New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 227
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the profit of these inventions, but the
honour of the discovery belongs to
Sheffield, and the town still maintains
a superiority, both in the elegance and
durability of its productions : the in-
troduction of this new branch of trade
gave to Sheffield a share in the manu-
facture of silver plate, and an assay
office was soon after established. A
more humble imitation of plate, in a
superior sort of pewter, called Britan-
nia metal, has commanded an extensive
sale, both at home and abroad. In the
town are several founderies of different
metals, and various works on the banks
of the rivers, for slitting and preparing
iron and steel, for the use of the manu-
facturers : here is a carpet manufac-
ture, and another for the weaving of
hair seatings. The woollen, cotton,
and silk branches have been tried, but
have obtained only a sickly existence.
In the year 1750 the Don was made
navigable to Tinsley, within three miles
of the town, but it was not till 1819
that the Sheffield canal, from Tinsley
to the Castle Orchard, was opened.
Sheffield has always been backward
in adopting ideas of general improve-
ment; and though possessing many
superior advantages of situation, can-
not strictly be considered as an opu-
lent place, few of the manfacturers
possessing those great accumulations
which would now be thought to con-
stitute a large fortune. The soil of the
vicinity is generally deep clay, and is
rich in mineral productions : the air of
Sheffield is naturally pure and salubri-
ous, but the nature of some species of
its manufacture, has caused a strong
tendency to pulmonary disorders, which
is somewhat counteracted by a portion
of the workmen being dispersed in the
neighbouring villages, like the clothiers
about Leeds. Sheffield has produced
scarcely any eminent person; Doctor
Balguy, a learned disputant in the Ban-
gorian controversy, was born here;
his sermons are distinguished by good
sense, which is, “ though no science,
fairly worth the seven;” he died in
1748. Sheffield may be considered as
the capital of a district, known by the
name of Hallamshire, (which see).
Park Grange, 1§ mile from the town,
is the seat of Samuel Roberts, Esq.
The parish is extensive, and contains
the townships of Attercliffe with Dar-
nal, Brightside Bierlow, Ecclesall Bier-
low, Hallam Nether, and Hallam Up-
per. Entire population,

Sheffield, Little, W. R. (8) a
hamlet, now incorporated with Sheffield.

Shelfe, W. R. (7) a township in
the parish of Halifax, wapentake of
Morley, 3£ miles N. E. from Halifax ;
inhabitants, 1998.

Shelley, W. R. (8) a township in
the parish of Kirk Burton, wapentake
of Agbrigg, 7 miles N. W. from Peni-
stone ; inhabitants, 1329.

Shepherd’s Hill, N. R. (2) a
hamlet in the township and parish of
Whorlton, wapentake of Langbarugh,
7 miles S. W. from Stokesley.

Shepley, W. R. (7) a township in
the parish of Kirkburton, wapentake of
Agbrigg, 7 miles S. E. from Hudders-
field ; inhabitants, 1000.

Shepley, Nether, W. R. (7) a
hamlet in the preceding township.

Sherburn, W. R. (5) a parish,
township, and market town, in the wa-
pentake of Barkston Ash, 7 miles S.
from Tadcaster,
15 S. S.W. from York,
183 from London ; inhabitants, 1144 ;
a vicarage, value 10/. 17.?.
\d.; patron,
the Prebendary of Fenton, in York
Cathedral; market, Friday; fair, Sep-
25. In this place are a gram-
mar school and hospital, founded by
Robert Hungate, Esq. 1619, possess-
ing four exhibitions to St. John’s Col-
lege, Oxford; the school is one of the
eight in Yorkshire, which is entitled to
send candidates for lady Elizabeth Hast-
ings’ exhibition to Queen’s College, at
Oxford. Sherburn is a place of great
antiquity; here king Athelstan had a


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