808, by Wm.

Child. In May, 1818, it appeared as
The People)s Watch-Tower, published by Jas. Comstock; and in
1820 as

The Saratoga Farmer, published by H. G. Spafford. In 1821 it
w-as changed to

The Ballston Spa Gazette and Saratoga Farmer, and in 1822 to
The Ballston Spa Gazette, published by J. Comstock. April 20,
1847, it appeared as
The Ballston Democratic Whig Journal, edited by J. O. Nodyne.

In 1848 it was changed to
Tlie Ballston Journal; and it is now’published by Al¬
bert A. Moore.

The Saratoga Courier was published at Ballston in 1818 by
Ulysses F. Doubleday.

The Saratoga Journal was published at Ballston by Josiah Bunce,
in -—.

The Saratoga Recorder and Anti Masonic Democrat was pub¬
lished in 1831 by D. Tehan.

The New York Palladium was published in 1831 by Ansel

The Schenectady and Saratoga Standard was published at Balls-
ton in 1832-33 by Israel Sackett.

The Ballston Democrat was started in 1843 by Newell Hine. In
1853 it w-as united with the Northern Mirror as
The Ballston Democrat and Mirror. It is now published as
The Ballston Atlas, by Seymour Chase.

The Northern Mirror was started by S. Chase, and in 1853 it
was united with the Ballston, Democrat.

The Saratoga Gazette was published at Saratoga Springs in 1810.
The Saratoga Patriot was started by Samuel R. Brown, and in
18i2 it was removed to Albany.

The Saratoga Sentinel was commenced in 1819 by G. M. David¬
son. and in 1845 it was merged in The Republican. *

The purchase of the tract was confirmed by the
loosely defined that disputes arose between the

The Saratoga Whig was started in 1839 by Huling & Watts.
Sold to G. W. Spooner in 1840, and afterward to E. G.
Huling. In 1851 it was changed to
Tlxe Saratoga County Press. A daily edition, started
in 1844, was issued in 1855 as
The Saratoga Daily News, Huling & Morehouse, pub¬

The Daily Sentinel was started at Saratoga Springs in 1842 by
Wilbur & Palmer. From 1855 to 1857 it was issued as
The Daily Post, and then changed back to The Sentinel. Jan. 1,
1859, it was merged with The Republican.

The Republican, da. and w., was started in 1844 by John A.
Corey, and in 1853 it passed into the hands of Thos. G.
Young. Jan. 1,1859, it was united with The Sentinel,
under the title of
The Republican «fc Sentinel, da. and w., Thos. G.

Young, publisher.

'The Old Settler was pub. at Saratoga in 1849 hy A. II. Allen. *
The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, semi-mo., was published
1 in 1850 hy Jas. White.

The Temperance Helper was started in Jan. 1853, by the Sara¬
toga Co. Temperance Alliance. In 1855 it was bought
hy Potter
& Judson, and in 1856 it was changed to
The Saratogian. A daily edition is published during
the summer season.

The Saratoga Sentinel was started in 1854 by Allen
Corey, and sold in May, 1855, to Clark
& Thayer.

Tlie Schuylerville Herald was published at Schuylerville in 1844
by. J. L. Cramer.

Old Saratoga was started in 1848 at. Schuylerville by J. L. Cra¬
mer, and continued until 1852.

Battle Ground Herald was published at Schuylerville from Aug.

1853, till July, 1857, hy R. N. Atwell & Co.

The Saratoga County American, started in Dec.

1857, is now published at Schuylerville by J. K. Rock-"

The Stilhvater Gazette was commenced at Stillwater in 1845 by
Isaac A. Pitman, and was published about 3 years.

The Cold Water Battery was published at Stillwater in 1845 by
Isaac A. Pitman.

Tlie Hudson River Chronicle was published at Mechanicsville
from Oct. 1856, to March, 1858, hy Samuel Heron.

The Crescent Eagle was published in 1852 by C. Ackerman,

The Morning Star was published at Mechanicsville in 1854-55,
by C. Smith & Co.

8 The “ Half Moon” Patent, including Waterford and part of
Half Moon, was granted to Anthony Van Schaick. The “ Sara¬
toga Patent,” including the present towns of Easton, Saratoga,
and Stillwater, was granted, Nov. 4, 1684, to Cornelius Van
Dyck, Jan Jans Bleecker, Peter Phillips Schuyler, Johannes
Wendell, Dirk Wessels, David Schuyler, and Robt. Livingston.
The “ Clifton Park Patent,” embracing the E. part of the present
town of Clifton Park and the w. part of Half Moon, was granted
Sept. 23, 1708. The “Appel Patent,” in the W. part of the pio-
sent town of Clifton Park, was about
i mi. wide on the .Mohawk
and extended back nearly 4J mi. The “ Kayaderosseras Patent”
was granted Nov. 2,1708, to Manning Hermanse, Johannes Beek¬
man, Kip Van Dam, Anri Bridges, May Beckley, Peter Faucon-
nser, Adrian Hogelandt, Johannes Fisher,'John Tuder, Jovis
Ilogelandt, John Stevens, John Totham, and Samson Broughton.
This patent contained 400,000 acres, and embraced nearly all of
Saratoga co. x. of the small patents already described, and por¬
tions of Montgomery, Fulton, and Warren cos. The portion of
the co. u:-of this patent was embraced in the. “Palmer” and
“ Glen” purchases.


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