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Ballinley, rivulet, bar. Tireragh, co. Sligo.

Ballinllss, vil., Killevey par., co. Armagh.

Ballinlonty, seat and place with school, 5 miles
NAY. of Thurles, mid. co. Tipperary.

Ballinlough.—par., B. co. Limerick, 3 miles SAY. of
Pallas-Grean, 2340 ac., pop. 450.—2. Ballinlough,
vil. with ry. sta., Kiltullagh par., AY. co. Roscommon,
6 miles AYSAY. of Castlereagh, pop. 185; P.O., T.o.
Friday.—3. Ballinlongb, vil., Annahilt
liar., co. Down.—4. Ballinlough, vil., Kilskeer par.,
co. Meath.

Ballinlough Castle, seat, 4 miles NE. of Delvin, co.

Balllnluig, vil. and ry. junc., Logierait par., E.
Perthshire, 23£ miles NAY. of Perth by rail; P.O., T.O.

Ballinocken, vil., 2 miles SAY. of Leighlin Bridge,
AY. co. Carlow.

Ballinode.—vil., Calry par., inco. and 1 mile NE. of
Sligo.—2. Ballinode (co. Monaghan). See Bellanode.

Ballinrobe, par. and market town, on borders of cos.
Galway and Mayo, on river Robe, 12 m. SAY. of Clare-
morris ry. sta. and 17 miles S. of Castlebar — par.,
21,203 ac., pop. 6593; town, 112 ac., pop. 2286; P.O.,
T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Monday. It
has extensive agricultural industries.

Ballinrostig, hamlet, 5 m. S. of Middleton, co. Cork.

Ballinriian, hamlet, Inchicronan par., co. Clare, 11
miles from Ennis; P.O.

Balllnruddcry, seat, near Listowel, N. co. Kerry.

Balllnskelligs, bay, between proms, of Hog Head
and Bolus Head, SAY. co. Kerry.

Balllnspittle, vil. and seat, Ringrone par., S. co.
Cork, 8 miles SE. of Bandon ; P.O.

Ballintaylor, hamlet, AYhitechurch par., AY. co.
AYaterford, 5 miles AY. of Dungarvan; P.O.

Ballintemple.—par., in co. and 6 miles SAY. of
Cavan, 10,657 ac., pop. 3405.—2. Ballintemple, par.,
co. Cork, 7 miles SE. of Middleton, 2659 ac., pop. 794.
—3. Ballintemple, vil., in co. and 2 miles E. of Cork,
pop. 357.—4, Ballintemple, vil., Ahamplish par., in
co. and 8 miles N. of Sligo.—5. Ballintemple, par.,
in co. and 7 miles NE. of Tipperary, 4207 ac., pop. 486.
—6. Ballintemple, par., SE. co. AYicklow, 5 miles
NAY. of Arklow, 4087 ac., pop. 637.—7. Ballintemple,
hamlet, Errigal par., Londonderry, 2 miles SAY. of
Garvagh; P.O.—8. Ballintemple, seat, 5-J? miles SE.
of Tullow, co. Carlow.

Ballintober. — par., S. co. Mayo, 7 miles S. of
Castlebar, 22,616 ac., pop. 3142; P.O.; has ruins of
abbey.—2. Ballintober, par. and vil., in bar. Castle-
reagh, AY. co. Roscommon, 1 mile from Ballymoe ry.
sta., on river Suck, 6351 ac., pop. 1003; P.O.; has fine
remains of the O’Connors’ castle.—3. Ballintober,
or Ballintubbert, vil., Ballyadams par., Queen’s co.,
4 miles SAY. of Athy; P.O.

Ballintober, North and South, 2 bars., E. co. Ros-
common, 30,853ac., pop. 7990; and48,113ac., pop. 10,907.

Balllntogher, vil. with ry. sta., Killery par., in co.
and 6 miles SE. of Sligo, pop. 132; P.O.

Ballintonnb, affluent of the Spey, Knockando par.,

Ballintoy, coast par. and vil., co. Antrim, 5 m. NAY.
of Bally castle—par., 12,757 ac., pop. 3113; vil., pop. 209;
P.O., T.O. Lignite, limestone, and basalt are quarried.

Balllntra, vil., Drumhome par., in co. and 5 miles
S. of Donegal, on river B., pop. 400; P.O., T.O.

Ballintrae, hamlet and small bay, 1J mile N. of
Bushmills, N. co. Antrim, at mouth of river Bush.

Ballintubber. See Ballintober.

Balllntuim, vil., Perthshire, 9 miles NAY. of Blair-
gowrie ; P.O., T.O.

Ballinnnty, vil., Kilcooly par., co. Tipperary, 10
miles from Thurles; P.O.

Ballinvally, place with agricultural school, NAY. co.
AYestmeath; post-town, Delvin.

Bnllinvilla, seat and place with school, Bekan par.,
co. Mayo, 4 miles E. of Claremorris.

Balllnvoher, coast par., AY. co. Kerry, 13miles SAY.
of Tralee and 15 m. E. of Dingle, 16,661 ac., pop. 1861.

Balliol Road, sta. on Liverpool and Bootle Ry., at
Liverpool Docks, SAY. Lancashire.

BaUisodare. See Ballysadare.

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