New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 29
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Middleham ; inhabitants, 95. It con-
sists of small hamlets and farm-houses,
irregularly scattered up and down this
picturesque and fertile region, which
abounds with interesting waterfalls.

Bishop Monkton, W.R. (5). See
Monkton Bishop.

Bishopside, High and Low, W.
R. (4) a township in the parish of Ripon,
wapentake of Claro, 11 miles N.W. from
Ripon ; inhabitants, 2072. This town-
ship is situated on the north side of the
river Nidd, and contains the market
town of Pately Bridge.

Bishopthorpe, (5) a parish and
township in the Ainsty, 3 miles S. from
York; inhabitants, 301 ;
a vicarage,
value 4/.; patron, the Archbishop of
York. This place was anciently called
St. Andrew’s Thorpe; and the manor
was first purchased, for the use of the
See, by Walter de Grey, Archbishop of
York, in the reign of King John. This
prelate built a palace here, and the cha-
pel is still seen where his chantry was
founded ; since that time the house has
undergone various alterations by his
successors. The present gardens were
laid out by Archbishop Sharp, in the
reign of Queen Anne ; his immediate
successor, Sir William Dawes, Bart,
made considerable alterations in the
palace; and Archbishop Gilbert ex-
pended a large sum in additions and
embellishments ; but the most exten-
sive improvements were made by Arch-
bishop Drummond, about the year
Nor did this prelate confine his muni-
ficence to the palace; he took down
and rebuilt the parish church, and
adorned it with a curious window;
brought, together with the stone used
in building the gateway in front of the
palace, from ruins of the Castle of Ca-
wood. Since the destruction of Cawood,
in the parliamentary civil war, Bishop-
thorpe has been the constant residence
of the Archbishops of York.    ■

Bishop Thornton, W.R. (5) a
township in the parish of Ripon, wa-
pentake of Claro, 6 miles S. W. from
Ripon; inhabitants, 647; a perpetual
curacy ; patron, the Dean of Ripon.

Bishopton, W. R. (5) a township
in the parish of Ripon, wapentake of
Claro, 1 mile W. from Ripon ; inhabi-
tants, 136.

Bishop Wilton, E.R. (5) a parish
and township with Belthorpe, in the di-
vision of Wilton Beacon, 4 miles N.
from Pocklington; inhabitants, 570; a
vicarage, value
7l. 3s. 6%d.; patron,
Sir Tatton Sykes, Bart. Archbishop
Neville, in the reign of Edward IV. re-
sided in this parish, which occasioned
its being called Bishop Wilton; the
moat which surrounded his palace still
remains. Wilton gives name to one of
the four divisions of the wapentake of
Hart Hill. The parish contains the
townships of Belthorpe, Bolton, Gow-
thorpe, and Youlthorpe. Entire popu-
lation, 793.

Blackburn, W.R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Kimberworth, parish
of Rotherham, wapentake of Strafforth
and Tickhill, 3 miles W. from Rother-

Blacker, Low, Middle, and
Over, W.R. (8) three small hamlets
in the township of Upper Hoyland, pa-
rish of Wath, wapentake of Strafforth
and Tickhill, 4§ miles S. from Barnsley.

Blackhow Topping, N. R. (3) a
lofty hill in the township and parish of
Allerston, wapentake of Pickering, 9
miles N. E. from Pickering.

Black Moor, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township of Hunshelf, parish of
Penistone, wapentake of Staincross, 3
miles S. E. from Penistone.

Black Moor Foot, W. R. (7) a
hamlet in the township of South Cross-
land, parish of Almondbury, wapentake
of Agbrigg, 3t§ miles S. W. from Hud-

Blackrake, N.R. (1) a hamlet in
the township of Carlton, parish of
Coverham, wapentake of Hang West,
8 miles S. W. from Middleham.


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