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Ashhy-Pnerorum, par., mid. Lincolnshire, 4 miles
NE. of Horncastle, 1620 ac., pop. 147.

Ashhy St Ledgers, par., S. Northamptonshire, 4
miles N. of Daventry, 2050 ac., pop. 261; P.O. In
the vicinity is Ashhy Manor nouse, in a small room
of which the Gunpowder Plot was concocted by Robert
Catesby and his fellow-conspirators.

Ashhy, West, par., mid. Lincolnshire, 2 miles N. of
Horncastle, 1074 ac., pop. 382.

Ashhy-with-Fenhy, par., N. Lincolnshire, 6½ miles
SW. of Great Grimsby, 1675 ac., pop. 264.

Ashhy-with-Oby, par., Plegg registration district,
Norfolk, 11 miles NE. of Norwich, 1408 ac., pop. 107.

Ashehureh, par. with ry. sta., E. Gloucestershire, 2
miles E. of Tewkesbury, 4201 ac., pop. 670.

Asheomhe.—par., E. Devon, 3 m. E. of Chudleigh,
1932 ac., pop. 198; P.O.—2. Asheomhe, hamlet, Wes¬
ton-super-Mare par., E. Somerset, 8½ miles NW. of Ax-
bridge.—3. Asheomhe, estate, S. Wilts, Cranborne
Chase, 5 miles SE. of Shaftesbury.

Asheott, par. with ry. sta., W. Somerset, 5 miles
SW. of Glastonbury, 2272 ac., pop. 718; P.O.

Ashdale, rivulet and romantic glen, in Kilbride par.,
Buteshire, SE. of Arran island, Firth of Clyde. The
river flows 4 miles SE. to Whiting Bay.

Ashdean, seat, Hants, 4 miles NE. of Emsworth sta.

Ashdon, par., civ. par., vil., and seat, NW. Essex,
3½ miles NE. of Saffron Walden—par., 5020 ac., pop.
1030; civ. par., 3779 ac., pop. 830; P.O.

Ashdow, picturesque ravine, in W. of Killearn par.,

Ashdown Forest, an ancient forest, now heathland,
E. Sussex, midway between E. Grinstead and Uckfield,
area 13,991 ac.

Ashdown Park.—the seat of the Earl of Craven, W.
Berks, 3J miles NW. of Lambourn.—2. Ashdown
Park, place, NW. Sussex, 3 miles SE. of E. Grinstead.

Ashe, par. and seat, N. Hants, 5 miles NE. of
Whitchurch, 2127 ac., pop. 198.

Asheldham, par., NE. Essex, 10 miles SE. of Mal-
don, 1738 ac. and 757 water and foreshore, pop. 167.

Ashen, par., NE. Essex, on verge of co., 3J miles
NW. of Yeldham ry. sta., 1514 ac. (6 water), pop. 228.

Ashendon.—hundred, W. Bucks, 64,841 ac., pop.
11,641.—2. Ashendon, par. and seat, W. Bucks, 8
miles W. of Aylesbury, 2128 ac., pop. 237.

Ashenyard, or Ashgrove, lake, Stevenston par.,
Ayrshire, 4 miles NE. of Ardrossan. _

Asheridge, ham., SE. Bucks, 2 m. NW. of Chesham.

Ashes, hamlet, S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 4
miles NW. of Rotherham.

Ashey, extensive ancient manor, with ry. sta., in E.
of Isle of Wight, now including Ashey Common, Ashey
Farm, and Ashey Down, 2½ miles SW. of Ryde.

Ashey, or Ashie, lake (2 m. by½ m.), Dores par., In-
verness-sh.; the source of the water supply of Inverness.

Ashfteld, hamlet with public school, North Knap-
dale par., Argyllshire.

Ashfield.—seat, co. Galway, near Castleblakeny.—

2. Ashfield, quoad sacra par., Killdrumsherdan par.,
co. Cavan, near Cootehill.—3. Ashfield, place, co.
Down, 3 miles SW. of Dromore; P.O.—4. Ashfield,
seat, co. Tyrone; post-town, Clogher.

Ashfield, Great, par., W. Suffolk, 7½ miles NW. of
Stowmarket, 1546 ac., pop. 398; P.O.

Ashfield House, seat of Lord Thurlow, Suffolk;
post-town, Ixworth.

Ashfield with Ruthall, vil., Ditton Priors par., S.
Shropshire, 7½ miles SW. of Much Wenlock.

Ashfield with Thorpe, par., E. Suffolk, 2 miles SE.
of Debenham, 1565 ac., pop. 227.

Ashford.—township, vil., and seat, Bakewell par.,
N. Derbyshire, 2 miles NW. of Bakewell, 2554 ac. (21
water), pop. 675; P.O. A fine variegated marble is
quarried here and manufactured into ornaments.—2.
Ashford, par., N. Devon, on N. side of Taw estuary, 2
miles NW. of Barnstaple, 359 ac., pop. 162; P.O.—3.
Ashford, par. and market town, E. Kent, on the South-
Eastern Ry., on river Stour, 14 miles SW. of Canter¬
bury and 54 miles SE. of London by rail, 2850 ac., pop.
9693; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-days,
Tues. and Sat. The town has mfrs. of damask and linen.
—4. Ashford, par., vil. with ry. sta., and seat, Middle-

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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