New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 13
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ditches; it was situated near the east-
ern bank of the river Derwent: the
parish contains the townships of East
Cottingwith and Laytham; entire po-
pulation, 762.

Aughton Ruddings, E. R. (5) a
hamlet in the preceding township and

Aukley, W. R. (8) a hamlet in the
township of Blaxton, but in the parish
of Finningley, Nottinghamshire, wapen-
take of Strafforth and Tickhill,
6 miles
S. E. from Doncaster.

Austby, W. R. (4) a hamlet in the
township of Nessfield, and parish of
Ilkley, wapentake of Skyrack, 7 miles
N. W. from Otley. -

Austerfield, W. R. (8) a township
in the parish of Blythe, Nottingham-
shire, but in the wapentake of Straf-
forth and Tickhill,
1ยง mile N. E. from
Bawtry; inhabitants, 242; a chapelry
to Blythe. In this village is Finning-
ley Hall, the seat of George Broth-
eric, Esq.

Austerland, W. R. (7) a hamlet in
the township of Quick, parish of Roch-
dale, Lancashire, but in the wapentake
of Agbrigg; 15 miles S. W. from Hud-

Austhorpe, W.R. (5) a township in
the parish of Whitchurch, wapentake
of Skyrack, 4 miles E. from Leeds;
inhabitants, 150. Austhorpe Hall is
the seat of John Atkinson, Esq.; Aus-
thorpe Lodge, the seat of Joshua Field,
Esq. This village gave birth to John
Smeaton, whose great merit as an en-
gineer and architect, whoever has be-
held the stupendous edifice of the Eddy-
stone lighthouse, must take pleasure in
commemorating. In the choir at Whit-
church, an elegant monument is erect-
ed to his memory, adorned with the
appropriate representation of that un-
equalled structure : such a memorial
renders the rest of the epitaph super-

Austonley, W. R. (7) a township
in the parish of Almondbury, wapentake
of Agbrigg,
8 miles St W. from Hud-
dersfield ; inhabitants, 968. In this
township is an ancient mansion called
Hoobrom, now converted into cottages.

Austwick, W. R. (4) a township in
the parish of Clapham, wapentake of
Ewcross, 5 miles N. W.from Settle; in-
habitants, 556 ; fair, Thursday before
Whitsuntide. Here is the seat of Charles
Ingleby, Esq. Austwick Hall is the seat
of Mrs. King.

Aysdale-gate,N.R. (2) ahamletin
the township of Moorsholme, parish of
Skelton, wapentake of Langbarugh, 3
miles E. from Guisborough.

Aysgarth, N, R. (1) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Hang
West, 9 miles W. from Middleham;
inhabitants, 293; a vicarage, value
65, Bd.; patron, Trinity College,
Cambridge. This village, seated on the
Ure, is remarkable for possessing the
finest waterfall in the county, called
Aysgarth Force, where the whole body
of the river pours over an irregular and
broken ledge of rocks; at some dis-
tance hbove the fall is a bridge of one
arch, which spans seventy-one feet*:
the view from this edifice is highly pic-
turesque, embracing a succession of
waterfalls amidst intermingled rocks
and foliage; whilst emerging from a
copse, appears the steeple of Aysgarth
Church, giving to the scene that sense
of connection with human feelings and
interests, without which the grandest
or most beautiful objects of the natural
world become tasteless and insipid.
The parish'of Aysgarth is very exten-
sive, being atleast twenty miles inlength
and half as much in breadth; it contains
the townships of Abbotside, High and
Low, Askrigg, Bainbridge, Bishopdale,
Burton with Walden, Carperby, Hawes,
Newbiggin, Thoralby, and Thornton
Rust; entire population, 5621.

Ayton, East, N. R. (3) a town-
ship in the parish of Seamer, wapentake
of Pickering Lythe, 5 miles S. W. from
Scarborough; inhabitants, 333; a


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