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Braicli Melyn, hamlet, Llanllechid par., N. Carnar-
vonshire, 34 miles SE. of Bangor.

Braicb-y-Hinas, ancient British fort, on summit of
Penmaenmawr, NE. coast of Carnarvonshire, 44 miles
SAY. of Conway.

Braich-y-Pwil, headland, the SAY. extremity of

Braid, affluent of the Maine, mid. co. Antrim.

Braid Burn, rivulet, Edinburghshire, flowing from
among the Pentland hills, near Bonally and Dreghorn,
9 miles NE. to the Firth of Forth at Portobello.

Braid HiUs, hill-range with fine view, Edinburgh-
shire, 3 miles S. of Edinburgh Castle, alt. 698 ft.

Braidley, hamlet, Carlton Highdale township, North-
Riding Yorkshire, 9 miles SAY. of Middleham.

Braidwood, vil. with ry. sta., in par. and 1£ mile
SE. of Carluke by rail, mid. Lanarkshire, pop. 616;
lime-stone quarries are in the vicinity.

Braiies, par., S. AYarwickshire, 4 miles SE. of
Shipston-on-Stour, 5220 ac., pop. 1131; P.O.; contains
Braiies House and hamlets of Lower and llpper B.

Brailsford, par., S. Derbyshire, 6 miles SE. of
Ashborne, 4366 ac., pop. 651; P.O.; contains B. Hall.

Brainsford. See Bainsford.

Braint, river, Anglesey, rising near Llanddaniel, and
flowing SAY. to Menai Strait.

Braintfield, or Braiufield, par., in co. and 34 miles
NAY. of Hertford, 1609 ac., pop. 249. Thomas it Becket
(1117-70) was rector.

Braintree, par. and market town, NE. Essex, on
river Blackwater, 6 miles NAY. of AVitham junction
and 444 miles NE. of London by rail, 2282 ac., pop.
5182; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Wednesday; has silk and crape mfrs. B. was once a
seat of the Bishops of London.

Braiseworth, par., AY. Suffolk, 2 miles SAY. of
Eye, 790 ac., pop. 159.

Braishfield Ail Saints, eccl. dist., Mitchelmersh,
Romsey, and Hursley pars., S. Hants, on river Anton,
34 miles N. of Romsey, pop. 587 ; P.O.

Braisty Woods, hamlet, Hartwith-with-AYinsley
township, E. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles AY.
of Ripley.

Braitbw'aite.—vil. with ry. sta., Crosthwaite par.,
E. Cumberland, 2 miles AY. of Keswick; P.O., T.o.;
lead mines in vicinity.—2. Braithwaite, hamlet,
Keighley par., N. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire.—3.
Braithwaite, hamlet, Kirk Bramwith par., E. div.
AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 44 miles AY. of Thorne.—

4. Braithwaite (AY. Cumberland). See Middles-

Braithwell, par. and township, S. div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, 24 miles SE. of Conisbrough—par., 2963 ac.,
pop. 763 ; township, 1948 ac., pop. 362 ; P.O.

Brakes, hamlet, Leintwardine par., N. Hereford-
shire, 44 miles AY. of Ludlow.

Brakie, Easter and W ester, 2 estates, Kinnell par.

Braniber.—rape, AV. Sussex, 124,287ac.,pop. 52,224;
contains 12 hundreds.—2. Bramber, par. and vil. with
ry. sta., AY. Sussex, on river Adur, 44 miles NAY. of
New Shoreham, 851 ac., pop. 186. Near vil. are remains
of an ancient castle, encircled by a deep moat.

Bramble Uhine, small ravine, on NAY. coast of Isle
of AYight, Hants, 2 miles SAY. of Yarmouth.

Brainbletye House, ruins, 1 mile S. of East Grin-
stead, E. Sussex; built in the reign of James I.

Bramcote, par. and vil., N. Notts, near border of
co., 5 miles SAY. of Nottingham, 1076 ac., pop. 751;
P.O.; lace and hosiery mfrs.; contains seats of Bram-
cote Hall and Bramcote Hill.

Bramcott, hamlet, Bulkington and AYolvey pars.,
N. AYarwickshire, 4 miles SE. of Nuneaton.

Bramdean, par., N. Hants, 84 miles SE. of AYin-
chester, 1237 ac., pop. 262 ; P.O.

Bramcrton, par., S. Norfolk, 5 miles SE. of Norwich,
728 ac., pop. 249; P.O.

Braintield.—par., E. Suffolk, 2 miles S. of Hales-
worth, 2546 ac., pop. 628; P.O.—2. Bramtield. See

Bramford, par. and ry. sta., E. Suffolk, on river
Gipping, 3 miles NAY. of Ipswich, 3226 ac., poo.
1339; P.O.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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