New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 142
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of Mrs. Rowe's Letters from the Dead
to the Living, is evidently a pious
fraud : his body was embalmed, and
brought for interment to the family
vault at Westminster Abbey; the in-
testines only were deposited in Kirkby
Moorside church-yard, which gave oc-
casion to that notable specimen of
northern orthography in the parish re-
gister, “ buried in the yeare of our
lord, 1687, Apriel ye 17, Gorges vilaus
Lord dooke of Bookingam.” The ma-
nor of Kirkby Moor formerly belonged
to the Neviles, and was forfeited to the
crown by the rebellion of the Earl of
Westmoreland, in the reign of Queen
Elizabeth ; it was given by James I. to
his favourite, the Duke of Buckingham,
stabbed afterwards by Felton, as a gar-
den to his mansion at Helmsley, which
he possessed by his marriage with the
heiress of the Earl of Rutland : these
extensive estates were purchased by Sir
Chas.Duncombe, from thetrustees of his
son, the second duke, “ notone, but all
mankind’s epitome,” whose melancholy
perversion of every human blessing,
rank, wealth, strength, wit, and beauty,
will long be remembered, with its attend-
ant misery, as one of the greatest moral
examples ever read to the human race.
The parish of Kirkby Moorside is very
extensive, and runs far north into the
moors; it contains the townships of
Bransdale East Side, Fadmoor, Farn-
dale Low Quarter, and Gillamoor. En-
tire population, 2903.

Kirkby Overblow, W. R. (5) a
parish and township in the wapentake
of Claro,
5 miles W. from Wetherby;
370; a rectory, value 20/.
Is. Ofc?.; patron, the Earl of Egremont.
The original name of this place is said
to have been Kirkby Ore Blowers, from
its vicinity to an iron forge. The pa-
rish contains the townships of Kirkby
with Netherby, Rigton, Sickling Hall,
Stainburn, and Swinden, Entire po-
pulation, 1646.

Kirkby Ravensworth, or Kirk-
by Hill,
N.R. (1) a parish and town-
ship in the wapentake of Gilling West,
4§ miles N. W. from Richmond; in-
habitants, 161 ; a perpetual curacy;
patron, the Bishop of Chester. This
village is situated upon a hill, and the
houses form a square; the church is as
ancient as the year 1397, and near it
are the hospital for 24 poor aged per-
sons of both sexes, and the grammar
school, both founded by Dr. Dakyn,
in the reign of Henry VIII. The pa-
rish contains the townships of Dalton,
Gayles, New Forest, part of Newsham,
Ravensworth, and Whashton. Entire
population, 1685.

Kirkby, South, W. R. (8) a pa-
rish and township in the wapentake of
Osgoldcross, 8 miles S. from Ponte-
fract ; inhabitants, 633 ; a vicarage,
value 15/. 10s. 2§c/.; patron, the Rev.
George Allott. In this township are
Kirkby Hall, the seat of Charles Gled-
hill, Esq.; and Hague Hall, the seat of
Robert Allott, Esq. The parish con-
tains the townships of North and South
Elmsall, and Skelbrooke. Entire po-
pulation, 1314.

Kirkby Underdale, E. R. (5) a
parish and township in the wapentake
of Buckrose, 7 miles N. from Pock-
lington ; inhabitants, 335 ; a rectory,
6l. 3s. 4c/.; patron, the King. In
this township is Painsthorpe, the seat
of Robert Machell, Esq.

Kirkby Wharfe, W. R. (8) a pa-
rish and township in the wapentake of
Barkston Ash, 2 miles S. E. from Tad-
caster ; inhabitants, 86; a vicarage,
value 3
1. 16s. Sd.; patron, the Preben-
dary of Wetwang, in York Cathedral.
It contains the township of Grimstone.
Entire population, 148.

Kirkby Wiske, N. R. (2) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Gil-
ling West, 4 miles N. W. from Thirsk;
inhabitants, 197 ; a rectory, value 27/.
16s. 5£c/.; patron, the Duke of North-
umberland. In this township is Sion
Hill, the seat of Joshua Crompton, Esq.;


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