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Ballymore.—par., E. co. Armagh, containing Tan-
leragee town and Pointz Pass ry. sta., 14,151 ac., pop.
2. Ballymore, par. and vil. , AY. co. Westmeath,
> miles N. of Moate ry. sta. and 15 miles W. of Mul-
Ingar—par., 10,454 ac., pop. 1389; vil., pop. 316; P.O.
—3. Ballymore, par., in co. and 7 miles S. of Wex-
ford, 2525 ac., pop. 352.—4. Ballymore, 3 miles SE.
of Dunfanaghy, N. co. Donegal; P.O.—5. Ballymore,
seat, 2 miles SE. of Camolin, N. co. Wexford.

Ballymore Eustace, par. and town, E. co. Kildare,
on river Liffey, 9 miles S. of Sallins ry. sta.—par.,
8676 ac., pop. 1600; town, pop. 629 ; P.O.

Ballymorin, par., W. co. Westmeath, 4 m. NE. of
Ballymore and 11 m. W. of Mullingar, 2202 ac., pop. 323.

Ballymote.—market town, Enlaghfad par., in mid.
of co. and 14 miles S. of Sligo and 120 miles NW.
of Dublin by rail, pop. 1145; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank.
Thursday. In the vicinity are ruins of
a castle and an abbey. —
2. Ballymote, vil., near
Eyrecourt, SE. co. Galway.

Ballymullen, rivulet, mid. co. Kerry, entering the
river Lee near Tralee.

Ballymun, hamlet, in co. and 3 miles N. of Dublin.

Ballymurn, 6 miles SE. of Enniscorthy, E. co.
Wexford; P.O.

Ballymurplty, vil., 3 miles SE. of Borris, SE. co.

Ballymurray, ry. sta., in co. and 4 miles SE. of
Roscommon; P.O.

Ballymurreen, par., E. co. Tipperary, 5 miles SE.
of Thurles, 3845 ac., pop. 537.

Ballymurtagli, hill, SE. co. Wicklow, 4 miles S. of
Rathdrum, alt. 1000 ft.

Ballymyre, par., mid. co. Armagh, 2 miles NE. of
Newton Hamilton and 10 miles NW. of Newry, 7380
ac., pop. 1948.

Ballyn . See also Ballin .

Ballynabola, hamlet, 6 miles E. by S. of New Ross,
SW. co. Wexford; P.O.

Ballynabragget, place, W. co. Down, 5 miles from
Lurgan; P.O.

Ballynacallagh, vil., 12 miles SW. of Castletown
Bearhaven, SW. co. Cork.

Ballynacally, vil., Kilchree par., S. co. Clare, 12
miles SW. of Ennis ry. sta., pop. 121; P.O.

Ballynacarrlck, place with ferry, W. coast of
Donegal, near Glenties.

Ballynacarrlga, vil., Kilnamanagh par., SW. co.
Cork, 4 miles E. of Dunmanway.

Ballynacarrlgy, vil., Kilbixy par., W. co. W estmeath,
on the Royal Canal, 8 miles NW. of Mullingar ry. sta.,
pop. 402; P.O., T.O. Market-day,

Ballynacarrovv, hamlet, 4 miles NW. of Ballymote
ry. sta., mid. co. Sligo; P.O.

Ballynaclogk, par., E. co. Limerick, 2 miles N. of
Pallas Grean, 1091 ac., pop. 331.—
2. Ballynaclogk,
par., N. co. Tipperary, 3 miles from Nenagh, 3869 ac.,
pop. 335; P.O.

Ballynacorr, 5 m. from Portadown,co. Armagh; P.O.

Ballynacorra, or Ballynacurra, vil., 2 miles S. of
Middleton, E. co. Cork, at mouth of river Owencurra,
pop, 637
; P.O., t.o.

Ballynacourty.—coast par. and vil., co. Galway, 6
miles S. of Oranmore, at head of Galway Bay, 6293 ac.,
pop. 1142. The par. includes the islands of Tawnish,
St Brendan’s,and Inniscorn.—
2. Ballynacourty, par.,
co. Kerry, 10 miles NE. of Dingle, 5318 ac., pop. 1048.
—3. Ballynacourty, vil. and low headland, co. Water-
ford, on E. side of Dungarvan harb. The headland
has a lighthouse, with fixed light visible 10 miles.—4.
Ballynacourty, seat, in co. and 5 m. SW. of Tipperary.

Ballynacreagk, vil., 2 miles SAV. of Clonakilty, co.

Ballynacreen, vil., 4 m. SE. of Cloyne, SE. co. Cork.

Ballynacurra. See Ballynacorra.

Ballynadrumny, par., NAV. co. Kildare, 5 miles N.
of Car bury, 4286 ac., pop. 636.

Ballynafagh, par., N. co. Kildare, 3J miles NW. of
Prosperous and 8 miles NW. of Sallins ry. sta., 4154
ac., pop. 543.

Ballynafanna, vil., Clondulane par., co. Cork, 2
miles E. of Fermoy, pop. 164.

Bn I ly na feigb, 3 miles from Belfast, co. Antrim ; P.O.

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