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Aghadown, coast par., SW. co. Cork, 4 miles SW.
of Skibbereen, 8952 ac., pop. 2522; P.O. It includes
East Calf, Hare, and other islands.

Aghagallon, or Aughagallcn, par. and ham., S. co.
Antrim, 3 miles NE. of Lurgan ry. sta., 5571 ac., pop.
2474; P.O.

Aghagour, or Ayle, par. and vil., SW. co. Mayo, 4
miles SE. of Westport, 55,046 ac., pop. 4314; P.O.

Agkalce, par. and vil., S. co. Antrim, 3 miles from
Moira ry. sta., 2506 ac., pop. 1022; vil., pop. 105; P.O.

Aglialoo, or Aughloe, par., S. co. Tyrone, contain-
ing Caledon town, 19,523 ac., pop. 4460.

Aglialnrcher, par., containingMaguire’sBridgetown,
cos. Tyrone and Fermanagh, 45,022 ac., pop. 9191.

Aghamorc.—par., E. co. Mayo, 4 miles N. of Bally -
haunis, 22,510 ac., pop. 7128; P.O.—2. Aghamore,
or Abbcy-Ssle, fishing sta., Kilcrohane par., co. Kerry.

Aghanagh, par., SE. co. Sligo, 5 miles NW. of
Boyle, 4747 ac., pop. 1449.

Aghancon, par. and ham., King’s co., 4 miles N. of
Roscrea ry. sta., 5543 ac., pop. 462; P.O.

Aghanloo, par., N. co. Londonderry, 2½ miles N. of
Newtown-Limavady, 8251 ac., pop. 1033; P.O.

AghnnurisMn, par., mid. co. Donegal, 3 miles N. of
Letterkenny, at head of Lough Swilly, 3847 ac. pop. 674.

Agharra, par., S. co. Longford, 5 miles NE. of Bally -
mahon, 2595 ac., pop. 291.

Aghavalien, par., N. co. Kerry, 5 miles WSW. of
Tarbert, 16,743 ac., pop. 4231; it contains the ruin
of a castle of the O’Connors.

Aghavannah, place with barracks, co. Wicklow, 6
miles NW. of Aughrim ry. sta.

Aghavas, place, co. Leitrim, 3 miles SW. of Carri-
gallen; P.O.

Aghavea, par., round Brooksborough, mid. co. Fer-
managh, 17,157 ac., pop. 3415.

Aghaviller, par., S. co. Kilkenny, 3½ miles SW. of
Knocktopher, 5670 ac., pop. 778 ; contains the ruins of
a castle, an abbey, and a round tower.

Aghavoe. See Aghaboe.

Aghavoory, place with school, Aghalurcher par., co.

Aghenish, peninsula and island in the river Shannon,
N. co. Limerick, 19 miles below Limerick city.

Aghcr, par., S. co. Meath, 2½ miles SSW. of Summer-
hill, 2061 ac., pop. 266 ; P.O.

Aglicrn, par., E. co. Cork, 5 miles E. of Rathcor-
mack, 3489 ac., pop. 486.

Aglierton, or Ballyaghran, par., NE. co. London-
derry, 3 miles NW. of Coleraine, 3893 ac., pop. 1608.

Aghery, lake, mid. co. Down, 5 miles E. of Dromore.

Aghiart, par., now in Ballynakill par.: which see.

Aghinagh, par., co. Cork, 1 mile SE. of Macroom,
9420 ac., pop. 1414; P.O.

Aghinish, island, Kinawley par., co. Fermanagh,
24 ac., pop. 7.

Aghleam, place with school, Kilmorepar., co. Mayo.

Aghmacart, par., S. Queen’s co., 3 miles SW. of
Castle-Durrow, 9600 ac., pop. 1567.

Aghnahoo.—place with school, Templecarne par.,
co. Donegal.—2. Aghnahoo, place with agricultural
school, Termonamongan par., co. Tyrone.

Aghnameadlc, par., containing Toomavara vil. with
P.O., N. co. Tipperary, 10,322 ac., pop. 1679.

Aghnamullen, par., S. co. Monaghan, 3 miles S.
of Ballybay, 30,701 ac., pop. 9697; P.O. There are
traces of lead ore. •

Aghnanure Castle, ruins, in co. and 14 miles NW.
of Galway.

Aghory, seat, co. Armagh, 6 m. S. of Portadown; P.O.

Agliourc, or Freshford, par., containing Freshford
town, N. co. Kilkenny, 2171 ac., pop. 1052.

Aghowle, par. and vil., SW. co. Wicklow, 4 miles
NW. of Shillelagh sta. and 5 miles SE.of Tullow, 8139
ac., pop. 1218.

Aghris, prom., in co. and 14 miles W. of Sligo.

Aghyaran, place, co. Tyrone, 7 miles SW. of Castle-
derg; P.O.

Agivey, par., NE. co. Londonderry, 7 miles SE. of
Coleraine, 1670 ac., pop. 580. The river A. is an
affluent of the Bann, 12 miles long.

Aglionby, township, Warwick par., E. Cumberland,
3 miles E. of Carlisle.

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