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BUli 117 BUR

cellent harb., and important trade in shipping of coal
and iron; has also a distillery, and large oil-works. On
an eminence overlooking the harb. is the old castle (now
modernised) of Rossend, and to the E. of the town is a
small area of golfing links. The burgh unites with
Kinghorn, Dysart, and Kirkcaldy in sending 1 member
to Parliament.

Burnt Mill.—sta. on Great Eastern Ry., on W.
border of Essex, 23 miles NE. of London.—2. Bnrnt
Mill, hamlet, N. Herts, 1 mile NE. of Hitchin.

Burntown, vil., near Gargunnock, on N. border of

Burntshiels, place, If mile SAV. of Kilbarchan,

Burnturk, vil., in par. and 14 mile SE. of Kettle,

Burntwoo<l, township and hamlet, St Michael Lich-
field par., E. Staffordshire, 34 miles AV. of Lichfield,
4417 ac. (41 water), pop. 6270; P.O.

Burnt Yates, vil., Clint township, in par. and 1 mile
AV. of Ripley, E. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire.

Burnwynd, hamlet, in par. and 14 mile S. of Ratho,

Bnrpham, par., AV. Sussex, on river Arun, 2 miles
NE. of Arundel, 2738 ac., pop. 286.

Bnrr, isl., in mouth of river Avon, S. Devon, 6 m. AV.
of Kingsbridge; connected with mainland at low water.

Burra, East and West. 2 of the Shetland islands,
Bressay par.— pop. or E. i>.,zl5; AV. B., 427; P.O.
East Burra is also called House Island.

Burradon.—(or Burrowdon), township, Alwinton
par., N. Northumberland, 144 miles SAV. of Alnwick,
1540 ac., pop. 121; P.O. — 2. Burradon, township,
Earsdon par., S. Northumberland, 8 miles NE. of
Newcastle, 545 ac., pop. 1110.

Burrafrith, hamlet and bay, N. Unst isl., Shetland.

Burrage Town, AV. Kent, 9 m. E. of London ; P.O.

Burraness, headland, on E. side of Yell island, N.
Yell par., Shetland.

Burravoe.—hamlet and bay, at SE. extremity of
Yell island, Shetland; P.O.—2. Burravoe, small bay,
in NE. of Northmaven par., Shetland, 3 miles S. of
N. entrance of Yell Sound.

Burray, one of the Orkney islands, 3f miles long,
par. of South Ronaldshay, pop. 685 ; P.O.

Barrels, township, Appleby St Lawrence par.,
N. AYestmorland, 1 mile SAY. of Appleby.

Biirrelton, vil., near AYoodside ry. sta., Cargill par.,
E. border of Perthshire, 24 miles SAY. of Coupar-
Angus, pop. 486; P.O.

Burren.—coast bar., N. co. Clare, 74,360 ac., pop.
5795.—2. Burren, vil., in the above bar., 10 miles AY.
of Ardrahan ry. sta. ; P.O.—3. Burren, affluent of
river Barrow, co. Carlow, flowing 18 miles N. from
Mount Leinster to the Barrow, near Carlow.

Burridge, hamlet, in p>ar. and 3 miles E. of Chaw-
leigh, N. Devon.

Burriil - cnm - Cowling, township, Bedale par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles AY. of Bedale, 1071
ac., pop. 100; P.O., called Burriil.

Bnrringliani, township with ry. sta. (Gunness and
Burringham), Bottesford par., N. Lincolnshire, onriver
Trent, 11 miles E. of Thorne, pop. 542; P.O.,

Bnrrington.—par., N. Devon, 4 miles NAY. of
Chumleigh, 5330 ac., pop. 776; P.O.—2. Burrington,
par., N. Herefordshire, on river Teme, 5 miles SAY. of
Ludlow, 2580 ac., pop. 201.—3. Bnrrington, par. ani
vil., E. Somerset, 44 miles NE. of Axbridge, 2009 ac.,
pop. 453; P.O.

Burris-. See also Borris-.

Bnrriscarra, par., S. co. Mayo, 7 miles NAY. of
Hollymount, on Lough Carra, 4356 ac., pop. 805.

Bnrrishoole.—coast bar., AY. co. Mayo, 145,172 ac.,
pop. 20,772.—2. Burrishoole, par., in the above bar.,
mid. co. Mayo, containing Newport, 53,749 ac., pop.
5872; has the ruins of an abbey.

Burron, hill, with remains of ancient Caledonian
camp, Mouswald par., Dumfriesshire.

Burrough, par., N. Leicestershire, 54 miles S', of
Melton Mowbray, 1565 ac., pop. 149; contains the
eminence of Bitrrouglt Hill.

Burrough Green,par., Cambridgesh.,54m. S. of New-
market, 2217 ac.,pop. 404; P.O., called Borough Green.

