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A lot of old material was deleted on 9 June 2022 because the GEDCOM files hosted elsewhere were gone from those other websites. More material is gradually being added as I find GEDCOM files.
The website is being consolidated into GENEALOGY.BIO NOTE: After downloading a GEDCOM file, we encourage you to visit the home page of the host website. Trim the URL and paste it in the location window of your browser.
9 Baja California
244 Chihuahua
20 Coahuila de Zaragoza
94 Distrito Federal
10 Guanajuato
26 Jalisco
2 México
8 Michoacán de Ocampo
35 Nuevo León
2 Puebla
1 Sinaloa
48 Sonora
132 Tamaulipas
2 Tlaxcala
1 Yucatán
53 Zacatecas

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