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Addington, Great and Little, 2 pars, and seat,
N. Northamptonsh., on r. Nen, 4½ m. SW. of Thrapston
—G. A., 1230 ac., pop. 316; L. A., 1170 ac., pop. 340.

Addington Park, seat of the Archbishop of Canter-
bury, E. Surrey, 3 miles SE. of Croydon.

Addlseomhe, suburb of Croydon, Surrey.

Addison Hoad, ry. sta. on West London By., Ken-
sington, London.

Addlcstone, eccl. dist. (St Paul), and vil. with ry.
sta., W. Surrey, 2 miles SE. of Chertsey, 1953 ac., pop.
3683; P.O., T.O.

Addlestrop, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Adlestrop),
E. Gloucestershire, on river Evenlode, 3½ miles NE. of
Stow-on-the-Wold, 1285 ac., pop. 165. Addlestrop
House is the seat of Lord Leigh.

Addlethorpe, coast par., mid. Lincolnshire, 7½
miles SE. of Alford, 2006 ac., pop. 243.

Adel, par. and township (A.-cum-Eccup), E. div.
West-Biding Yorkshire, 6 miles NW. of Leeds—par.,
7156 ac., pop. 1639; township, 4890 ac. (60 water),
pop. 1190 ; has a fine Norman church.

Aden House, seat, Aberdeensh., near Mintlaw ry. sta.

Adforton (with Stanway, Paytoe, and Grange),
township, Leintwardine par., Herefordshire, 2 miles
NW. of Wigmore, 3603 ac., pop. 204.

Adgarley, place, Urswick par., N. Lancashire, 4
miles SW. of Ulverstone.

Adgeton, hamlet, Bradingpar., Isle of Wight, Hants.

Adie, eminence, Bathven par., Banffshire, alt. 893ft.

Adigo, loch, Uig par., Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

Adisham, par. and vil. with ry. sta., E. Kent, 6
miles SE. of Canterbury, 1853 ac., pop. 449.

Adlinglleet, par. and township, E. div. West-Biding
Yorkshire, 5¼ miles E. of Goole—par., 5616 ac., pop.
452; township, 1848 ac. (74 water), pop. 195; P.O.

Adlington.—-township, ry. sta., and seat, Prestbury
par., E. Chesh., on river Bollin, 5 miles N. of Maccles-
field, 3899 ac. (38 water), pop. 858.—2. Adlington,
township with ry. sta., eccl. dist. (Christchurch), and
seat, N. Lancashire, 3¼ miles SE. of Chorley, 1064 ac.,
pop. 3258; eccl. dist., pop. 4814; P.O.

Admarsli, place with church and school, N. Lanca-
shire, 6 miles E. of Garstang.

Admaston.—hamlet, Blithfield par., W. Stafford-
shire, 4 miles N. of Bugeley; P.O.—2. Admaston,
hamlet with ry. sta., Wrockwardine par., N. Shrop-
shire, 1½ mile NW. of Wellington; P.O.

Admergill, hamlet, in Brogden township, N. div.
West-Biding Yorkshire, 9 miles W. of Skipton.

Admington, hamlet and seat, Quinton par., E.
Gloucestershire, 6 miles NE. of Chipping Campden,
pop. 149.

Admiston, also called Athelhahpstone : which see.

Adney, township, Edgmond par., N. Shropshire, near
river Strine, 3¼ miles SW. of Newport Salop.

Adnith, or Athnid, par., mid. co. Tipperary, 3 miles
NE. of Thurles, 854 ac., pop. 71.

Adpar, ancient town, Llandyfriog par., Cardigan-
shire, and Kenarthpar., Carmarthenshire, on river Teifi,
opposite Newcastle Emlyn, of which it is practically a
part, pop. 1435. Adpar formed one of the Cardigan
District of Parliamentary Boroughs, which returned 1
member to Parliament until 1885.

Adragoole. See Addergoole.

Adrian’s (or Hadrian’s) Wall, a celebrated defensive
Boman work, which extended from the Solway Firth
to the Tyne at Newcastle, a distance of 60 miles ; traces
of it still remain.

Adstock, par., in co. and 3 miles SE. of Buckingham
and 3 miles NW. of Winslow, 1166 ac., pop. 352; P.O.

Adston, place, Wentnorpar., S. Shropshire, 4½ miles
W. of Church Stretton.

Adstone, hamlet, Ashby-Canons par., S. Northamp-
tonshire, 6½ miles NW. of Towcester.

Adur, river, W. Sussex; rising in vicinity of Horsham,
it flows 20 miles S. to the English Channel at Shoreham,
and is navigable to Binesbridge.

Advent, par., E. Cornwall, on river Camel, 2 miles
S. of Camelford, 4059 ac., pop. 223.

Adversanc, place, W. Sussex, 2 miles S. of Bil-
linghurst ry. sta.

Ad vie, ry. sta. and barony, Cromdale par., S. Elgin-
shire, on river Spey, 8 m. NE. of Grantown ; P.O., T.o.

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