Burrough House, seat, on Banstead Downs, 3 miles
SE. of Epsom, mid. Surrey.

Burroughs, place, Hendon par., Middlesex, 8 miles
N. of London.

Burrow, hamlet, Harpford par., E. Devon.

Burrow Bridge, eccl. dist., Bridgwater, Lyng,
Middlezoy, and 4 other pars., AY. Somerset, 6 miles S.
of Langport, pop. 514 ; P.O.

Burrowdon. See Burradon.

Burrow Head.—prom., at SE. extremity of AVig-
townshire, alt. 150 ft.—2. Burrow Head, headland,
SE. Stronsay island, Orkney.

Burrow Islaud, Alverstoke dist., S. coast of Hants.

Burrows Lea, seat, Shere par., AV. Surrey, 6 miles
E. of Guildford.

Burrow-with-Burrow, township, Tnnstall par., N.
Lancashire, on river Lune, 2 miles SE. of Kirkby Lons-
dale, 2426 ac. (21 water), pop. 214; contains Burrow
Hall, and has many interesting Roman remains.

Burrs Mood, seat, 44 miles SAY. of Tunbridge
AVells, AY. Kent.

Burry, par., AY. co. Meath, 2 miles SAY. of Kells,
3694 ac., pop. 279.

Burry Inlet, estuary of river Llwchwr, on E. side
of Carmarthen Bay, 12 miles long and 4£ wide at mouth.

Burry Port, seaport, on Burry Inlet, Carmarthen-
shire ; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank ; near the head of AY. pier is
a lighthouse with fixed light seen 9 m. See Pembrey.

Burscough, township and vil. with ry. sta. (B. Junc-
tion), Ormskirk par., SAY. Lancashire, 34 miles N. of
Ormskirk, 4960 ac., pop. 2290 ; has cotton mfrs.; lmile
S. of vil. are remains of a priory, long the burial-place
of the Stanleys ; partly in the township is Burscough
Bridge, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., pop. 3596 ; P.O.

Bnrsledon, par. and vil., S. Hants, on river Hamble,
44 miles SE. of Southampton, 775 ac. land, 21 tidal
water, and 39 foreshore, pop. 651; P.O.; has a small
quay.; trades in corn and coals. In the time of
AVilliam III. and Qneen Anne several large men-of-
war were built here.

Burslem, par., mun. bor., and market town, N.
Staffordshire, within the pari. bor. of Hanley, on
Grand Trunk Canal, 20 miles NE. of Stafford and 149
miles NAY. of London—par., 3121 ac., pop. 28,249;
bor., 2419 ac., pop. 26,522; 2 Banks. Market-days,
Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday; is called the
“Mother of the Potteries,” and produces porcelain,
parian, encaustic tiles, &c.; birthplace of Josiah AVedg-
wood (1730-1795), the great improver of the earthen-
ware mfr. of Staffordshire. The AYedgwood Memorial
(1865) comprises a school of art, a free library, and a
museum. The town is very old. In the neighbour-
hood are coal mines.

Burstall, par., E. Suffolk, 44 miles AY. of Ipswich,
766 ac., pop. 206.

Burstall Garth Manor, Skeffling par., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 44 miles SE. of Patrington.

Burstead, Great, par., 14 mile S. of Billericay, S.
Essex, 3709 ac., pop. 2093.

Burstead, Little, par., S. Essex, 2 miles SAY. of
Billericay, 1839 ac., pop. 199.

Bnrstock, par., NAY. Dorset, on border of co., 44
miles NAY. of Beaminster, 913 ac., pop. 190.

Bnrston.—par. and ry. sta., S. Norfolk, 2 miles NE.
of Diss, 1449 ac., pop. 406.—2. Bnrston, place, Stone
par., AY. Staffordshire, on r. Trent, 4 m. SE. of Stone.

Bnrstone, hamlet, Zeal Monachorum par., E. Devon,
7 miles NAV. of Crediton.

Burstow, par. and vil., mid. Surrey, 74 miles SE.
of Reigate, 4760 ac., pop. 1200.

Burstwiek, par. and township (Bnrstwick-cum-
Skeckling), East-Riding Yorksh., 74 m. SE. of Hull—
par., 5611 ac., pop. 689; township, 4338 ac., pop. 422; p.o.

Burt, par., E. co. Donegal, on E. side of Lough
Swilly, 7m. NAY. of Londonderry, 12,355 ac., pop. 2153.
Bnrt Hill (800 ft.) is crowned with the ruins of a castle.

Burtersett, hamlet, Aysgarth par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 1 mile E. of Hawes.

Burtholme, township, Lanercost par., E. Cumber-
land, on river Irthing, 3 miles NE. of Brampton, 4783
ac. (62 water), pop. 299.

Burtle, eccl. dist., Moorlinch par., AY. Somerset,
54 miles NE. of Bridgwater, pop. 284.

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