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Burt oft, hamlet, AYigtoft par., S. Lincolnshire, 2
miles SB. of Swineshead.

Burton. — par. and township, W. Cheshire, on
estuary of the Dee, 8 miles NW. of Chester—par.,
3300 ac. (21 water), 35 foreshore, pop. 415; township,
1927 ac. (10 water), 35 foreshore, pop. 257; contains
B. Hall.—2. Burton, township, Gresford par., on B.
border of Denbighshire, 5J miles NE. of Wrexham,
2869 ac. (17 water), pop. 713.—3. Burton, hamlet,
Charminster par., S. Dorset, 1 mile N. of Dorchester.
—4. Burton, hamlet, Marnhullpar., N. Dorset, 3 miles
NE. of Stalbridge.—5. Burton, place, Winfrith New-
burgh par., S. Dorset, 6| miles W. of Wareham.—•
G. Burton, vil., Penmark par., S. Glamorgan, 5J miles
SE. of Cowbridge.— 7. Burton, place, in par. and 1
mile N. of Christchurch, S. Hants.—
8. Burton (by
Lincoln), par., in mid. of co. and 2 miles NW. of Lin-
coln, 2325 ac., pop. 282; contains B. Hall, seat of Lord
Monson.—9. Burton (N. Lincolnshire). See Burton-
UPON-Stather. —10. Burton, township, Bamburgh
par., N. Northumberland, 5 miles SE. of Belford, 1085
ac., pop. 118.—El. Burton, par., in S. of co. and 3
miles N. of Pembroke, 3472 ac. land, 368 tidal water,
and 189 foreshore, pop. 934.—12. Burton, hamlet,
Stogursey par., W. Somerset, 6J miles NW. of Bridg-
water.—13. Burton, 4 miles SW. of Much Wenlock,

S. Shropshire; P.O.—14. Burton, par., W. Sussex, on
river Bother, 3 miles SW. of Petworth, 814 ac., pop.
i 73; contains B. Park.—15. Burton, hamlet, Warcop
par., E. Westmorland, 3 miles SE. of Appleby; birth-
place of Cardinal Bainbridge (1471-1541).—16. Burton,

| hamlet, on NW. border of AYilts, 8 miles NW. of Chip-
I penham; P.O.'—17. Burton (East-Riding Yorkshire).

Burton Abbots. See Blackbourton.

Burton Agnes, par. and township with ry. sta.,
East-Riding Yorkshire, 5J miles SAY. of Bridlington—
par., 8708 ac., pop. 903; township, 2575 ac., pop. 342;
P.O.; contains Burton A. Hall, built by Inigo Jones.

Burton and Holme, vil. with ry. sta., on S. border
of Westmorland, 10| miles NE. of Lancaster; P.O.,
called Holme. Market-day,

Burton Bradstock, par., SAY. Dorset, 4 miles SE. of
Bridport, 2525 ac. land and 155 water, pop. 946 ; P.O.

Burton by Tarvin, township, Tarvin par., AY. Che-
shire, 3£ miles NAV. of Tarporley, 346 ac., pop. 70.

Burton-Coggles, par., S. Lincolnshire, 2 miles NW.
of Corby, 2676 ac., pop. 257 ; P.O.

Burton Constable.—seat and hamlet, with ry. sta.,
Swine par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 8 miles NE. of
Hull. The hamlet is 2 miles E. of sta.—2. Burton
Constable, township, Finghall par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 3£ miles E. of Leyburn, 2650 ac., pop. 213.

Burton Court, Herefordsh.; post-town, Pembridge.

Burton cum Walden, township, Aysgarth par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SW. of Aysgarth, 7607
ac., pop. 444 ; P.O., called West Burton.

Burton Bassett, par. and vil., S. AVarwickshire, 4
miles E. of Kineton, 5400 ac., pop. 630.

Burton Division, pari. div. of Staffordshire, pop.


Burton Fleming, or North Burton, par., E.-Riding
Yorksh., 7 m.NW. of Bridlington, 2571 ac., pop. 543; P.O.

Burton Gate, par., mid. Lincolnshire, on river Trent,
5 miles SE. of Gainsborough, 1108 ac., pop. 97.

Burton Grange, vil., Roystone par., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 1 mile NE. of Barnsley.

Burton Hastings, par., N. AVarwickshire, 3| miles
SE. of Nuneaton, 1910 ac., pop. 164.

Burton, High, vil., Kirkburton par., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 4J miles SE. of Huddersfield.

Burton Hill, tithing, Malmesbury St Paul par., N.
Wilts, near Malmesbury.

Burton in Kendal, par. (partly in Lancashire),
township, and town, S. AVestmorland, 141 miles N. of
Lancaster—par., 9263 ac., pop. 2158; township, 1473
ac., pop. 675;
P.O., t.o.

Burton in Lonsdale, township, Thornton-in-Lons-
dale par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 12 miles NW.
of Settle, 1555 ac., pop. 626; P.O. Market-day,

Burton Joyce, par., township, and vil., with ry. sta.,

S. Notts, 5 miles NE. of Nottingham—par., 1940 ac.,
pop. 779 ; township, 970 ac., pop. 668 ; P.O.

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