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Brentford Hi vision, pari. div. of Middlesex, pop.

Brentford, New, township, Hanwell par.,AY.
Middlesex, 220 ac. (15 water), pop. 2138.

Brentford, Old, eccl. dists. (St George and St Paul),
Ealing par., Middlesex, forming part of town of Brent-
ford, pop. 3675 and 5997.

Brentingby. See Thorpe- Arnold-oum-Brentingby.

Brent Knoll, ry. sta., E. Brent par., mid. Somer-
set, 6 miles SAY. of Axbridge; P.O. In vicinity is
an eminence, 883 ft., crowned with remains of a
Roman camp.

Brent Mill, hamlet, South Brent par., S. Devon.

Brcntor, par. and vil., S. Devon, on river Lid, 4
miles NW. of TavistocJs, 1212 ac., pop. 130; P.O., at
N. Brcntor; contains Brent Tor, an eminence, 842
ft. high, serving as a mark for vessels entering Ply-
mouth harbour.

Brent Pelham, par., on NE. border of Herts, 5 miles
E. of Buntingford, 1636 ac., pop. 232.

Brentside, hamlet, mid. Middlesex, on river Brent,
3 miles NW. of Brentford.

Brent, Sonth.—par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Brent),
S. Devon, on river Avon, 7 miles W. of Totnes, 9374
ac., pop. 1298 ; P.O., T.o. The vil. was formerly a
market town, and still has half-yearly fairs.—2. Brent,
Sonth, par. and vil., mid. Somerset, 7 miles SW. of
Axbridge, 3426 ac., pop. 792.

Brent Town, vil., Preston par., E. Kent, near

Brenton with AVrington, hundred, mid. Somerset,
22,787 ac., pop. 4400; contains 6 pars.

Brentwood, township and market town, South
Weald par., S. Essex, 10 miles SW. of Chelmsford
and 18 miles NE. of London by rail, 459 ac., pop. 4653;
P.O., T.o., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Thursday; has a
richly endowed grammar school, founded in 1557.

Brenzett, par., E. Kent, 4 miles NW. of New Rom-
ney, 1819 ac., pop. 309.

Brereton, eccl. dist., in par. and 1 mile SE. of
Rngeley, AY. Staffordshire, pop. 2011; P.O.

Brereton-cum-Smethwick, par., mid. Cheshire, 3
miles NE. of Sandbach, 4599 ac., pop. 613 ; P.O.

Bressay, one of the Shetland islands. Along with
the islands of E. and W. Burra, Hevera, Holm of
Papal, Noss, Papa, and part of the mainland of Quarff,
it forms a par., 12,657 ac., pop. 1768; P.O.

Bressay Sound, harb., between Bressay island and
Mainland, Shetland, at Lerwick; it is the rendezvous of
the whaling fleet, and has a lighthouse with revolving
light visible 16 miles.

Bressingham, par., S. Norfolk, on border of co., 2
miles AY. of Diss, 2354 ac., pop. 509; P.O.

Bret by, township, Repton par., S. Derbyshire, 3
miles NE. of Burton-on-Trent, pop. 336; P.O.; contains
Bretby Castle, seat of the Earl of Chesterfield.

Bret, affluent of river Stour, Suffolk, 4 miles E. of
Nayland ; 18 miles long.

Bretford. See Brandon and Bretford.

Bret fort on, par., E. AVorcestershire, 34 miles E. of
Evesham, 1683 ac., pop. 565 ; contains B. Manor.

Bretherdale, township, in par. and 4 miles SW. of
Orton, AYestmorland.

Bretherton, township, Croston par., N. Lancashire,
on river Douglas, 9 miles SW. of Preston, 2437 ac. (18
water), pop. 707 ; P.O.

Brettel Lane, hamlet with ry. sta., 14 mile NE. of
Stourbridge, AY. Staffordshire ; P.O.

Brettenham.—par., S. Norfolk, 34miles E. of Thet-
ford, 1981 ac., pop. 93.—2. Brettenham, par., W.
Suffolk, on river Bret, 7 miles SW. of Stowmarket,
1558 ac., pop. 316 ; contains Brettenham Park.

Bretton, township, in par. and 3 miles SE. of
Hawarden, SE. Flintshire.

Bretton, Monk (or Bnrton), township, Roystone
par., S. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles NE. of
Barnsley, 2221 ac., pop. 2918; P.O.

Bretton, West, township, Sandal Magna and Silk-
stone pars., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles
SAY. of AYakefield, 2098 ac. (39 water), pop. 350; P.O.,
called Bretton ; contains Bretton Hall.

Brewery-Fieid, eccl. dist., in par. and 2 miles from
Leeds, E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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