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Batlcy Carr, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Dewsbury par.,
S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, pop. 4082 ; P.O., T.o.

Batley Division, pari, div., S. div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, pop. 59,363.

Batsford, par., E. Gloucestershire, 2 miles NE. of
Moreton-in-the-Marsh, 932 ac., pop. 109; contains
Batsford Park, seat of the Earl of Redesdale.

Battersby, township with ry. sta., Ingle by Green-
how par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles SE. of

Battersea, par. and township, Surrey, in S. of London,
on river Thames, opposite Chelsea—par., 2940 ac.,pop.
125,192 ; township, 2170 ac., pop. 107,262.

Battersea and Claphain, pari, bor., Surrey, con-
sisting of the township of Battersea and the par. of
Clapham, 3307 ac., pop. 143,642; it returns 2 members
to Parliament—2 divisions, viz., Battersea (pop. 73,181)
and Clapham (pop. 70,461), 1 member for each division;
it was made a pari. bor. in 1885.

Batterstown, hamlet with ry. sta., SE. co. Meath,
16 miles NW. of Dublin; P.O.

Battle’s Bog, a morass, on the borders of Duns and
Edrom pars., Berwickshire.

Battisford, par., E. Suffolk, 2 miles SAY. of Need-
ham, 1542 ac., pop. 435.

Battle.—hundred, Hastings rape, E. Sussex, area
6468 ac., pop. 3003.—2. Battle, par., mid. Brecknock-
shire, 3 miles NW. of Brecon, 1544 ac., pop. 136.—

3. Battle, par. and market town with ry. sta., E.
Sussex, 6 miles NW. of Hastings and 56 miles SE. of
London, 8253 ac., pop. 3319; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks.
Thursday. Has extensive gunpowder
manufactories. The battle of Hastings, won by
William the Conqueror in 1066, was fought on the heath
between Battle and Hastings; the abbey founded by
him has disappeared, but there are the interesting ruins
of another subsequently erected on the same spot. In
vicinity is Battle Abbey, seat of the Duke of Cleveland.

Battle Barrow, vil., Bongate township, Westmor-
land, 1 mile NE. of Appleby.

Battle Bridge.—vu., Rettendon par., S. Essex, 6|
miles E. of Billericay; P.O.—2. Battle Bridge, eccl.
dist., Islington par., London, Middlesex, pop. 15,429.

Battle Bridge, vil., Tumna par., NE. co. Roscom-
mon, 4 miles N. of Carrick-on-Shannon.

Battle Burn, hamlet, Kirkbum par., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles SW. of Great Driffield.

Battle-Driun, a hill-ridge with ancient cairns, Kin-
nell par., Forfarshire.

Battle-Dykes, farm with traces of Roman camp,
Oathlawpar., Forfarshire.

Battlefield, par., N. Shropshire, 3 miles NE. of
Shrewsbury, 1025 ac., pop. 91; here was fought the
battle (1403) in which Harry Hotspur was slain, and
Douglas captured.

Battlc-llill.—eminence, Annan par., Dumfriessh.—

2. Battlc-Hill, hill, on border of Drumblade and Huntly
pars., Aberdeenshire. Both are famed battle-grounds.

Battlchill, 4 m. from Portadown, co. Armagh; P.O.

Battle-Knowes, place with slight traces of an ancient
camp, AVhitsome par., Berwickshire.

Battlesbnry, ancient British camp, S. Wilts, 2 miles
E. of Warminster, with ramparts 60 ft. high, and occu-
pying 23 ac.

Battlesden, par., SW. Bedfordshire, 3 miles SE. of
Woburn, 1123 ac., pop. 114; contains Battlesden Park.

Battock, Mount, summit of the Grampians, in Forfar-
shire, Kincardineshire, and Aberdeenshire, alt. 2558 ft.

Battramsley, tithing, Boldre par., S. Hants, in New
Forest, 6 miles NE. of Ringwood.

Battrix, hamlet, Slaidburn par., N. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 11 miles SW. of Settle.

Batturicli Castle, seat, Kilmaronock par., SE. side
of Loch Lomond, 3 miles N. of Alexandria, Dumbarton-
shire ; an older building was called Boturich.

Battyeford, eccl. dist., Mirfield par., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles SW. of Dewsbury, pop.
4363; P.O.

Bauden, a hill, in Kettle par., Fifeshire.

Baughcott, hamlet, Tugford par., S. Shropshire,
6 miles SE. of Church Stretton.

Baugburst, par. and vil., N. Hants, 6 miles NW.
of Basingstoke, 1798 ac., pop. 487; P.O.

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