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Bishopstone.—hundred, Pevensey rape, E. Sussex,
2817 ac., pop. 763; contains 2 pars.—2. Bishopstone,
par., in mid. of co. and 7 miles NW. of Hereford, 776
ac., pop. 247 ; P.O.—3. Bishopstone, coast par. with
ry. sta., E. Sussex, 9 miles SE. of Lewes, 1801 ac., pop.
277; P.O.; birthplace of Rev. J. Hurdis (1763-1801),
author of the “Village Curate.”—4. Bishopstone, par.,
N. Wilts, on verge of co., 6 miles E. of Swindon, 4452
ac., pop. 606; P.O.—5. Bishopstone, par. and vil., N.
Wilts, 4| miles SW. of Salisbury, 4452 ac., pop. 627;
P.O. The church shows many styles of architecture.—

6. Bishopstone, tithing, Montacute par., mid. Somer-
set, 34 miles NW. of Yeovil.—7. Bishopstone, hamlet,
Stone par., mid. Bucks, 2 miles SW. of Aylesbury.

Bishop-Stortford, par. and market town with ry.
sta., in E. of co. and 12 miles NE. of Hertford, on
both sides of river Stort, 304 miles NE. of London by
rail, 3285 ac., pop. 6704; 4 Banks, 1 newspaper. Mar-
Thursday; trade in grain and malt; the birth-
place of Chauncy (1632-1719), historian of Hertford-
shire, and Hoole (1727-1803), translator of Tasso.

Bishopstrow, par. and seat, S. Wilts, If mile SE.
of Warminster, 1045 ac., pop. 245.

Bishops Waltham.—hundred, N. Hants, 24,674 ac.,
pop. 16,250.—2. Bishops Waltham, par. and market
town with ry. sta., N. Hants, 94 m. SE. of Winchester
and 83 m. SW. of London by rail—7429 ac., pop. 2484;
town pop. 1184; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Friday; has ruins of bishop’s castle (1135), destroyed
in the civil war of the 17th century.

Bishopswood.—eccl. dist., Walford (Herefordshire)
and Ruardean (Gloucestershire) pars., on river Wye,
3£ miles SW. of Ross, pop. 405. The estate of
Bishopswood is 34 miles S. of Ross, Herefordshire.—
2. Bishopswood, eccl. dist., Brewood par., W. Stafford-
shire, near Brewood, pop. 493.—3. Bishopswood, 6
miles from Chard, Somerset; P.O.

Bishopsworth, or Bishport, eccl. dist., Bedminster
par., E. Somerset, 3 m. SW. of Bristol, pop. 1908; P.O.

Bishop Thornton, township and eccl. dist. (St
John), in par. and 54 miles SW. of Ripon, E. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 3135 ac., pop. 479.

Bishop-Thorpe, par. and township, E. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, on river Ouse, 34 miles SW. of York
—par., 739 ac., pop. 477 ; township, 79 ac., pop. 422;
P.O. ; contains Bishopthorpe Palace, seat of the
Archbishop of York.

Bishopton.—par. and township, S. Durham, 54
miles NW. of Stockton-on-Tees—par., 4175 ac., pop.
459; township, 2178 ac.,pop. 350; P.O.—2. Bishopton,
township, in par. and
miles NW. of Ripon, E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 386 ac., pop. 101.—3. Bishop-
ton, hamlet, Old Stratford par., S. Warwickshire,
2 miles NW. of Stratford-on-Avon.

Bishopton, vil. and ry. sta., Erskine par., N. Ren-
frewsh., 5|m. NW. of Paisley by rail, pop. 308; P.O., T.o.

Bishop Wearmonth, par. and township, N. Dur-
ham, within pari. bor. of Sunderland, 265 miles from
London by rail—par., 8418 ac., pop. 83,796; township,
2669 ac., pop. 74,441.

Bishop Wearmouth Pans, township, Bishop Wear-
mouth par., N. Durham, 6 ac., pop. 195.

Bishop Wilton, par. and vil., East-Riding York-
shire, 44 m. N. of Pocklington, 6695 ac., pop. 760; P.O.

Bishop Wiiton-with-Bclthorpe, township, Bishop
Wilton par., 44 miles N. of Pocklington, 4574 ac., pop.
556 ; P.O. Wilton Beacon crowns eminence to the NE.

Bishport. See Bishopsworth.

Bishton.—par., S. Monmouthshire, 5 miles SE. of
Newport, 1211 ac., pop. 154.—2. Bishton, hamlet,
Tidenham par., W. Gloucesterhire, 1 mile NE. of
Chepstow.—3. Bishton, township, Colwich par., W.
Staffordshire, 2 miles NW. of Rugeley.

Bisley.—hundred, E. Gloucestersh., 26,617 ac., pop.
21,645; contains 7 pars.—2. Bisley, par. and market
town, E. Gloucestershire, 3 miles E. of Stroud and 99
miles from London by rail, 7927 ac., pop. 5169; P.O.
Thurs.—3. Bisley, par., W. Surrey, 34 m.
NW. of Woking, nr. Basingstoke Canal, 922 ac., pop. 651.

Bisphain.—coast par. with ry. sta., N. Lancashire,
near Poulton, 4003 ac., pop. 13,425.—2. Bispham,
township, Croston par., N. Lancashire, 6 miles NE. of
Ormskirk, 926 ac., pop. 280.

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