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Befcotc, hamlet, Gnosall par., in W. of co. and 5
miles SW. of Stafford.

BEF    62    BEL

Beg.—head-stream of river Shee, N. of Kirkmichael
par., Perthshire.—2. Beg, sea-inlet, Bracadale par., Isle
of Skye, Inverness-shire.

Beghrooke, par., mid. Oxfordshire, 2 miles SE. of
Woodstock, 577 ac., pop. 68.

Begclly, par. and ham. with ry. sta., SE. Pembroke¬
shire, 5 miles S. of Narberth—par., 3878ac., pop. 1051;
hamlet, 2447 ac., pop. 558; P.O.; contains Begelly Ho.

Begcrin, island, Wexford Harb., in co. and 2 miles
NE. of Wexford, 21 ac., pop. 3.

Beggarmonds. See Beckermonds.

Beggars Bridge, one-arched structure on the Esk,
Yorkshire, 1½ mile W. of Egdon.

Beggar’s Bush, vil., in co. andl mile SE. of Dublin.

Beggars Island, islet, near Antony, in estuary of
river Lynher, E. Cornwall.

Beggary, affluent of river Ouse, NE. Bedfordshire,
4½ miles long.

Beggeridge, hamlet, Wellow par., E. Somerset.

Beginish, island, in Valentia Harb., SW. co. Kerry.

Beglie, Wicks of, pass, in the Ochils, Dron par.,
SE. Perthshire, 3½ miles W. of Abernethy.

Bcglleve, 4 m. from Bailieborough, co. Cavan; P.O.

Beg, Lough.—on borders of cos. Antrim and London¬
derry, properly an expansion of the river Bann at its
outlet from Lough Neagh.—2. Beg, Lough, or Port-
more, S. co. Antrim, 1 mile E. of Lough Neagh; had
a monastery founded 420 by St Ibar.

Bcguildy, place with school, in Llanfihangel par.,
NE. Radnorshire, 7 miles NW. of Knighton.

Behagh. See Beagh.

Beheena, affluent of river Flesk, SE. co. Kerry.

Beigham, hamlet, Frant par., mid. Kent, 2 miles
W. of Lamberhurst.

Bcighton.—par. with ry. sta., E. Derbyshire, 5 miles
SE. of Sheffield, 3136 ac.,pop. 2071; P.O.—2. Beighton,
par., S. Norfolk, 3 miles NE. of Buckenham, 1015 ac.,
pop. 272; P.O.—3. Beighton (Suffolk). See

Beil-Grange.—vil., Stenton par., NE. Haddington¬
shire, 5 miles SW. of Dunbar.—2. Beil House, seat, 3½
miles SW. of Dunbar.

Bcith, par. and market town, N. Ayrshire, 17f miles
SW. of Glasgow by rail—par., 11,222 ac., pop. 6555;
town, pop. 4037; P.O., T.O., 3 ’Banks. Market-day,
Friday. It has mfrs. of cottons, woollens, and linen-

Bckan, par., E. co. Mayo, containing part of Bally -
haunis, 15,202 ac., pop. 4969.

Bckcshournc, ry. sta., E. Kent. See Beaksbourne.

Bel . See also Bell .

Bclah, affluent of river Eden, rising on Stainmore,
E. boundary of Westmorland, 8 miles long.

Belan, place with school, 2 miles W. of Berriew,

Belan, par., S. co. Kildare, 6 miles SE. of Athy,
1197 ac., pop. 186.

Belan Point, headland, Carnarvonshire, at SW.
entrance to the Menai Strait.

Belaugh, par., N. Norfolk, on river Bure, 7 miles
NE. of Norwich, 854 ac., pop. 139.

Bclhank. See Bellbank.

Belbroughton, par., E. Worcestershire, 5 miles NW.
of Bromsgrove, 4605 ac., pop. 1976; P.O., T.O.

Bclhury King, ancient camp, S. Wilts, 2 miles SW.
of Steeple Langford, occupying 17 ac., fortified by
double ramparts.

Belhy, township, in par. and 1 mile NE. of Howden,
East-Riding Yorkshire, 583 ac., pop. 39.

Bclcarra. See Ballycarra.

Bclchamp-Otton, par., NE. Essex, 5 miles NW. of
Sudbury, 1771 ac., pop. 335.

Belchamp St Paul, par., NE. Essex, 6 miles NW.
of Sudbury, 2623 ac., pop. 708 ; P.O.

Belchamp-Walter, par., NE. Essex, 4 miles W. of
Sudbury, 2190 ac., pop. 617; P.O.

Belchcster House, Eccles par., Berwickshire, 5
miles NW. of Coldstream.

Belchford, par., mid. Lincolnshire, 4 miles NE. of
Horncastle, 2390 ac., pop. 488; P.O.

Belclare, or Clare Tuam, par. and vil., N. co. Gal¬
way, 5 miles SW. of Tuam, 7847 ac., pop. 1418; P.O.

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