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Atchain, par., N. Shropshire, 4 miles SE. of Shrews¬
bury, 3762 ac., pop. 412; P.O. Attingham Hall, the
seat of Lord Berwick, with fine picture gallery and
collection of antiquities, is in the vicinity.

Atch Lench, hamlet, Church Lench par., E. Wor¬
cestershire, 5 miles N. of Evesham.

Athassel1 and Relickmurry, par., S. co. Tipperary,
4 miles W. of Cashel, 12,768 ac., pop. 2033.

Athboy.—par. and market town with ry. sta., W.
co. Meath, on river A., 7 miles NW. of Trim—par.,
11,884 ac., pop. 2492; town, pop. 748; P.O., 1 Bank.
Market - day,
Thursday. — 2. Athboy, rivulet, co.
Meath, running 14 miles to the Boyne at a point 2½
miles above Trim.

Athcarnc, or Ardcarnc Castle, E. co. Meath, 7
miles SW. of Drogheda.

Athea, or Attea, vil., Rathronan par., W. co. Lime¬
rick, 7 miles N. of Abbeyfeale, pop. 335; P.O.

Athelhainpstone, or Admiston, par., S. Dorset, 6
miles NE. of Dorchester, 471 ac., pop. 74.

Athelington, par., E. Suffolk, 5 miles SE. of Eye
and 7m. NW. of Framlingham ry. sta., 487 ac., pop. 118.

Athelney, place, and sta. on Yeovil Ry., W.
Somerset, 5 miles W. of Langport. King Alfred took
refuge here in 879, after his defeat by the Danes, on
what was formerly an island at the confluence of the
Parret and Tone.

Athclstaneford, par. and vil., in co. and 3½ miles
N. of Haddington, 5077 ac., pop. 762; P.O.

Athenry.—bar. and par., mid. co. Galway—bar.,
25,782 ac., pop. 3793; par., 24,950 ac., pop. 3313.—2.
Athenry, market town with ry. sta., in the above par.,
12 miles E. of Galway, pop. 1030 ;
P.O., t.o. Market-
Friday. A very ancient town, with ruins of a
Dominican friary (13th century).

Atherlield, tithing, Shorwell par., on S. coast of
Isle of Wight, 6½ miles SW. of Newport.

Atherington, par. and vil., N. Devon, 1 mile from
Umberleigh ry. sta. and 7 miles SE. of Barnstaple, 3326
ac., pop. 518 ; P.O.

Atherstone.—hamlet, White Lackington par., W.
Somerset, 1 mile NE. of Ilminster.—2. Atherstone,
par. and market town, N. Warwickshire, 8 miles SE.
of Tamworth and 103 miles NW. of London by rail,
4120 ac., pop. 4645; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 2 newspapers.
Tuesday. It has hosiery, ribbon, and hat
mfrs., and. contains the seat of Atherstone llall.
Bosworth Pield lies 8 miles to the NE.

Atherstone-on-Stour, par., S. Warwickshire, 3 miles
SE. of Stratford-on-Avon, 1060 ac., pop. 93.

Atherton, township and town with ry. sta., SW.
Lancashire, 13 miles NW. of Manchester, 2426 ac., pop.
12,602; 1 Bank. It has cotton factories, collieries, and

Athgarvan, place, mid. co. Kildare, 3 miles S. of
Newbridge ry. sta. ; P.O.

Athglasson, vil., Kilskeer par., co. Meath.

Athlaeca, par. and hamlet, co. Limerick, 2½ miles N.
of Bruree ry. sta., 5511 ac., pop. 557; P.O.

Athleague, par. and vil., cos. Galway and Roscom¬
mon, on river ''hick—par., 13,011 ac., pop. 1928; vil.,
pop. 221; P.O. The village is in co. and 6 miles from

Athlone.—bar., co. Roscommon—N. section, 57,863
ac., pop. 9118; S. section, 79j659 ac., pop. 16,648; about
\ of the surface is bog.—2. Athlone, market town, cos.
Roscommon and Westmeath, on the river Shannon, 80
miles W. of Dublin and 48 miles E. of Galway by rail,
1129 ac., pop. 6755; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 2 newspapers.
Tuesday and Saturday. It derives its
importance chiefly from its garrison being the military
headquarters for the west of Ireland, the fort and
depot covering 15 acres. The ancient castle was
besieged and captured by the army of William III. in
1691. There is considerable carrying trade with Dublin
by means of the Grand and Royal canals, and with
Limerick by steamers on the Shannon. There are
linen mfrs., several distilleries, flour-mills, and tan-
yards. Athlone returned 1 member until 1885.—3.
Athlone (or St Mary’s of Athlone), par., co. West¬
meath, containing part of Athlone, 10,098 ac., pop. 4862.

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