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A lot of old material was deleted on 9 June 2022 because the GEDCOM files hosted elsewhere were gone from those other websites. More material is gradually being added as I find GEDCOM files.
The website is being consolidated into GENEALOGY.BIO

After downloading a GEDCOM file, we encourage you to visit the home page of the host website. Trim the URL and paste it in the location window of your browser.
Note: For Japan, locality names have not been validated. Check possible variants. -END-

To add your data: Simply send the URL of your GEDCOM file to webmaster at
6 Akita
1 Atsugi
3 Fukuoka
1 Hiroshima
1 Irumagawa
1 Iwakuni
3 Kobe
1 Manchuria
3 Nagasaki
1 Nageya
21 Okinawa
8 Osaka
3 Sasebo
1 Sendai
1 Tachikawa
31 Tokyo
1 Tokyo Bay
1 Tsuruoka
1 U.S. Air Force Base
8 Yokohama
2 Yokosuka
4 Yokota
4 Yokota AFB
1 Yolcosuka
1 Yurigaoka
1 Zama
115 Total

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