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Sligo and 108 miles NW. of Dublin by rail—par., 19,618
ac., pop. 7319; township, 753 ac., pop. 2994; 2 Banks,

2 newspapers. Market-days, Wednesday and Saturday.
It has good markets for flax, butter, and provisions;
and contains military barracks. Near it is the fine
ruin of an abbey.

Boyle Farm, seat, near Thames Ditton, mid. Surrey.

Boylstone, par., S. Derbyshire, 7 miles S. of Ash-
borne, 1270 ac., pop. 224.

Boyndie, coast par., N. Banffshire, 3 miles W. of
Banff, 6945 ac., pop. 2004; P.O. at Whitehills.

Boyndlic, seat, 6 miles W. by S. of Fraserburgh,
NE. Aberdeenshire; P.O.

Boyne, stream, Fordyce par., Banffshire, flowing 10
miles NE. to Boyne Bay.

Boyne, the chief river of Leinster; rises in the Bog
of Allen, NW. co. Kildare, flows NW. through a por-
tion of King’s co., thence NE. through co. Meath to the
Irish Sea, 4 miles below Drogheda, and is about 80
miles long. Its principal tributaries are the Mattock
and the Blackwater. It is navigable by sea-borne
vessels to Drogheda, and by river craft to Navan. On
the sand hills on S. side of its estuary stands a light-
house, with fixed light (Drogheda) seen 6 to 7 miles.
On its banks, 3 miles W. of Drogheda, was fought the
battle of the Boyne, in which the forces of James II.
were routed by the army of William III., 1st July 1690.

Boyne Hill, eccl. dist., Bray par., E. Berks, near
Maidenhead, pop. 1871.

Boyne’s MiU, seat, 9 miles NE. of Huntly, NW.

Boynton, par., East-Biding Yorkshire, 3 miles NW.
of Bridlington, 2613 ac., pop. 156; P.O.

Boyounagh, par., N. co. Galway, 12 miles NE. of
Tuam, 15,831 ac., pop. 3930; contains Glennamaddyp.o.

Boysack, Chapeltown of, hamlet, Inverkeillor par.,
on E. coast of Forfarshire.

Boystown, par., NW. co. Wicklow, on river Liffey,

3 miles S. of Blessington, 25,134 ac., pop. 2342.

Boythorpe. See Foxholes with Boythorpe.

Boyton.—par. and township, E. Cornwall and S.

Devon, on river Tamar, 5 miles NW. of Launceston—
par., 4954 ac., pop. 463; township,4154ac., pop. 383; P.O.
—2. Boyton, par., E. Suffolk, on river Aide, 7 miles SW.
of Woodbridge, 1528 ac. and 24 foreshore, pop. 271; P.O.
—3. Boyton, par., S. Wilts, on river Willy, 2¼ m. SE.
of Heytesbury, 3956 ac., pop. 303; contains B. House.

Boytonrath, par., S. co. Tipperary, 6 miles NW. of
Caher, 991 ac., pop. 135.

Bozalr, hamlet, Stockbury par., mid. Kent, 7¼ miles
SE. of Rochester.

Bozeat, par., S. Northamptonshire, on verge of co.,
6¼ miles S. of Wellingborough, 2400ac., pop. 1189; P.O.

Braal, or Brawl, ancient castle, now a residence for
sportsmen, Halkirk par., Caithness-sh., on r. Thurso,
6¼ miles S. of Thurso and 1¼ mile from Halkirk sta.

Brabloch, seat, near Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Brabceuf Manor, near Guildford, W. Surrey.

Braboume, par., E. Kent, 6 miles E. of Ashford,
3528 ac., pop. 748 ; contains 2 vils., East Brabourne;
P.O.; and Brabourne Lees ; P.O.

Bracadale, par. and hamlet, Isle of Skye, Inver-
ness-shire, 10 miles NE. of Portree, 93,140 ac., pop. 929.

Brace Meole, par., Shropshire, partly in bor. of
Shrewsbury, pop. 1298 ; P.O.

Braceborougli, par. and ry. sta. (B. Spa), S. Lin-
colnshire, on river Glen, 5 miles SW. of Bourn, 2230
ac., pop. 184; p.o.

Braccbridge, par., mid. Lincolnshire, on river
Witham,in pari. bor. of Lincoln, 1482 ac., pop. 2123; P.O.

Braceby, par., S. Lincolnshire, 4¼ miles NW. of
Folkingham, 903 ac., pop. 115.

Bracewell, par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 9
miles SW. of Skipton, 2025 ac., pop. 105.

BrackavUle, school, Donaghenry par., co. Tyrone.

Brackbridge, hamlet, Meon Stoke par., N. Hants,

4 miles NE. of Bishop Waltham.

Bracken, township, Kilnwick par., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 6 m. SW. of Great Driffield, 677 ac., pop. 31.

Brackenber, hamlet, Shap par., Westmorland, 8
miles SW. of Appleby.

Brackenborougb, par., N. Lincolnshire, 2 miles N.
of Louth, 890 ac., pop. 67.

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