New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 263
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wapentake of Barkston Ash, 2 miles
W. from Selby; inhabitants, 144.

ThreaplanD, W. R. (4) a hamlet
in the township of Cracow, parish of
Burnsall, wapentake of Staincliffe,
miles N. from Skipton.

Threshfield, W. R. (4) a town-
ship in the parish of Linton, wapentake
of Staincliffe,
6 miles S. from Kettle-
well; inhabitants,
257. Netherside in
this township is the seat of Alexander
Nowell, Esq. Here is a grammar
school, founded in
1674, by the Rev.
Matthew Hewitt.

Thribergh, W. R. (8) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Straf-
forth and Tickhill, 3 miles N. E. from
Rotherham; inhabitants, 315 ; a rec-
tory, value 12/. 11-s. 5^r/.; patron, John
Fullerton, Esq. Thribergh Park is the
seat of John Fullerton, Esq.

Thrintoft, N. R. (2) a township
in the parish of Ainderby Steeple, wa-
pentake of Gilling East, 2 miles W.
from Northallerton ; inhabitants, 165.

Throapham, W.R. (8) a town-
ship" in the parish of Laughton en le
Morthen, wapentake of Strafforth and
6 miles S. from Tickhill; in-
habitants, 50.

Throxenby, N. R. (3) a township
in the parish of Scalby, wapentake of
Pickering Lythe, 2 miles W. from Scar-
borough ; inhabitants,

Thruscross, or Thurcross, W.R.

(4) a township in the parish of Fewston,
wapentake of Claro, 5 miles S. from
Pateley Bridge ; inhabitants, 600; a
chapelry to Fewston. Rockingstone
Hall in this township is a shooting box
belonging to Mr. Nicholson.

Thunderbush, N. R. (2) a hamlet
in the township and parish of Kildale,
wapentake of Langbarugh, 4 miles S. E.
from Guisborough.

Thundercliffe Grange, W. R.
8). See Kimberworth.

Thurcroft, W. R. (8). See
Laughton en le Morthen.

Thurgoland, W.R. (8) a town-
ship in the parish of Silkstone, wapen-
take of Staincross,
4 miles S. E. from
Penistone; inhabitants, 819.

Thurlsoe, N. R. (3) a small ham-
let in the township and parish of Hack-
ness, wapentake of Whitby Strand, 4^
miles W. from Scarborough.

Thurlstone, W.R. (8) a town-
ship in the parish of Penistone, wapen-
takeof Staincross, 1 mile W. fromPenis-
tone ; inhabitants, 1524. In this place
was born, 1682, Nicholas Saunderson:
when only a year old, he was deprived
of his sight by the small-pox; being sent
to the free-school at Penistone, he at-
tained to great proficiency in classical
learning, and afterwards made such
progress in algebra and geometry, that
his friends sent him to Cambridge,
where he delivered lectures on mathe-
matics to crowded audiences; on the
resignation of Whiston, he was ap-
pointed the Lucasian professor: his ele-
ments of algebra, and his treatise on
fluxions, are yet esteemed : he died in
1739. The manners of Saunderson
were rude, and his opinions too free for
the air of a university; but he exhi-
bits the most powerful example which
England has seen of the concentration
and force of intellect in any individual
labouring under so severe a privation
as loss of sight. Dr. Blacklock was a
poet, at least a versifier, and John Met-
calf of Knaresborough exceeded Saun-
derson in the variety of his acquirements,
and his dexterity in out-of-door occupa-
tions, but it was left to the Lucasian pro-
fessor to acquire, in an age of science, a
name second only to Sir Isaac Newton.

Thurnholme, E. R. (6). See

Thurnscoe, W. R. (8). See

Thurston andThurston Clough,
W.R. (7) two hamlets in the town-
ship of Quick, parish of Rochdale, Lan-
cashire, wapentake of Agbrigg, 2 miles
W. from Dobcross.

Thurstonland, W. R, (7) a


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