Merlen Duane Borgialli
— and —
Connie Lynn Burks

20 June 1987

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First name: Merlen First name: Connie
Middle name: Duane Middle name: Lynn
Last name: Borgialli Last name: Burks
Age: 26 Age: 24
Address: 921 Driftwood Drive Address: 1900 Knox Street, #16
Within city limits: Yes Within city limits: Yes
City: Lincoln City: Lincoln
State: NE State: NE
ZIP Code: 68510 ZIP Code: 68521
County: Lancaster County: Lancaster
Occupation: Teacher Occupation: Teacher
Birthplace: Birthplace: Newton, Kansas
Birth date: 05 April 1961 Birth date: 20 May 1963
Father: Orval M. Borgialli Father: Harold D. Burks
Father’s birth place: Wyoming Father’s birth place: Missouri
Mother: Carol I. Burg Mother: Donna J. Roberts
Mother’s birth place: South Dakota Mother’s birth place: Oklahoma
Number of marriage: First Number of marriage: First
Completed high school: 12 Completed high school: 12
College: 4 College: 4
Marriage ended why: Marriage ended why:
Marriage end date: Marriage end date:
Race: White Race: White
Fee: Y
Staff: SS
Marriage date: 20 June 1987
License ID: 846