New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 38
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petitioner prevailed, and the lives of the
unarmed inhabitants were accordingly-
saved. Whether^ this ^matter were a
dream, or whether some patriotic fe-
male, by personating the ghost, imposed
upoir the Earl/ must be left to conjec-
ture. Bradford gave birth to Dr. John
Sharp, who died Archbishop of York,
1713; he published seven volumes of
sermons, but perhaps he is better recol-
lected by his insinuation to Queen Anne,
when about to raise Dr. Swift to the
prelacy, “ that her Majesty ought to be
sure that the man whom she proposed
to make a bishop, was a Christian.” This
parish is very extensive, being 15 miles
in length, and, at an average, four in
breadth ; to the west dreary and deso-
late, but about Bradford the country
is extremely pleasant, open, and pic-
turesque, adorned with many elegant
houses, amongst which may be enu-
merated Crow Trees, the seat of Joshua
Pollard, Esq.; Eastbrook House, the
seat of Charles Harris, Esq.; Miry-
shaw, an ancient mansion, long the re-
sidence of the Smyth family, but now
occupied as a farm-house; Scar Hill,
the seat of William Pollard, Esq.; Town
Hill, the seat of F. Duffield, Esq.; and
Undercliff Hall, the seat of J. Hustler,
Esq. The townships in the parish of
Bradford are numerous, Allerton, Bowl-
ing, Clayton, Eccleshill, Haworth, Hea-
ton, Horton,,Manningham, North Bier-
ley, Shipley, Thornton, and Wilsden.
Entire population, 52,949.

Bradford, West, W. R. (4) a
township in the parish of 'Mitton, wa-
pentake of Staincliffe, 7 miles W. from
Gisburn ; inhabitants, 564.

Bradgate, W. R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Kimberworth, parish of
Rotherham, wapentake of Strafforth and
Tickhill, 2 miles W. from Rotherham.

Bradholme, W. R. (8) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Thorne,
wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill,
If mile S. from Thorne.

Bradley, W.R. (7) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Hudders-
field, wapentake of Agbrigg,
3 miles
N. from Huddersfield.

Bradley, N.R. (1) ahamletinthe
township of Carlton High Dale, parish
of Coverdale, wrapentake of Hang West,
9 miles S. W. from Middleham.

Bradley Hall, W. R. (7) a ham-
let in the township of Stainland, parish
of Halifax, wapentake of Morley,

miles S. from Halifax. Here are the
remains of an ancient mansion, once a
seat of the Savile family, but now occu-
pied as a farm-house ; it gave birth to
Sir Henry Savile, in
1549, a man of
great learning himself, and the muni-
ficent patron of it in others; he founded
two professorships in Oxford, one of
astronomy, the other of geometry".

Bradley, Upper and Lower, W.
R. (4) a township in the parish of Kild-
wick, wapentake of Staincliffe, 3§ miles
S. from Skipton ; inhabitants,

Bradley Mills, W.R. (7). See

Bradshaw, W.R. (8) a hamlet in
the township of Langs ett, parish of
Penistone, wapentake of Staincross,
miles S. W. from Penistone.

Brafferton, N. R. (5) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Bui-
4 miles N.E. from Boroughbridge;
178 ; a vicarage, value 9/.
6d.; patron, the King. The name
appears originally to have been Broad-
ford-town-; it occupies one side of a
street, of which the other forms the vil-
lage of Helperby. The parish contains
the townships of Helperby and Thorn-
ton Bridge. Entire population,

Braffords, E. R. (6) a hamlet in
the township of Swanland, parish of
North Ferriby, wapentake of Hullshire,
7§ miles W. from Hull. This hamlet
is a small portion of Hullshire, insu-
lated in Hunsley Beacon division of
Hart Hill. Braffords Hall is the seat
of Robert Osborne, Esq.

Braham, orBRAiM Hall, W.R.
(5) a hamlet in the township and parish


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