New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 27
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take of Skyrack, 6 miles N. W. from
Bradford, 38 S. W. from York, 202
from London ; inhabitants, 6176 ; a
vicarage, value 7/.
6s. 8d.; patron, the
King; market, Tuesday; fairs, Jan.
25, August 25, 26, 27. Here is a
grammar school, founded in the reign
of Henry VIII., value about 400/. per
annum ; by a decree of Lord Eldon,
1820, it was determined that it should
be conducted as a free grammar school,
for teaching the children of the inhabi-
tants of Bingley the learned languages.
The town is pleasantly seated on a hill,
between the river Aire and the Leeds
and Liverpool canal; and it consists
chiefly of one long street, pretty well
built: the surrounding country is beau-
tiful and well wooded. Bingley is dis-
tinguished for its worsted manufacture,
which is carried on in the town and
neighbourhood to a considerable ex-
tent. In the township are Cottingley
House, the seat of Mrs. Ferrand; Cot-
tingley Bridge, the seat of C. F. Bus-
field, Esq.; Gawthorpe Hall, the seat
of Jos. Heaton, Esq.; Horden Grange,
the seat of W. Ferrand, Esq.; Myrtle
Grove, the seat of W. Twiss, Esq.; and
St. Ives, the delightfully situated seat
of E. Ferrand, Esq. Bingley contains
the townships of Micklethwaite, and
East and West Morton. Entire popu-
lation, 7375.

Bingley Seat, W.R. (8) a hamlet
in the township of Bradfield, parish of
Ecclesfield, wapentake of Strafforth and
Tickhill, 5 miles W. from Sheffield.

Binnington, E. R. (6‘) a township
in the parish of Willerby, wapentake
of Dickering, 7 miles W. from Run-
in anby ; inhabitants, 50

Binsoe, N. R. (5) a hamlet in the
township and parish of West Tanfield ;
wapentake of Hallikeld, 2 miles S. E.
from Masham.

B irc ham Cliff, W.R. (7) a hamlet
in the township of Lindley, parish of
Huddersfield, wapentake of Agbrigg, 2
miles^N. W. from Huddersfield.

Birdforth, N. R. (5) a township
in the parish of Coxwold, wapentake of
Birdforth, 4 miles N. W. from Easing-
wold; inhabitants, 42; a perpetual
curacy to the vicarage of Thirkleby;
patron, the Archbishop of York. This
township is separated from the parish
of Coxwold by the intervening parish
of Carlton Husthwaite. It gives name
to the wapentake.

Birdforth, N.R. (2, 5) a wapen-
take, nearly in the centre of the North
Riding, lying round Thirsk; the south-
ernmost boundary being about 15 miles
from York, and the northern about the
same distance from the river Tees.
Birdforth is bounded on the west by the
rivers Swale and Wiske, on the north by
Allertonshire and Langbarugh, on the
west by Rydale, and on the south by
Buimer. It contains one market town,
44 townships, of which 17 are pa-
rishes, 2310 houses, and 11,700 in-

Bird well, W. R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Worsborough, parish
of Tankersley, rvapentake of Straf-
forth and Tickhill, 4 miles S. from

Birdwell Flat, W.R. (8) a ham
let in the township of Swinton, pa-
rish of Wath upon Dearn, wapentake
of Strafforth and Tickhill, 4 miles N.E.
from Rotherham.

Birdsall, E. R. (5) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Buck-
rose, 4 miles S. from Malton; inhabi-
tants, 240 ; a perpetual curacy; patron,
the Marquis of Hertford. Birdsall Hall
is a seat of Lord Middleton, which
stands at the foot of the Wolds, in a
fine sporting country. Birdsall gave
birth to Henry Burton, the puritan di-
vine, noted for the severity of the sen-
tence imposed upon him by the Star
Chamber, 1635, for a seditious libel;
he was condemned to be pilloried, to pay
a fine of 5000/., and to be imprisoned
for life in Lancaster gaol; the place of
his confinement was aftterwards altered


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