New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 203
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Ridgemont, E. R. (9) & hamlet in
the township of Burstwick, parish of
Burton Pidsea, wapentake of Holder-
ness, 4 miles E. from Hedon.

Rievaulx, N. R. (2) a township in
the parish of Helmsley, wapentake of
Rydale, 2 miles W. from Helmsley;
inhabitants, 212. The'village of Rie-
vaulx consists only of a few scattered
cottages, but the township contains the
splendid mansion of Duncombe Park,
the seat of Lord Feversham, and the
venerable ruins of Rievaulx Abbey,
which was founded in 1131, by Walter
d’Espec, for monks of the Cistercian
order; the only son of this nobleman
being killed by a fall from his horse,
the afflicted parent sought consolation
in devoting his large possessions to
pious uses. This beautiful ruin is
situated in a narrow valley, through
which runs the river Rye, and is
crowned with over-hanging woods;
the principal remains consist of the
choir of the church, and part of its two
side aisles, the transept, and the com-
mencement of the tower, and they shew
the abbey to have been of great ex-
tent ; the chief parts of the building
are in the early pointed style, with lan-
cet windows, and they afford one of
the finest existing subjects in the king-
dom, for the pencil and the graver :
at a little distance from the abbey,
steep and winding path leads to a ter-
race erected by Thomas Duncombe,
Esq. which overlooks the ruins, and
commands the most beautiful and di-
versified prospects ; it is nearly half a
mile in length, backed by a thick plan-
tation of trees ; at each end is a small
temple or pavilion, one of them orna-
mented in compartments, by the pencil
of Burnice, an Italian artist. At the
dissolution of the monasteries, Rie-
vaulx was granted to Thomas Earl of
Rutland : it came into possession of
George Villiers, first Duke of Buck-
ingham, by his marriage with the
heiress of the Rutland family; the
trustees of his dissipated son, sold it in
1695 to Sir Charles Duncombe, the an-
cestor of its present noble proprietor.
The mansion of Duncombe Park, was
built after a design of Sir John Van-
burgh, in 1718, and possesses, with
little of the heaviness of that architect’s
style, an air of great magnificence.
The grand hall contains, among other
statuary, the Dog of Alcibiades, said to
be the work of Myron, and an exquisite
Discobolus ; the collection of paintings
is very extensive and excellent: the
builder of this noble residence, Thomas
Duncombe, Esq. seems to have been
particularly fond of terraces, as near
the house is one of the grandest in the
kingdom, terminated by two circular
temples, and commanding
a prospect
of towns and villages, wood and water,
which the eye is never satiated with

Rigge, and Rigge Cote, W.R.

(5) two hamlets in the township of
Armley, parish of Leeds, wapentake of
Morley, 3 miles N. W. from Leeds.
This small village takes its name from
its situation on the ridge of a hill.

Rigton, W. R. (5) a township in
the parish of Kirkby Overblow, wapen-
take of Claro/ 6 miles N. E. from Ot-
ley ; inhabitants, 429. Near this place,
a high hill, is a group of rocks,
which appears like
a stupendous fabric
falling into ruins.

Rigton, W. R. (5) a township with
Bardsey, parish of Bardsey, wapentake
of Skyrack, 4 miles S. from Wetherby;
inhabitants, 356.

Rillington, E. R. (6) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Buck-
rose, 8 miles N, W. from Sledmere ;
inhabitants, 683 ;
a viearage, value
Sl. 14s. 9id; patron, the King. This
village is situated on the bank of the
Derwent, which is navigable from
hence to the Humber. The parish con-
tains the township of Scampstone; en-
tire population, 883.

Rillington Moors, E.R. (6) a


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