Charles J. Keppard
— and —
Malinda S. Rech Fuehrer

08 August 1989

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First name: Charles First name: Malinda
Middle name: J. Middle name: S.
Last name: Keppard Last name: Fuehrer
Age: 45 Age: 24
Address: 10911 Western Plaza Address: 10911 Western Plaza
Within city limits: Yes Within city limits: Yes
City: Omaha City: Omaha
State: NE State: NE
ZIP Code: 68154 ZIP Code: 68154
County: Douglas County: Douglas
Occupation: Carpenter Occupation: Manager
Birthplace: Camden, New Jersey Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska
Birth date: 07 July 1944 Birth date: 08 September 1964
Father: Charles J. Keppard, Sr. Father: Donald F. Rech
Father’s birth place: New Jersey Father’s birth place: David City, Nebraska
Mother: Amanda F. Jacobs Mother: Paula J. Berg
Mother’s birth place: Pennsulkun, New Jersey Mother’s birth place: Dubuque, Iowa
Number of marriage: Third Number of marriage: Second
Completed high school: 12 Completed high school: 12
College: College:
Marriage ended why: Dissolution Marriage ended why: Dissolution
Marriage end date: 28 021983 Marriage end date: 01 121987
Race: White Race: White
Fee: Y
Staff: SS
Marriage date: 08 August 1989
License ID: 1268