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haven, and Dr Arbuthnot (1675-1734), physician to
Queen Anne, was born in the district.

Arcan, hamlet, E. Ross-shire, 6½ miles from Beauly.

Arcany, or Erkenny, affl. of river Nore, SW. Queen’s
co., near Durrow, dist. of Upper Ossory, 10 miles long.

Arch, remarkable cavern, NW. co. Mayo, on the
coast near Portacloy.

Archasig Haven, small harb., on W. side of Rona
island, Portree par., Inverness-sh.; an excellent refuge.

Archhishop’s Palace, precinct, Blean par., E. Kent,

2 miles NW. of Canterbury, 4 ac., pop. 178.

Arehdeacon Newton, township, Darlington par., N.

Durhamsh., 3 m. NW. of Darlington, 1063 ac., pop. 54.

Archerbreck, stream and coalfield, Canonbie par.,
Dumfriesshire; the stream flows to the river Liddel.

Archeriield, seat, Dirleton par., Haddingtonshire,

3 miles SW. of North Berwick.

Archer Lodge, Hants, 2¼ miles NE. of Basingstoke.

Archerstown, seat and place, NE. co. Westmeath,
8 miles E. of Castlepollard ; P.O.

Arch Hall, co. Meath, 5 miles NW. of Navan.

Archiestown, vil., Knockando par., SE. Elginshire,
6 miles SW. of Rothes, pop. 375 ; P.O.

Arcledon, hamlet, Plumbland par., W. Cumberland,
5 miles NE. of Maryport; coal mines in the vicinity.

Arclid, township, in par. and 2 miles NE. of Sand-
bach, mid. Cheshire, 552 ac., pop. 325; contains the
Congleton workhouse.

Arcot House, SE. Northumberland, 6 miles N. of
N ewcastle-on-Tyne.

Ard, lake (2½ by 1 m.), Aberfoyle par., SW. Perthsh.

Ard,1 place with school, Moyrus par., W. co. Galway.

Ardagh.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., W. co. Lime-
rick, 3 miles N. of Newcastle—par., 9030 ac., pop. 1809;
vil., pop. 304; P.O.—2. Ardagh, par., E. co. Cork,
5½ miles NNW. of Youghal, 7880 ac., pop. 978 —3.
Ardagh, par., N. co. Mayo, 3 miles WSW. of Ballina,
5494 ac., pop. 1080.—4. Ardagh, par., N. co. Meath,

4 miles NE. of Nobber, 3668 ac., pop. 990.—5. Ardagh,
bar., mid. co. Longford, 40,223 ac., pop. 11,477.—6.
Ardagh, par., vil., and seat, SE. co. Longford, 5 miles
SSW. of Edgeworthstown ry. sta., 11,416 ac., pop.
2105; P.O.—7. Ardagh, dist. with seat, NE. co. Gal-
way, 3 miles SSW. of Ballymoe.

Ardalanisli, headland, in SW. of Mull, Argyllshire.

Ardali, hamlet, Ulva par., Argyllshire.

Ardallie, quoad sacra par., E. Aberdeenshire, con-
sisting of parts of pars, of Cruden, Ellon, Longside,
and Old Deer, pop. 1258 ; post-town, Mintlaw.

Ardamine, par. and seat, NE. co. Wexford, 4| miles
SE. of Gorey ry. sta., 4214 ac., pop. 1179.

Ardandridge. See Ardcandrisk.

Ardara, vil., in co. and 18 miles NW. of Donegal,
pop. 552; P.O., T.O. Market-day,

Ardaragh, SW. co. Down, 5 m. NE. of Newry; P.O.

Ardargie, estate with mansion, Forgandenny par.,
in SE. of co. and 6 miles SW. of Perth, on river May.
Within the grounds is a small but well-defined Roman
camp—an exact square of about 270 ft. on each side,
with trenches 30 ft. wide and 14 ft. deep.

Ardattin, place, co. Carlow, 4 m. from Tullow; P.O.

Ardavasar, or Ardvarsar, hamlet, Skye, Inverness-
shire, 12 miles S. of Broadford; P.O.

Ardhear, sea-inlet, bar. Ballynahinch, NW. co. Gal-
way, extending about 14 miles W. from Clifden.

Ardheg, headland, on N. side of Rothesay Bay, E. of
Isle of Bute, Firth of Clyde.

Ardbraccan, par. and vil., mid. co. Meath, 3 miles
W. of Navan ry. sta., 6490 ac., pop. 1587.

Ardcandrisk, or Ardandridge, par., in S. of co. and
about 4 miles WNW. of Wexford, 1226 ac., pop. 168.

Ardcanny, par., in co. and 8 miles W. of Limerick,
occupying the peninsula below, the confluence of the
Maig and the Shannon, 3029 ac., pop. 427.

Ardcarn.—co. Meath. See Athcarne.—2. Ardcarn,
par., N. co. Roscommon, 5 miles E. of Boyle, 19,099 ac.,
pop. 4300.

Ardcastle, a locality with small fishing harb., W.
co. Galway, on peninsula of Masa Point, Connemara.

Ardeath, par. and vil., E. co. Meath, 6 miles SW. of
Drogheda, 4380 ac., pop. 552.___


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