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650.—2. Barmston, par. and township, East-Riding
Yorkshire, 6 miles SW. of Bridlington—par., 4012 ac.,
pop. 392; township, 2418 ac., pop. 198.

Barmure, estate, Mauchline par., Ayrshire.

Barna.—fishing vil. and seat, in co. and 4 miles SW.
of Galway; P.O.—2. Barna, hamlet, SW. King’s co.,
3 miles E. of Cloghjordan.—3. Barna, 3 miles from
Pallas Grean, E. co. Limerick; P.O.—4. Barna, seat,
NW. co. Tipperary; post-town, Newport.

Barnaby-on-the-Moor. See Barnby-Moor.

Barnack, par. and township with ry. sta., N. North-
amptonshire, 3¼ miles SE. of Stamford—par., 4440 ac.,
pop. 885 ; township, pop. 586; P.O.

Barnacle, hamlet, Bulkington par., N. Warwick-
shire, 4 miles SE. of Nuneaton.

Barnacre with Bonds, township, Garstang par., N.
Lancashire, 4495 ac., pop. 922.

Barnaderg, 7 m. SE. of Tuam, N. co. Galway ; P.O.

Barnagee Bills, mid. co. Mayo, between Loughs
Conn and Beltra.

Barnageera, place, 3 miles S. of Balbriggan, NE.
co. Dublin.

Barnagb, ry. sta., 6 miles SW. of Newcastle, W.
co. Limerick.

Barnahely, par., in co. and 7 miles SE. of Cork,
894 ac., pop. 948.

Barnane-ely, par., mid. co. Tipperary, 3 miles NW.
of Templemore, 2166 ac., pop. 119.

Barnard Castle, market town and township, Gain-
ford par., Durham, on river Tees, 15 miles W. of Dar-
lington by rail—township, 4017 ac., pop. 4269 ; town
(extendinginto Startforth par., Yorkshire), 632 ac., pop.
4544; 3 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
The Town Hall dates from 1747, and St Mary’s Church
(restored 1871) from the end of the 12th century. The
ruined castle, from which the town takes its origin, was
founded (1180) by Barnard Baliol, grandfather of John
Baliol; it is the scene of part of Sir Walter Scott’s
“Rokeby.” The chief mfrs. are carpets, woollen cloth,
and hats. Barnard Castle has become popular as a health
resort; there is a chalybeate spring 2 miles distant.
The Duke of Cleveland, who owns the manor, takes
hence the title of viscount and baron.

Barnard Castle Division, pari. div. of co. Durham,
pop. 58,247.

Barnardiston, par., W. Suffolk, 4 miles NW. of
Clare, 1100 ac., pop. 212.

Barnard’s Green, 1 mile from Great Malvern, W.
Worcestershire; P.O.

Barnard’s Inn, par., Middlesex, within London city,
pop. 53.

Barnbarroch, seat, Kirkinner par., SE. Wigtown-
shire, 3 miles S. of Wigtown.

Barnbougle Castle, seat of the Earl of Rosebery,
Dalmeny par., NE. Linlithgowshire, on Firth of Forth,
7 miles W. of Edinburgh; reconstructed in 1880.

Barnbow, hamlet, Barwick-in-Elmet par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 5¼ miles E. of Leeds.

Barnburgli. See Barmbrough.

Barnby.—par., E. Suffolk, near Carlton Colville ry.
sta. and 5 miles SE. of Beccles, 1099 ac., pop. 260; P.O.
—2. Barnby, coast township, Lythe par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 4¼ miles NW. of Whitby, 2140 ac., pop. 196.

Barnby Basin and Barnby Furnace, 2 hamlets,
Cawthorne par., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 4¼
miles NW. of Barnsley.

Barnby Dun. See Barnby-upon-Don.

Barnby in the Willows, par., E. Notts, 2¼ miles
NE. of Claypole ry. sta. and 4 miles SE. of Newark,
1703 ac., pop. 218.

Barnby-in-the-Wold. See Barnetby-le-Wold.

Barnby Moor, township, Blyth par., N. Notts, 3½
miles NW. of East Retford, 1938 ac., pop. 235 ; P.O.

Barnby-upon-Don, or Barnby Dun, par. and town-
ship with ry. sta., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 5
miles NE. of Doncaster—par., 8968 ac., pop. 1681;
township, 2303 ac., pop. 551; P.O.

Barne, seat, 2¼ m. NW. of Clonmel, S. co. Tipperary.

Barnes.—par., suburban vil., andry. sta., mid. Surrey,
7 m. SW. of Waterloo Bridge sta., London, 940 ac., pop.
6001.—2. Barnes, seat, near Sunderland, Durham.

Barnes Cbine, wild ravine, on SW. coast of Isle of
Wight, 1¼ mile SE. of Brixton.


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