New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 139
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Kilnwick on the Wolds, E, R,

(6) a parish and township in the divi-
sion of Bainton Beacon, 7 miles S. from
Great Driffield; inhabitants, 230; a
perpetual curacy; patron, Charles
Grimston, Esq. who has a seat here.
The parish contains the township of
Beswick, Bracken and part of Lock-
ington. Entire population, 576.

Kilpin, E. R. (8) a township in the
parish of Howden, wapentake of How-
denshire, 2 miles S. E. from Howden;
inhabitants, 318.

Kilton, N. R. (2) a township in
the parish of Skelton, wapentake of
Langbarugh, 7 miles E. from Guis-
borough; inhabitants, 100. Here are
the remains of a castle formerly belong-
ing to the ancient family of Thwengs.

Kiltonthorpe, N.R. (2) a small
hamlet in the preceding township.

Kilvington, North, N.R. (2) a
township in the parish of Thornton in
the Street, wapentake of Aflertonshire, 2£
miles N. from Thirsk; inhabitants, 68. \

Kilvington, South, N.R. (2) a
parish and township in the wapentake
of Birdforth, 1 mile N. from Thirsk ;
inhabitants, 260; a rectory, value
17/. 10s. 10c?.; patron, Sidney College,
Cambridge. The parish contains the
townships of Thornborough and Upsal.
Entire population, 405.

Kimberworth, W. R. (8) a town-
ship in the parish of Rotherham, wa-
pentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, 2
miles W. from Rotherham; inhabi-
tants, 3,797. In this town, are Clough
House, the seat of H. J. Hirst, Esq.;
Ferham,the seat of Henry Hartop,Esq.;
and Thundercliffe Grange, the seat of
Lord Howard of Effingham. The latter
stands on the site of a Grange which be-
longed to the Cistercian abbey of Kirk-
stead, in Lincolnshire; the present hand-
some edifice was erected in 1777.

King Cross, W.R. (7) a hamlet
in the township of Skircoat, parish of
Halifax, wapentake of Morley, 1 mile
S.W. from Halifax. Here, on the top of
a hill, are the remains of an ancient
cross which gives name to the village.

Kingsfield, E. R. (6) a small ham-
let in the township of Fraisthorpe, pa-
rish of Carnaby, wapentake of Dicker-
4 miles S. from Bridlington.

Kingthorpe, N.R. (5) a town-
ship in the parish of Pickering, wapen-
take of Pickering Lythe, 3 miles N. E.
from Pickering; inhabitants, 52. King-
thorpe Hall is the seat of John Fother-
giil, Esq.

Kinsley, W.R. (8) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Hemsworth,
wapentake of Staincross, 7 miles S.
from Pontefract.

Kiplin, N. R. (2) a township in the
parish of Catterick,
wapentake of Gil-
ling East, 3 miles S.W. from Catterick;
inhabitants, 100. Kiplin Hall is the
seat of the Earl of Tyrconnel: in this
place was born, 1582, George Calvert,
the first lord Baltimore, who having
obtained a grant of land in America,
has given his name to the capital of
Maryland, and has thus obtained a
lasting memorial.

Kipling Cotes Houses, E. R. (6)
a small hamlet in the township and pa-
rish of Middleton, division of Bainton
Beacon, 5 miles N. from Market Weigh-
tpn. Horse races, on the third Thursday
in March, have been established here
since the year 1618.

Kippax, W. R. (5) a parish and
township in the wapentake of Skyrack,
8 miles E. from Leeds; inhabitants,
958; a vicarage, value
51.7s. Id; pa-
tron, the King. The name of this
is a corruption, it is said, of Keep Ash,
a remarkable tree of that species having
stood near a Saxon mount or keep.
Kippax Park is the seat of J. Davison
Bland, Esq.; the mansion was begun
in the reign of Elizabeth, a part only,
however, of the ancient front re-
mains. The parish contains the town-
ships of Allerton By water and Great and
Little Preston. Entire population, 1765.

Kirk Bramwith, W.R. (8) a pa-


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