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T Brayesworth, school, Hartismere dist., W. Suffolk.

Braylidd, in co. and 5 m. SE. of Northampton; P.O.

Bray Held, Cold, par., N. Bucks, on river Ouse, 34
miles E. of Olney, 530 ac., pop. 85; contains B. House.

Brayford, hamlet, Charles par., N. Devon, 9 miles
NW. of Barnstaple ; P.O.

Bray Head.—prom., 2 miles SE. of Bray, NE. co.
Wicklow. The seat of Bray Head is in the vicinity.—
2. Bray Head, at SW. extremity of Yalentia island,
SW. co. Kerry.

Bray, High. See Highbray.

Brays tones, hamlet with ry. sta., St Bees par., W.
Cumberland, 84 miles SE. of Whitehaven.

Braythorne, hamlet, Kirkby Oberblow par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 34 miles NE. of Otley.

Bray toft. See Bratoft.

Bray ton.—vil. with ry. sta., Aspatria par., W. Cum-
berland, 2 m. NE. of Aspatria. B. Hall is in vicinity.—
2. Brayton, par. and township, E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, l| mile SW. of Selby—par., 11,666 ac. (68
water), pop. 1964; township, 2354 ac., pop. 529; P.O.

Bray wick, Grove and Lodge, seats, Bray par.,
E. Berks, near Maidenhead.

Bray wood, eccl. dist., Bray and Winkfield pars.,
Berks, pop. 695.

Breacacha, bay, S. Coll island, Argyllshire.

Breacdearg, small loch, Urquhart par., Inverness-sh.

Breadalbane, mountainous and rugged dist. (33 miles
by 31 miles), W. Perthshire, among the Grampian
mountains, extending from Lochaber and Athol on
the N. to Strathearn and Menteith on the S. It gives
the title of Earl to a branch of the clan Campbell.

Breadsall, par. and ry. sta., in co. and 24 miles NE.
of Derby, 2410 ac., pop. 530; P.O.; contains B. Priory.

Breadstone, township, in par. and 2 miles NE. of
Berkeley, W. Gloucestershire, 1228 ac., pop. 145.

Bready, place, 6 miles S. of Londonderry city; P.O.

Breage, coast par. and vil., W. Cornwall, 3 miles W,
of Helston, 7274 ac. and 121 foreshore, pop. 3017; P.O.

Brcagkwy, par. and seat, mid. co. Mayo, 2 miles
SE. of Castlebar, 5265 ac., pop. 987.

Breaklsh, hamlet, Strath par., Isle of Skye, Inver-
ness-shire ; P.O.

Breaksea Point, headland, on S. coast of Glamorgan,
54 miles SE. of Cowbridge; has a light-vessel with one
fixed and one revolving light seen 4 and 10 miles.

Breakspears, seat, 3 m. N. of Uxbridge, Middlesex.

Bream, eccl. dist., West Dean and Newland pars.,
W. Gloucestersh., 3 m. NW. of Lydney, pop. 2013; P.O.

Brcamore, par., liberty, and ry. sta., S. Hants, on
river Avon, 3 miles NE. of Fordingbridge, 2678 ac. (35
water), pop. 560; P.O.; contains Brcamore House.

Brcan, coast par., mid. Somerset, on river Axe, 4
miles SW. of Weston-super-Mare, 1167 ac. land and
2000 water, pop. 148.

Brearey, hamlet, Addle par., E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 4 miles SE. of Otley.

Brearton, township, Knaresborough and Ripley
pars., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles NW. of
Knaresborough, 1562 ac., pop. 192.

Breasclet, vil., Uig par., SW. Lewis island, 15 miles
W. of Stornoway, Ross-shire, pop. 352.

Breast, isl., in Wexford Harb., co. Wexford, pop. 4.

Breaston, township, Wilne par., in S. of co. and
8 miles SE. of Derby, 1493 ac., pop. 806 ; P.O.

Breatlier Hills, hamlet, Barrowby par., S. Lincoln-
shire, 2 miles W. of Grantham.

Brecbfa, par., on river Cothi, in co. and 11 miles
NE. of Carmarthen, 530 ac., pop. 104 ; P.O.

Brccliin, par., pari, and royal burgh, and mkt. town,
E. Forfarshire, on river S. Esk, 5 miles W. of Montrose
and 490 miles from London by rail—par., 14,313 ac.,
pop. 10,499 ; pari, burgh, pop. 9031; royal burgh, pop.
5295 ; 6 Banks, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Flax-spinning, linen weaving, bleaching, distilling,
and brewing are carried on. David I. founded a
bishopric here in 1150, and a portion of the old
cathedral is now the parish church. Adjacent to the
church is a singular round tower (85 ft. high), similar
to that at Abernethy. Brechin was formerly a walled
town, and was burned by Montrose in 1645. Dr Guthrie
(1803-1873), pulpit orator and philanthropist, was born
here. The town unites with Montrose, Forfar, Arbroath,
and Bervie in returning 1 member to Parliament. Adja-
cent to town is Brechin Castle, seat of the Earl of
Dalhousie, with library rich in MSS.; 2 miles W. of the
town is the village of Little Brechin.


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